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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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293 Legacy 3

Prince Belmont was somehow able to completely dominate the third daughter of the Uidah, with vastly inferior cultivation despite being from an inferior universe. And maybe the worst part for third daughter? He was younger than her too.

Before the battle had even really began, Madeleine was completely outmatched. Due to no fault of her own, she also held her own age disadvantage. Madeleine had only just recently turned seventeen during this campaign, and yet third daughter was well into her twenties, and most likely already thirty plus years of age. And although Prince Belmont was only in his lower twenties, age disparity meant even more the younger you were because those were the years cultivation progressed the quickest.

As Madeleine's master had once said, cultivation drastically slows down even at the peak meridian formation levels. A genius could sweep through the foundation stage and the beginning of the meridian formation stages almost in their sleep. However, things began to change soon after that, and the first drastic change was with the essence gathering level.

One could go from charging through meridian formation levels every few weeks to months, to taking years to fill even a single meridian with essence energy. This only gets worse with the saint cultivation levels where experts sometimes spend decades and even upwards of a century or more on a single stage.

Unfortunately, this only became all the more exaggerated when you were in a universe as weak as this one…

So, when Prince Belmont may near quick work third daughter, Madeleine had been shocked.

The truth was that Prince Belmont hadn't laid a finger on Madeleine. Having been surprised by Madeleine's power and ability to make it this far, he had been even more determined in making her his wife. In his logical view, even with his power, he needed someone powerful to stand by his side. As such, in an act of fake chivalry, he had allowed the women to fight each other first, knowing Madeleine would lose.

Then, he defeated third daughter and stepped to the podium to accept his reward…

However, he was rejected…

A normal person might have raged at this outcome. After going through all of this and putting his life on the line, the legacy still refused to join with him. However, Prince Belmont said nothing, felt nothing, and showed nothing. It was almost as though this was an outcome he had expected.

In fact, Prince Belmont only had a single thought before he thought to walk to Madeleine, 'The Belmont family really isn't worth much.'

However, when he turned to look for Madeleine, she was gone. A faint and imperceptible light flashed in his eyes at this realization.

A legacy that had disappeared without a trace from the world had reappeared that day. The combination of the hottest fires in existence, with the coldest embers. This was a legacy not match by many and was the very basis of the Belmont family's lineage. And yet, it didn't go to a member of the Belmont family…

Amethyst… The singular violet phoenix in existence. The only supreme beast of its kind. Chose Madeleine.

The most important bloodline of the Belmont family. The bloodline and lineage that had kept the fires of their family raging for centuries. Was now in the hands of someone else…

So, as Prince Belmont left the tower alone, leaving Madeleine to the Sapientia family to head home first. His only thoughts were to let his father know as quickly as possible. Madeleine could marry no one else but a Belmont. And that Belmont had to be him.

It didn't matter that Amethyst didn't think his talent was worthy. It didn't matter that Madeleine would likely soon be stronger than him. What mattered was that Madeleine's virginity now held the key to bringing the Belmont family to new heights.

Before, Madeleine was the only virgin with a 100% access to her god level constitution. That made her value unprecedented and unmatched since no one knew who Ri was or that she even had a faith seed.

But now, Madeleine was not only a virgin. She was a virgin with both a god constitution and one of the most powerful faith seeds in existence…


As Madeleine was being wreathed in flames, Dyon sat silently meditating by a large bed in an inn.

They had long since left the gates and were now stationed in a place called Arena City. The world tournament was just a few weeks away and with Earth hosting this time, there was no need to head back to the Elvin Kingdom.

Dyon had opted to stay here. Partially because he wanted to get Ri into a settled environment as quickly as possible, and partly because he wanted to be in a place where he could see Madeleine when she arrived.

Little Lyla and Zaire were chatting and playing on the edge of the bed. It was funny to Dyon because he imagined the scene was quite similar while Ri was waiting for him to wake up. And it was maybe even funnier because he had no idea what children like them talked about for so long. They seemed to never leave each other's side. But, that made Dyon happy – as though he had a real family again.

That said, right now Dyon was focused on something entirely different. He had jumped forward in cultivation far too quickly and needed time to meditate on his changes. Although the awkward feeling he had had subsided since his fight with Arios, he still felt like there were more things about his body he needed to come to understand better.

The good news was that there was no need to consolidate his foundation. Although the set of meridians the old man had given him were no different from anyone else's, they had been tempered to perfection in terms of meridian formation standards. If Dyon tried to temper anymore with meridian formation level Gama energy, it would be a waste. And, he wasn't yet strong enough to handle essence gathering level Gama energy.

'First, we understand ourselves. Then, we wait for Ri to wake up. And then," Dyon's eyes flashed with the black flames of his anger, "They pay."


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