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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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292 Legacy 2

Far away in a completely separate gate, the battle for an otherworldly legacy had ended and while thousands were disappointed, there was one beauty in particular that was quite content.

Wreathed in flames of dense purple, Madeleine meditated silently.

Her already pristine body was reaching a next level of evolution as her every cell seemed to be being flooded with this new and untold energy.

The curve of her features, the softness of her skin, even the small smile that graced her lips were only becoming more impeccable with each passing instant.

For some inexplicable reason, her glasses burst to ashes. If anyone of the Sapientia family had saw this, the level of shock would have been unmatched.

The spectacles of the Sapientia family were not made of normal material… In fact, they were tempered and forged within the peak most levels of Gama energy found in the peak most levels of the Sapientia family.

While Madeleine clothes burning away made perfect sense, for material tempered by such a high form of energy to burst under these flames?... Just what were they?

Not many knew or understood the Sapientia family. In many ways, they were the most powerful of clans in existence, and yet, they didn't make moves to conquer much of anything… But, they held a strong presence everywhere.

In Dyon's universe alone, they had a God Clan on every planet for five total. In fact, the truth of other universes may not be so different. Maybe the most surprising part was that many of its branches were limited by the God Clan title, but were only labeled as such, because they never made any move to conquer even the planets they lived on, let alone any entire universes or quadrants.

Maybe this was why powerful clans allowed them to maintain such a powerful hold on information, communication and economy. However, no one in the martial world was that naïve. To believe that a group of powerful experts would never become greedy and want more was nothing but the wish of a fool. The reason why the existence of the Sapientia God Clans were allowed was because of one major thing: they had no unity… Or… They did a very good job of pretending they didn't.

As Libro had once told Dyon long ago, the Sapientia God Clan was the only clan that allowed entry of non-Sapientia born people. Because of this, there was little loyalty or leadership among even the highest echelons of the Sapientia. It really did seem like they only existed for the pursuit of knowledge.

They were archeologists and historians, they were merchant and peddlers, they were professors and cultivators… But, as Airic Sapientia had lamented, they weren't conquerors. In fact, the Sapientia, who would have been the foremost leaders in tactics should the martial world have made rampant use of them, didn't actually have any books on such things at all.

In fact, this was very deliberate. The Sapientia family went out of its way to remain as unantagonistic and as disjointed and ununited as possible.

However… There was still something odd that many picked up on.

There was no unity, and yet Sapientia family members were clearly marked with golden eyes? There was no unity and the Sapientia family all had the very same glasses? There was no unity and yet the Sapientia family insisted on those who joined changing their last names and publishing their works under the Sapientia family name?

There seemed to be something odd going on. And yet, no one could ever place their finger on it. So, many ignored it.

The Sapientia family had contributed too much and were far too useful and docile to be done away with. Normal cultivators didn't have time to refine their techniques as much as they would like to. They didn't have the time to explore and find better energy stone mines and sources. They didn't have the time to document or even care about history.

Although some families could do these things on their own scale, no one could do it to the scale that the Sapientia did. So, they continued to exist… Keeping everything within their scope and foreplanning…

However, now something outside their scope of understanding had occurred. Their Sapientia glasses had completely burst and a genius that had already been near the heights of everything, had reached an entirely new height.

Madeleine had fought hard for this right.

She had climbed stairs that tested her will. She had been seared and singed with flames of red and frozen to the core with flames of blue.

She had used her wits to jump through puzzles and loops and in the end, she had made it here with only two other opponents to face…

Prince Belmont… And… The third daughter of the essence gathering level.

In the end, it wasn't Madeleine's power that won. In fact, although she had thought she stood a chance against the two of them, she quite simply didn't.

The third daughter of the Uidah was already of the mid levels of the essence gathering level and she was a lower 2nd Grade expert! Her use of Ethereal permeation was nothing like the fighters Dyon had faced.

With years of training, she had managed to learn to perfectly fuse her Ethereal Permeation with her weapon of choice – an elegantly made fan. Her use of wind will and an odd blade type will when coupled with ethereal permeation was enough to match even Madeleine's first level intent!

If Dyon had known this, he would have been quite shocked. He had yet to meet a single other person with the ability to fuse wills like he could, and yet here was a genius doing so with a will of the supreme law level.

But, maybe the most shocking thing was that Prince Belmont might have been even more impressive than the third daughter of the Uidah essence gatherers…

Some might not see why that's impressive. As a first prince of the Royal God Clan, why wouldn't he be able to match up to someone who was only the third best of King God Clan?...

But, Madeleine thought different…

Not only was Prince Belmont from a vastly inferior universe with vastly inferior resources and energy density… He was also four cultivation levels lower than the third daughter…


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