Reaper of the Martial World
287 First Grade 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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287 First Grade 3

Everyone was suddenly very much aware of how powerful an innate aurora wielder was on the battle field. To be able to completely change the landscape on a whim was something that could only be described as godly…

And yet, Dyon did it easily.

What the observers didn't know was that this was only made possible by Dyon's ingenuity. If he had tried to draw a separate teleportation array with coordinates and distance for everyone, he would have burned out – even with it just being a hundred.

However, to create just a single teleportation platform and many much smaller and easier to make connections to said platform, was a much less taxing task.

"Spartan Formation: Demon Emperor's Will Variation 1."

As soon as the words left Dyon's mouth, the demon generals suddenly became giants.

Their skin reddened, and their muscles and bones creaked under the pressure of the demon sage's ultimate body enhancement technique… And although they didn't have access to the perfect stages… That somehow made them look all the more dangerous.

The demon generals immediately shifted, forming a perfect square.

Ten demon generals made up each side as Dyon created layers of defensive arrays to protect their corners.

However, maybe the oddest part about the formation was that the ten generals making up each side were so very spread out, even as far as being five meters apart. It seemed that this made no sense, if the point was to make use of a spartan like strategy, small spaces and a tight formation was better. But, Dyon ignored all of this.

The remaining sixty demon generals formed the center of the square, fifteen covering each side.

But, this only raised more questions. Why had fifteen behind ten? What was the point of the spaces?

Many had these thoughts running through their minds, but Dyon only leisurely watched the shifting with a smile playing his features.

Suddenly, he lowered himself to the center of the square formation, hovering just five meters above the ground.

His wings retracted as an array appeared below him. Sitting cross legged, Dyon held Ri in his arms as he faced an army of nearly a hundred thousand. A sad look appeared on his face when he thought about what it must have been like to fight this many without him to communicate with everyone. But, it was all over now.

"You're about to realize that I'm the most dangerous person on this battlefield." Dyon said faintly. His voice was laced with an indomitable music will and a fiery rage dripped from him.

He was angry. He was angry that he hadn't been here. Angry that he couldn't take responsibility as a commander. Angry that his fiancée had been hurt.

"If you want any chance of winning. It's best you find a way to get to me." Dyon's eyes darkened as he circulated the Mathilde family technique.

Suddenly, his 6th sense was amplified, complementing the Asura's Imperial Eye.

Dyon had realized something form the words of the old man. When the entity had said that the buddha's eye was a distant relative of the aurora, Dyon had initially thought that it was just an exaggerated joke. However, he then thought about it further… Didn't the aurora have another name? And wasn't that name 'mind's eye'?

If many eye techniques could be traces back from the inspiration they found with the aurora… Then didn't that mean that Dyon could use his aurora to better understand and amplify these techniques?

Dyon couldn't have been more right.

His irises became a solid gold with flecks of red and purple etching into them. Dyon could suddenly see everything. Whether it be directly in front of him or hundreds of meters away.

And then… a massacre began.

The Tree of Life and Death bloomed behind Dyon, tearing through the grey soil and snaking its way through the battlefield.

Cries of agony rang out bodies were pierced, and limbs were torn.

The roots suddenly became coated with a dense black fire, sweeping the writhing bodies into nothing but ashes as fruits began to fall from the Tree the hung above Dyon's head.

Then, everything got worse.

Massive white flowers began to bloom on the battle field as Dyon's clones began to run amok. Their goal was simple: Use devour and be reabsorbed into Dyon.

The amount of soul power the 10% clones could absorb was minimal. In fact, they could only absorb the soul power from nearly dead meridian formation warriors that Dyon had already stolen all of the essence energy from. But, the amount they absorbed still outweighed the amount Dyon used in making them…

So, it was exactly as Dyon had said. The demon generals had not moved a single inch and yet within five minutes, a thousand of the enemy meridian formation experts had already been slaughtered.

The Uidah essence gathering experts just stood there in awe. Even the lotus alliance couldn't help but tremble at the display of power.

It suddenly became very obvious to everyone what the purpose of Dyon's formation was… It wasn't to set the demon generals on the approaching armies and hope they could win… The demon generals had one job and one job only: Make sure no one bothered Dyon as he vented his rage.

Bas and Liska felt their hearts being torn apart. This wasn't the Uidah experts that were dying, it was their own clansmen! Their very own brothers and sisters! They wanted to fight, but what could they do in the face of such power?

The big sect seeded geniuses couldn't even hold onto their weapons anymore. They believed that they could survive for now because they didn't know Dyon could bypass the gate's rules… But, what about when they left the gate? Would Dyon look for revenge? They had thought he was dead!

Jessica's lip trembled as she looked toward Delia, "D-Delia… I-I, I had to survive. Please, please don't tell Dyon. Please!"

The four of them dropped to their knees, pleading with everything they had.

Delia looked at them silently. Something had snapped within her when she unlocked the path of the absolute, but she was very much still Delia. Soft hearted… Naïve… and much too lenient…

So, she only nodded. Walking away and toward Lotus Tower to heal herself. There was simply no doubt in her mind that Dyon had this won.

Outside of the maze, the massacre continued.

The number of basilisks had already dwindled from ninety thousand to nearly eighty thousand, and yet, Dyon seemed to not tire.

To him, eliminating meridian formation experts was as easy as breathing. His soul was currently at the very peak of the 6th stage, meaning the peak of the essence gathering stage. His energy cultivation was at the very peak of the meridian formation stage. And his body cultivation was also at the very peak of the meridian formation stage. They were simply no match for him…

Dyon felt no need to attack the much more difficult Uidah warriors. If they wanted to do something, they could come and deal with his demon generals, they were already itching for combat.

The elves had already retreated into the Gorilla's Den formation as instructed by Dyon. If the Uidah wanted to attack them, they would have to first go through the demon generals.

Silvyr had said and done nothing through this whole ordeal. The deaths of the basilisks meant nothing to her, she only wanted to try and find a way to win.

But, every thought she had seemed completely stupid.

'Wrap around the white-haired demons and attack from the side? No… no… The gates aren't a playground, I can't just skirt around unmarked territory. To make things worse, this raging snow would make such a maneuver slow, by the time I got into position, the rest of the army would be wiped out and the much smaller group of a hundred would have an easy time intercepting us… Dammit!'

'Maybe charge at them directly, hoping to blast through? That's even more ridiculous! It took ten of us to fight one when they were unorganized. What are we supposed to do against them now that they are?! Dammit!'

The more time that passed, the more it became clear there was only one option left…

Silvyr grit her teeth as she said words that felt like poison in her mouth, "RETREAT!"

Today was simply not their day. She had only brought a thousand essence gathering experts to deal with this tower because she had gotten reports that it was weak. And then, she went on to further underestimate the sheer impact an innate aurora wielder could have.

Had the Uidah army come with a hundred thousand essence gathering experts, what Dyon had done wouldn't be possible. It would take too much focus to use his Tree of Life and Death against warriors of that caliber. But, this day was different… This day was a triumph for the Lotus Alliance.

They held their heads high as they watched the basilisks and the King God Clan retreat.

This was a battle they had fought for nearly four months, and yet, it had ended because of one young man within the span of a few hours.

Some felt shame, but others began to carry a deep reverence for Dyon… And others seem to have fallen even deeper in love.

Ri laid on Dyon's chest. She hadn't made it through the battle.

She slept soundly with her small hand rested on Dyon's neck.

Ri looked absolutely perfect.

The small smile playing on her soft lips, the crystalline snow that matted her blue-silver hair, even the rosiness of her cheeks as she slowly made her way back to peak health under Dyon's gentle guidance…

'We are together in all things.' Dyon thought quietly as he watched Ri fall into a deeper and deeper sleep. 'What you started, I finished.' Leaning forward, he planted a kiss on Ri's forehead before he too headed toward Lotus Tower.


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