Reaper of the Martial World
286 First Grade 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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286 First Grade 2

"Okay." Ri smiled brightly, resting her head on Dyon's bare chest. His heart beat was so steady and strong that it almost lulled Ri to sleep. But, despite how tired she was, she wanted to see this through to the end.

Dyon continued gently circulating his aurora within Ri. Although he had healed all of her external injuries, there was still too many accumulated internal injuries. And that wasn't even to mention the stress her soul was under after forcefully pushing the Tree of Life and Death to her limit.

Turning toward the fuming warrior, Dyon's face immediately became cold.

His eyes scanned the man standing less than five meters from himself. "Wash my neck?"

The man trembled under Dyon's gaze. He didn't understand what was going on. He couldn't feel any cultivation coming from this young man, and yet, he felt as though his life was in Dyon's hands.

"74 opened meridians. Second stage essence gathering. Lower 4th grade." Dyon deduced this almost immediately. "Why would you think you had a right to kill my wife with such pitiful cultivation?"

The brows of the surrounding warriors twitched at Dyon's provocation. Was this kid about to try and fight them with no cultivation and a woman in his arms? What kind of ridiculous concept was that?

Suddenly, Dyon's demonic will blazed. A dripping red gold aura spread out from him, emanating a stifling pressure.

The Uidah warrior suddenly felt as though his knees would give out on him at any moment. His will to fight was being slowly erased and it seemed as though Dyon's presence was only becoming larger and larger.

"Please! I'm sorry!" The warrior fell to his knees, shivering in fear. All he could see before him was an insurmountable mountain. There was no use in resisting. This was the king of all things.

The sovereignty path was something Dyon had long since awoken to, ever since his very first talks with Ri. However, before he could use it to its fullest extent, it was basically relegated to a seduction tool that Dyon imperceptibly leaked.

But, now? Dyon could sustain his demonic will at the peak of the ninth level and his understanding of himself had reached an entirely new level due to the True Empath trials.

A normal person might have been crushed by the mistakes of their past, having it weigh on their hearts for years to come. But, Dyon was different. Where others saw failure, he saw room for improvement. Where others saw a dead-end, he saw a path through. Where others saw despair, he saw courage and bravery.

Dyon knew he had made mistakes, but leaders make mistakes all of the time. What separates the greats is their willingness to adapt and change. Dyon's confidence in himself was unmatched. He had no doubts.

He would bring the lotus alliance out of this situation. He would bring his fiancées away. He would have his name reign supreme in the martial world.

With all of these goals in mind, this wasn't the place for him to stumble.

Dyon's eyes flashed with a purple gold as a brilliant weapon's hell array appeared behind him, spinning viciously in the air. "Some things can't be forgiven…" He said faintly.

A spear laced with wind and sword will pierced forward, impaling the lowered head of the Uidah warrior. There was no time to scream or cry out in agony, there was no time to despair… there was no time to regret.

Silvyr's eyes flashed with anger at this scene. It wasn't that she cared about the death of a foot soldier, but what she did care for was the face of the Uidah family. And one of their members dying while begging for their life on their knees was not something that she wanted to see.

But, Dyon couldn't care less. This man was only the first that would die.

'I need to regroup the army… It's not possible for me to do so for everyone, but just the demon generals should be enough.'

Wings burst from Dyon's back. A domineering black and a pure white shone over the battlefield, lifting him into the air with unmatched speed.

However, he wasn't escaping.

Wind raged around Dyon as he abruptly stopped in the air, holding onto Ri in his arms.

The air became heavy as Dyon's humanoid manifestation appeared, looming over the battlefield with an oppressive might.

Dyon's soul strength immediately climbed to the peak of the 6th stage. However, this time, Dyon felt no stress. His body felt light and comfortable… This was his perfect state.

The wind whipped beneath Dyon, laced with roaring black flames.

The armies were forced to retreat. Many were only of the meridian formation level… Their power simply wasn't enough to deal with the fusing of Dyon's wills. He was simply too domineering.

'What is he doing?' Silvyr's eyes narrowed. She was used to being a step ahead of her enemies. She had never used tactics in the strictest of sense, but she always had plots that often worked in her favor. Psychological manipulation, allocation of warriors, concentration of forces, these were all things the Uidah family with their buddha's eye were good at.

But, Silvyr couldn't make heads or tails of Dyon's actions. She could only watch as hundreds of meters of space opened up beneath his feet along with a steadily growing array.

Ri looked so very fragile in Dyon's arms, but the security she felt was unmatched. It was as though anything Dyon did could only lead to victory.

So, when Dyon looked up and winked at his demon generals and tens of miniature arrays sped out from him and toward them, people could only watch with baited breath.

Arios' eyes flashed as he suddenly realized Dyon's intention. 'A large array coupled with many smaller ones? I don't know what happened to you in the past few months… But, you've suddenly become a monster."

With that last thought, Arios disappeared from where he stood along with one hundred other demon generals.

Before anyone could wonder where they went, the massive array below Dyon's feet suddenly glowed with unparalleled brightness.

… As the light slowly faded, the only thing that was left was complete shock.

Using the same principle of a larger teleportation relay station and many smaller teleportation arrays… Dyon had arranged all of his demon generals below him.

A smile crossed Dyon's features as his eyes dimmed from their purple gold to his normal hazel.

"Let's end this."


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