Reaper of the Martial World
285 First Grade 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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285 First Grade 1

Silvyr's brows raised at the appearance of Dyon. She had always been quite open with her sexuality, but it had been quite a while since she had last been interested in a man.

Bas and Liska, who were still kneeling before Silvyr's throne, couldn't help but look back. But, the sight they saw sent shivers down their spine. Although Silvyr had told them that Dyon hadn't died, they had only accepted it because they didn't dare to refute the second daughter of a King God Clan. However, wasn't the evidence directly in front of them now?

"Is this the innate aurora wielder?" Silvyr's grip on her breasts tightened ever so slightly, a faint excitement blushing her cheeks.

"Yes…" Bas responded softly, a bit off-put by the fact it wasn't only Silvyr reacting so strongly to Dyon's appearance, but also his own wife.

He nudged Liska, causing her to turn away in embarrassment.

Dyon's body had changed completely. There was a reason the martial world had more beauties than the mortal realm did, and that reason was energy cultivation. The purification allowed for by essence energy was so dramatic that Dyon's features had gone from comparably handsome to most others, to almost otherworldly. It was as though all shackles that had been fettered to him were removed… He was quite simply in his perfect state.

But, just that wasn't enough to make someone like Silvyr nearly lose control. She had many attractive men in her harem, and even if they weren't to the level Dyon reached now, the difference wasn't drastic enough for such a reaction… The reason lied in Dyon's power.

Silvyr had never felt such a stifling atmosphere come from a young man her age. His presence, his demonic will, his demeanor… She wanted it for herself.

However, Dyon didn't care. Looking down at the soundly sleeping Ri, he diligently circulated his wills to heal her, even including his essence energy. With his new energy cultivation, Dyon's ability to heal had reached new heights. He was no longer limited by the quality of his body, or even Ri's. But… The more time passed… The more uneasy the warriors watching began to feel… Because with each passing second, with each new injury Dyon found, with each sigh of relief that escaped Ri's soft lips, Dyon's anger only grew.

And yet, for some inexplicable reason, no one could bring themselves to move. It was as though death loomed over each one of their heads, and should they choose to? There would only be the end of their lives waiting for them.

Minutes passed before Dyon's eyes flashed a final time, completely swapping Ri's wrecked armor for soft and oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants. He had wanted to give her something comfortable to wear, but this was the most comfortable outfit he could think of.

Ri shifted in her sleep, groaning awake. Suddenly remember she was supposed to be battling, she started, jumping up in Dyon's arms.

Dyon was surprised by her sudden movement and didn't have a thought of dodging as Ri's forehead slammed into his.

"Ow…" Ri rubbed her forehead before she realized her feet weren't on the ground and that she was instead being help up bridal-style.

"Hm?" Ri's blue-silver eyes blinked as she looked around, confused to find a ring of black flames around her. But, what was even more odd was the fact that no one was attacking. "What's going on?"

Suddenly, a familiar scent caused Ri's nose to twitch. In fact, the scent was so much better and much stronger than it had been before. "Dyon?"

Ri looked around excitedly before she finally realized she was in someone's arms. Looking up, she found a wincing Dyon trying to get over the fact his head had just been rammed.

Confusion flashed through Ri's features. 'Was my husband always so handsome?... Did I miss him too much? Am I seeing things?...'

But, Dyon's touch, the comfort Ri felt in his arms, and his pine cinnamon scent… They were all too real for Ri to ignore.

Tears started glistening in her eyes.

"Little feu glace? Why are you crying?" Dyon looked down at Ri, his heart still weighed with a heavy feeling of guilt. He still didn't know what was true and what was fake from the old man's illusion. In fact, maybe it was only wishful thinking that made him hold on to the possibility that there were some falsehoods.

But, now wasn't the time to deal with that. He just wanted to make sure Ri was okay, first and foremost.

Ri's small hand touched Dyon's cheek, almost as though she was checking whether he really was there.

"You really are back…" Ri whispered.

Dyon's healing of Ri suddenly reminded everyone that underneath the endless injuries and blood… There was an ethereal beauty that had been before them. Despite how almost comedic it was as the oversized sweat shirt drooped down Ri's arm as she lifted it up, her beauty could not be ignored anymore…

However, not everyone was happy about this. The middle-aged man who had been assigned to kill Ri was trembling with anger. As a warrior, having someone turn their back to you and completely ignore your existence was something he couldn't tolerate.

"If you two are done washing your necks, I think it's time you die." The man's black hair was streaked in gold, reminiscent of mixed blood Uidah clan members.

Ri was snapped back to reality due to the unwanted voice. She tried to climb out of Dyon's arms, but, suddenly found that Dyon's grip was too tight for her to do so.

When she looked up, all she found was a gentle smile. "You just lie there comfortably. In fact, you can even take a nap if you want. I got it."

Ri wanted to protest, but something about Dyon seemed unfathomable right now.

A peak first grade expert hadn't appeared in this quadrant for centuries because of the decline of celestial will. Although Alidor was trying to find a new path by using his innate aurora, that was obviously not something everyone had access to.

And now that Dyon had used Alidor to become used to his new body, only he knew how powerful he was…

And it was about time for others to find out too.


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