Reaper of the Martial World
282 I“m Here 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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282 I“m Here 1

Delia backed up slowly, her brows furrowing as an increasing amount of big sect members inched toward her. Clearly, they understood Delia could hurt them, so, none of them were willing to be the first to jump forward.

The room around them twinkled with the faint gold of defensive and concealment arrays, and yet there was nothing fantastical or alluring about the scene that was taking place.

"How could you all be so selfish! Ri, the demon generals, and the elves have been putting their lives on the line! On the front lines! While all you've been doing is huddling up in here! The only reason you've survived these attacks up until now is because of them!" Delia's voice trembled as she edged between anger and tears. She just could not understand how there could be such horrible people in the world.

People had taken away her mother for selfish reasons. They had destroyed her father as she once knew him for selfish reasons. Selfish people were all the reason Delia needed to push herself. But, she still remained naïve to her core. She still couldn't fathom how Evelyn, a big sister she had once looked up to had betrayed her. She still couldn't understand how the seemingly nurturing Matriarch of the Niveus sect had played a hand in forcing her to lower her defenses – just to trick her in the end.

Even now she would never think that Evelyn was simply ignoring this situation. Even now she couldn't understand how these people could turn on the ones who had been preserving their lives for all this time.

However, Delia's pleading fell on deaf ears.

"Stop spewing your nonsense." Hashim pulled his black rod from his back, his dark skin rippling as he steadied himself to attack. "I owe this Dyon dick a debt of revenge. Because of him, our quotas have been decimated. Although I would have liked to pin his woman beneath me, having her die in a sea of enemies will have to be a close second."

Delia's lip trembled. She had never felt such a level of disgust in her life.

"Enough talking. Even if she was here in front you, you wouldn't be able to do that." Lehabim sneered, jeering at Hashim. "But, this Delia girl is decent. After the army leaves, we can have our way with her, no?"

"Are you retarded? The trackers heavily penalize friendly fire within the gates. There's no need to go overboard." Hashim glared at Lehabim. But, his point had hit on the second reason no one was willing to attack just yet. No one was willing to take responsibility for the loss in ranking their sect would suffer should they be the one to attack. That's why they were trying to scare Delia away.

That said… At the end of the day, what was more important? A ranking? Or your life…?

The truth was that intra-universe fighting was looked down upon for the anarchy it caused. As such, part of the ranking system, in order to temper the competitive spirits into the right avenues, was a penalty for such things. The reason Dyon never got penalized for attacking Evelyn was because he had yet to activate his tracker and he is the only one within this gate capable of manipulating the trackers in such a way.

Almost reading their thoughts, Delia gritted her teeth in anger. "I don't care about my ranking nor will I be scared away by the likes of you. It's either you attack, or you leave."

The members of the big sect twitched at Delia's response.

"If you want to die so badly, let us help you then." Lehabim's fiery red hair raged as he pulled out his saber. "Go on Hashim, teach her a lesson."

Hashim's lip curled in disgust, "Why don't YOU teach her a lesson?"

The big sects could only watch as their two geniuses bickered back and forth. The only two remaining that could possibly influence the decision were Orbis and Jessica, but they seemed to be struggling with the decision themselves. But, in the end, they too stepped forward.

"You two stop your nonsense, the four of us will attack together. This is a matter that concerns the survival of our sect." Jessica stepped forward, her wind will picking up at her feet as she planned to strike.

Orbis followed whatever words Jessica said. As soon as she made a decision, he too made his.

His feet stomped into the ground causing a dense clump of earth to begin to coat him as a large embroidered hammer appeared in his hand.

Delia's features steeled. It was likely that the rest wouldn't attack, after all, these four were the best the big sect had to offer – their very best seeded geniuses… The only one missing was Venus…

"Listen, Delia. We'll give you one more chance." Jessica tried to mediate once more. "I was recently promised to Oliver Sapientia in marriage, you could say we have a faint connection, no? I wouldn't like to have to hurt you."

Delia's brows furrowed. 'Big sister's brother?'

Delia had known for a long time that Oliver had feelings for Venus, not Jessica. Even back years ago at the Legacy World Opening, he had doted on her. So, why was Oliver marrying Jessica?...

Orbis was as shocked as anyone. He felt as though his heart was breaking. After years of pursuing Jessica, she had just gone to someone else?

Jessica didn't even look back to Orbis, understanding quite well how he must be feeling. However, with the rise of Madeleine, Jessica had to take advantage of Oliver's concurrent rise. It was for the good of her sect and her family. Jessica could only ignore Orbis.

The truth was that Oliver had originally had deep feelings for Venus, however, things had changed drastically after Dyon had left…

The Bai family was now closely tied to the Daiyu family…

Focus Academy was no more…

And the Viridi family was sold into slavery…


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