Reaper of the Martial World
278 Who“s Coming 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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278 Who“s Coming 3

"Commander Akash, we still have some lower essence gathering experts in the Fletcher and Nodin family, no? With good archery and the Nodin family's flight, we can counter that.

The demon generals are also more than capable of dealing with aerial combat. In fact, they're probably our best weapon right now.

I can fight in the skies if I use my arrays. But, I can't draw footholds as quickly as Dyon can, so, it's best I stay on the ground. If we can force them to see aerial combat as a disadvantage for them, it would be best.

It is likely that the maze is useless now, but, I don't think we should forget about it entirely. If we can distract the essence gathering experts from it and leave the meridian formation experts to their own devices, then the maze will still be a good advantage for us." Ri spoke quickly as she tried analyzing all of the information she had.

Akash nodded in agreement. "I am most used to commanding the Elvin armies. As of now, we still have about eighteen thousand with about two thousand either dead or too injured to battle. Among them, we still have a few tens of essence gathering experts who've been forming the core of our defenses within the maze.

What we can do is bring them out to bolster ourselves, especially since their stamina is relatively intact."

Suddenly, the rumbling of the approaching army was too close to ignore anymore.

Ri quickly nodded. "It seemed we've run out of time. I'll leave the communication up to you Akash. Also, I hope the Niveus sect will help to the best of their abilities as well."

Without waiting for a response, Ri flashed, disappearing along with the demon generals.


Outside the maze, Bas and Liska were watching the approaching army. But, unlike what one would expect, their expressions contained no joy or triumph.

"Bas… Were they supposed to come?" Liska asked in a whisper as she hovered in the air on an array along with her husband.

Bas was silent for a while before he replied, "Something is wrong. We may have deviated from his plan, but, he always expects us to in some form or fashion. In fact, he usually reads our mistakes before we even make them and anticipates how we'll respond to them. That's just the kind of person he is.

But, this is definitely outside the scope of his expectations… The Uidah King God Clan being here isn't good for any of us… They've figured something out."

Liska's brows furrowed, "Are you sure that Alidor didn't want this? He did say he wanted to lure someone here…"

"But, the person he wanted to lure should have gone to the Epistemic Tower, not here. The Uidah clan suddenly becoming interested in this gate would only be worth it if Alidor lured the right person… But, if he somehow miscalculated and they become interested without the payoff… This could have all been for naught." Bas grit hit teeth. "There are just too many variables this time! Even someone as smart as smart as him can't account for all of this."

First there had been Dyon wiping out the scaled elephants much too easily. Then there had been the exposing of Bas and Liska as just regular aurora wielders, which severely lessened their pressure on the battle field. After that, there was the discovery of Ri's faith seed – and even further, there was RI's faith seed's true awakening – all of which came together to make this battle far more difficult than it should have been.

And, none of that even mentioned the fact Dyon had somehow been able to take out half of their army before the fighting had even begun.

Suddenly, the arrays below Bas and Liska began to vibrate violently before they shattered completely, sending them falling from the sky and into the path of the oncoming army.

"Since when did beasts have the right to stand above the Uidah King God Clan?" The sneer of a woman with long golden hair caused Bas' voice to be caught in his throat.

'Second daughter! Why would she come?!'

Stepping out of a carried vessel was the second daughter of the Uidah King God Clan, Silvyr Uidah.

Oddly enough, she was dressed identically to her elder brother, Kaeghan. Even as a woman, she wore no shirt, instead opting to cover her ample chest with her large prayer beads and golden hair. However, Bas didn't dare stare or even gulp.

They husband wife pair landed heavily on the ground before bowing deeply, not showing even a hint of dissatisfaction. "We apologize, second daughter, we were rude. Please forgive us." Bas kept his head lowered respectfully.

"Kneel and report." Silvyr didn't spare the basilisks a second glance as she looked off into the distance. What was confusing her was the fact that lotus tower was nowhere in sight, but, this was clearly the correct location. So, what was going on?

'Concealment array?' An eye opened on Silvyr's forehead as she listened to Bas' report of the past events. 'Teleportation too?... Interesting.'

The truth was that as a high-ranking daughter of the meridian formation Uidah geniuses, she had the right to lead their essence gathering experts into battle. But, it had confused her when her elder brother had told her to come and campaign here, especially with such a power group. And, that was especially true because first son had always been wary of second daughter taking his place in the hierarchy. So, for him to tell her about this had been suspicious to say the least…

However, it really did seem like something odd was going on. Not only was there really an innate aurora expert here, he was clearly powerful enough to make up for a numbers' disadvantage that had start as 40:1. That in and of itself was ridiculous.

That being said, what first son knew, and second daughter wouldn't find out for a long while, was that second daughter was here to test a theory…

In first son's estimation, 'Dyon', or Alidor in disguise, had only defeated him so easily because of the Epistemic Tower spatial tears. So, he thought to himself 'what would happen if we met on a relatively neutral battle field?'

Second daughter smirked to herself as her buddha's eye seemed to peer through everything. It was time for the lotus alliance to learn the true prowess of the Uidah sons and daughters.


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