Reaper of the Martial World
277 Who“s Coming? 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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277 Who“s Coming? 2

"King God Clan?" Ri bit her lip. With the limited information they had, much of what they knew was speculation or based on outdated information. The fact the opposing universe had a King God Clan was known to them, but only in so far as what they garnered from the other planets of their universe.

The Uidah King God Clan saw their universe as more of a training ground for their meridian formation geniuses. In fact, Earth was looked down on even more so than the other planets of their universe. So much so that the Uidah clan hadn't had a documented instance of coming here in decades.

And yet, they were now reinforcements? What was going on?

The best explanation they had was that the faith seeds of the Ragnor and Pakal God clans had finally become widespread enough to make Earth a worthy training location again. After all, Caedlum and Thor had only just recently activated their faith seeds. And Vidar hadn't had access to his faith seed for much longer. In the grand scheme, this was only Vidar's third campaign and Thor and Caedlum's second. It would make sense if the Uidah clan only recently caught wind of it.

However, this didn't explain why the Uidah clan was attacking them in specific. The lotus tower was very much known to be the weakest and since Ri had only just recently revealed her faith seed, it was much too early for them to be attacking for her.

But, imagining for an instant that they really had come for Ri – if, for example, they had come for the other three faith seed wielders, but had caught wind of Ri and decided to direct some attention toward her – why then had it taken them so long? Ri had been fighting for months now. She had been fighting for so long that this campaign cycle was very nearly over. And yet, they were coming now?

"What do we know about them?" Asked Ri. They didn't have time to sit in awe and reverence, they needed an action plan.

Akash shook her head. She was embarrassed that she let her emotions get the best of her. She was supposed to be the leader of the Elvin race. They were meant to be proud. What was a King God Clan to the ancient elves? Absolutely nothing. 'Get yourself together Akash. You're supposed to lead.'

Biting her inner lips, Akash's grey skin flexed as she steeled her features. "The Uidah clan, from the old accounts I've read, have a grasp on a very mysterious will that gives them ridiculous offensive capabilities.

The good news is that this will is rare even amongst them. Only those who've been labeled as Vice Commanders would have access to the will. In their hierarchy, it is impossible to move up without having first understood this will. They place a very deep importance on it.

Another important part is that their commanders are known for making odd movements in battle that sometimes seems absolutely ridiculous, but usually end up working in their favor. I'm not entirely sure on how that works, but my best guess would be their second technique of note. Something they call buddha's eye, I believe."

Ri's eyes flashed at this. 'Could it be a technique similar to the Mathilde family's imperial eye?'

If Dyon had been there, he would have agreed immediately. The old man had once told him that the buddha's eye could perform partial functions of the aurora – but, he had also said that it mimicked the Asura's imperial eye's ability to read attacks as well.

It was clear that they were using their ability to see through attack patterns to take advantage of the battle field. It was much like how innate aurora wielders could use their 6th sense to gain a view of the battle no others had.

Ri took a deep breath, "Is there anything else?"

"The rest will have to do with the logistics of battle an army of essence gathering experts… Fighting an army with the ability to fly is… Troublesome."

The problem was that even Akash didn't know how right she was. Because of the difference in purity of essence energy in the Uidah universe, it was likely that not only could they fly – an ability of all essence gathering experts – it was also a strong possibility that they could fly for much longer with much better stamina.

It was at moments like these that the elves wished they had their peak essence gathering geniuses here. There was a reason why Akash could lead while only being at the second essence gathering level… The simple fact was that this gate simply wasn't worth fighting at if you were any higher. Much like First Prince Belmont, even the Elvin geniuses went to other gates, hoping to become powerful enough to one day come back and conquer this gate.

Unfortunately, unlike the Sapientia and Royal God Clan, the Elvin Kingdom was in decline and couldn't afford to ship their geniuses back and forth between planets easily as it was a truly pricey affair. As such, only Elvin geniuses of this gate had come back to attempt to help in stabilizing the kingdom.

If those peak essence gathering geniuses had fought at Earth's gate, it is true that the Uidah universe would have retaliated by giving them competition on their level. However, the resources of Earth simply couldn't compare to that of other planets and gates.

In other places, ranking well gave them access to cultivation materials that were near non-existences on Earth… And that wasn't even mentioning the fact that due to the expansion of earth to millions of times its original size, the energy here was even more diluted than on other planets.

In fact, the only reason the elves didn't send their geniuses even earlier in their cultivation was because without sufficient power, ranking well enough to earn the necessary resources was a near impossibility.

However, there was no use in thinking of such things. Right now, it was only them. And they had to make do.


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