Reaper of the Martial World
276 Who“s Coming? 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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276 Who“s Coming? 1

Arios smiled before looking back toward the rest of the demon generals.

The truth was that they were very much used to battles that lasted for months at a time. Things like teleportation pads for rest and energy supplying fruits were completely foreign to them.

It wasn't that the demon sage didn't care for their wellbeing, but, he was equally as tough on himself. How could one complain as a general when you saw your head commander fighting just as hard as you? Especially when he took more upon himself than even they did?

There was also something all demon generals had that they had yet to make full use of.

As the chosen geniuses of the demon sage, they were also privy to some of his techniques. So, although it wasn't as complete as Dyon's version, each had their own understanding of Demon Emperor's Will. Add this to the fact that their bodies were already stronger than normal due to their mastery over demonic will, and their stamina was simply unquestionable.

"Alright Commander. Let's go."

Aeson stood in a corner, blood dripping down his arm as he tightened his grip on his spear. He hadn't said anything in weeks, but the fire in his eyes was just the same. However, the disgust he held for himself was stronger than ever. Even after he had promised himself to put his life on the line for Ri, he had still been forced to retreat before her. His heart steeled because he knew he had to be better.

Actually, it seemed that quite a few people were feeling unsatisfied with themselves. Delia, for instance, had fought to the best of her abilities – but, she was fully aware of the fact that had it not been for the demon generals, her impact would have been all the more minimal.

"What's the situation?" Ri asked Akash.

"We sent a small group from the big sects to skirt around the battle field to check on the situation. It was a bit difficult since the land is so flat, but they managed to get us some information."

Ri nodded as she listened.

"Their number amount isn't so much, only about a thousand. But, although our scouts couldn't be sure, they're definitely more powerful. The big sects don't have anyone who is able to read cultivation levels much past the lower levels of meridian formation… So, in reality, the approaching army could be anything from upper meridian formation experts to even essence gathering."

The brows of those listening creased. Although Akash had been lenient in her assessment, everyone here could tell that it was likely the approaching army was made of essence gathering experts. After all, what would have been the point of calling for more meridian formation experts? Especially when it was only a thousand. That wouldn't make any sense.

Now the lotus alliance had more problems to deal with. Over the past few months, they had reduced the number of the enemy to the extreme. However, with the coming reinforcements, this wasn't entirely a good thing… Why? Because that meant all of the remaining experts on the enemy side were ones strong enough to survive an onslaught of demon generals, Ri and the best the Niveus and Elves had to offer.

Because of this, the coming reinforcement of essence gathering experts was about to merge with the best meridian formation experts the basilisks had to offer…

"Do we have any idea what we're dealing with aside from power? Like information on their wills or techniques like we had for the Phantus clan?" Ri wanted to see if there were any possible counter measures. Dyon still had many tactics they had yet to put into practice. Maybe there was still a way…

A complicated expression surfaced on Akash's features as though she was struggling with something. But, her silence only served to increase the tension at the center of maze.

"This…" Akash started. "According to the descriptions we've gotten, they don't match any of the clans we're used to dealing with. But…"

"But?" Ri turned back to Akash, trying to gain something from her reaction.

Akash took a deep breath. "I've studied a lot of old accounts of past campaigns to try and prepare myself. And… Although I haven't met clans with these descriptions personally, from what I see there is only one most likely answer…"

Everyone grasped the seriousness of Akash's words.

This was their fearless commander. To Ri and the demon generals, Akash was an unknown. They hadn't been the ones to fight along side her in past campaigns. But, the Elves and the women of the Niveus sect were different.

To them, Akash was fearless. She was a woman who put her life on the line for her comrades with every step she took on the battle field. She had no qualms about being a commander on the front lines.

And yet… This same fearless Akash was hesitant to introduce just the name of a clan. This same Akash was visibly trembling as her jaw clenched tightly.

Just what was it that she had figured out?...

'Don't tell me?' Evelyn's white eyes flashed with something imperceptible as she seemingly understood exactly who Akash was referring to. And, if she was right… They were in trouble. Real trouble. This wasn't a clan they could defeat without real power. What was a maze of peak practitioner defenses to an army of genius essence gathering experts?...

"This clan… It's without a doubt the King God Clan of our enemies… The Uidah King God Clan…"


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