Reaper of the Martial World
274 Alidor“s Plan 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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274 Alidor“s Plan 2

The key sunk into Dyon's skin, disappearing for the time being.

Dyon winced, his eye lids twitching as he began to feel some of the lingering effects of his death qi. 'My own will shouldn't hurt me… Should it?'

The truth was that Dyon had felt his own organs eroding under that special state, although at a much slower pace that what Alidor was feeling.

He had wisped celestial qi through his body to remove it, but, he was still feeling some of the past damage. And, the trouble was that it was healing much more slowly than his other wounds usually did.

'How ironic…' Dyon sighed, sitting in front of the meditating Alidor. It seemed as though he too was trying to get out the last of Dyon's death qi. It was clear that Dyon's previous celestial will hadn't been enough.

It seemed a lot of powerful wills had draw backs… demonic will made you more susceptible to losing your mind in anger and loss, and it seemed that death will was almost masochistic…

Dyon had been worried about this at the beginning, which is why he hadn't used it immediately to take out Alidor. Well, that and he wanted to get used to his practically all new body. But, this really wasn't convenient…

The only good thing was that Dyon had a fairly good counter. His celestial will would benefit him greatly. The only problem was that his celestial will wasn't as powerful as his death qi. He still needed to boost it to the 9th level before that…

"How much power do you have in the Uidah universe. Specifically, this gate." Dyon suddenly spoke as he watched Alidor meditate.

"I'm sure you know the answer to that question. So, why do you ask? The only benefit to being under you is that I shouldn't have to explain so much." Alidor's eyes remained closed and his face showed no sign of a shift in emotion.

"I have you so I don't have to do any guessing. You used more words to explain why you shouldn't have to answer than it would have taken to answer."

Alidor's brow twitched. He wasn't used to being refuted so easily. "I have no power in the Uidah verse as a whole. In terms of this gate, it's easy to manipulate things behind the scenes."

Dyon nodded. After hearing Alidor's backstory, one thing had become clear to him: Alidor wasn't working from the shadows to fake out their universe… He was working in the shadows out of necessity to avoid scrutiny from his own universe.

In the end, it was likely the basilisks were the only clan he could actually command without worry. The other clans had to be manipulated covertly.

The Phantus was a perfect example of this. Alidor had made use of the fact that they were ashamed of their loss to Madeleine to prod them into a fool's errand. Not only had they helped Alidor test his theories, they had plotted the perfect distraction for Alidor.

The truth of the matter was that although the Epistemic Tower was usually accepted as the last tower to be conquered, that didn't mean that it wasn't monitored by the universes.

As Dyon spoke with Alidor, he suddenly realized the purposes behind his plans.

Because Epistemic Tower was monitored, any movement toward it was usually detected. The only way to get by this was to either somehow directly teleport into it, yet out of the range of the scouts, or, get rid of the scouts entirely.

But, without the Epistemic Tower key, all of Alidor's teleportations relied on his strict and grueling calculations. And, these calculations became so convoluted and complex when entering the domain of the Epistemic Tower, due to the excessive amounts of spatial fluctuations, that the best option was to get rid of the scouts.

So, Alidor hatched a distraction plan. After studying the Saeclum clan, he came to understand that their clan, although they benefited Dyon's universe as a whole, actually belonged to a single entity: The Ragnor clan.

All Alidor had to do was devise a sufficient reason for the Ragnor clan to selfishly pull their auxiliary clan away, thus allowing Alidor free reign on the Epistemic Tower without anyone becoming suspicious to is ulterior motives.

'Hm. So it turns out that the Saeclum clan didn't report to us because they simply weren't there? Alright…'

Alidor's plan was actually quite ingenious.

Because the Saeclum clan was pulled away, it also left the other Towers highly susceptible to sneak attacks. As such, Lotus Tower, and likely Rod Tower, were taken completely unawares.

However, Alidor never had any intentions of taking Rod or Looming Tower, he was fully aware of how powerful their protectors were. Even Lotus Tower would have only been a plus… The true plan was to take hold of Epistemic Tower.

That said. There was another purpose: the stealing of the Uidah clan faith seed.

"Isn't stealing a faith seed taboo? And wouldn't doing so completely ruin your plans of staying hidden?"

Alidor's brows twitched for what seemed like the millionth time. "You know my backstory. Why would stealing a faith seed from a clan I share a lineage with alert them of anything?"

A sudden realization his Dyon. Although the Gautama and Uidah families had separate names, there was a reason why they were two sides of the same clan once. They had both originated from the same bloodline and had intermarried so often that there were little differences to be had in them. It was just that the main lineage of the Gautama family had better soul talent, thus resulting in their innate aurora users.

But, the point was that while it was taboo to steal the faith seed of a family and have it enter another. And while it was true that every family with a faith seed had fail safes against it… What would happen if a faith seed was stolen but remained with this same family?... How would the Uidah detect anything if the faith seed technically never left the family?...


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