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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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271 Reaper 2

A raging and dense will manifested around Alidor. It was as though a sand storm had picked up, and yet, the will was ethereal.

"Say whatever you need to say to make yourself feel better. But, know this well. The minute you decided to attack my fiancée, was the minute I had already decided to punish you.

I don't care what your backstory is. I don't care what your goal is. I don't care what purpose you had or have. You don't touch my family." Dyon said faintly.

Alidor didn't reply, choosing to instead brandish his oil paper umbrella as his long robes fluttered around him.

The cultivation platforms seemed to have a mind of their own, immediately escaping to the extremities of the room as the two men faced each other.

One had a fire lit in his eye for revenge. The other's raged in anger. But both had one goal in mind: win.

Dyon launched himself forward, his eyes reddening as the Mathilde family's asura eye bloodied his vision and his pupils darkened.

Alidor's eyes sharpened. He couldn't tell why Dyon was suddenly so fast, to him, Dyon still had no cultivation.

It was exactly like with Madeleine… Their meridians were so pure that no one could find an accurate gauge on their cultivation… Until, it was too late.

Dyon's fist grew in Alidor's eyes, forcing him to retreat while he pointed his umbrella forward.

A magnificent array appeared at its tip, smashing into Dyon's fist and lasting a mere instant before it crumbled to dust.

Dyon suddenly laughed. "I don't need to hold back anymore!"

A raging silver and black swirled around Dyon, molding together into shimmers of eerie light that blanketed the room around them.

Alidor suddenly felt as though his weight had multiplied, his knees creaking underneath the pressure. 'What is this… I've never felt or heard of this will… But I felt… He fused them?!'

Dyon's body bulged, reddening under the strain of his technique as a slow steam escaped his lips. "First act, second stage, Demon Emperor's Will: perfection."

Before this, Dyon could never have dreamed of using will fusion and his body enhancement techniques together without serious consequences. But, now it felt as easy as breathing.

His body was constantly replenishing itself. Essence energy flowed to where it was needed, acting as a magical elixir and filling Dyon with a constant calm feeling.

Suddenly, Dyon's weapon's hall manifestation blasted into existence, dripping the already dark area in a bloody red as a flash of light escaped its doors.

Dyon grasped at the air, smiling to himself as the light materialized into an oil paper umbrella.

'He's mocking me?' Alidor's brows furrowed, his grip tightening on his umbrella as thoughts of his little sister swept through his mind.

Dyon pointed his umbrella forward, demonic qi dripped from its tip to blacken it completely. The umbrella seemed to roar to life, lengthening as Dyon pierced toward Alidor.

'Since you think this is a game. I'll crush you. Allow me to show you what a supreme law can do.'

Dyon's eyes sharpened, his technique immediately picking up the oddity in Alidor's movements.

His feet slammed into the ground, propelling him to the side just as a blast of dark gold will flew by him…. He could only watch as it ate through the cultivation platforms, crumbling them to dust.

'Those platforms couldn't have been so flimsy… Could they?'

And yet, Dyon didn't have much time to think about it.

Arrays bloomed into existence behind Alidor, whirling in the air with pockets of dark gold energy.

Dyon was aware that Alidor couldn't move freely under the effects of his gravity will combination. So, he had anticipated that Alidor would use his arrays to make up for it… But, this will was too problematic.

It didn't seem to be a power unto itself. But, it was, rather, an amplifier. An odd vibrational energy that destroyed things from the inside out.

'No wonder why the old man said it didn't need to be high to work… The vibration is decided by the extent to which the will is learnt, but, the power behind it is decided by what technique you meld it with… This technique is the ultimate offense…'

Dyon had the sinking suspicion that if he was hit by this will, unprotected, it would rampage through him like it had before. But, this time… Alidor was serious…

"Weapon's Hell: Ethereal Permeation!" Alidor's voice boomed.

Dyon's feet flashed as he dodged the pillars of dark gold will. 'There's got to be a better way…'

Alidor wasn't blindly attacking toward Dyon. His arrays were positioning themselves to tighten Dyon into a corner. It didn't take long for Dyon to notice this at all, but, there was little he could do about it. If he kept dodging like this, he would eventually not be able to dodge anymore…

"I'm not some cornered rat…"


The Tree of Life and Death jetted out its obsidian roots, tearing through the ethereal energy and blasting the arrays apart as Dyon flashed forward.

Alidor's eyes narrowed, 'He shouldn't be able to absorb that energy… What is that technique?'

Despite how it looked, Alidor was right. Dyon couldn't absorb the energy. All he could do was dampen it before it reached himself, making it easier to deal with. A supreme law was simply too much for a technique Dyon had spent barely a week learning.

Dyon's hand shot forward causing the oil paper umbrella to propel toward Alidor. 'Since you're having trouble moving, let me force you to move.'

"Weapon's Hell: Celestial Will." Dyon matched Aldior with his own array alchemy.

Alidor's eye trained on the incoming umbrella. Or, at least they wanted to until massive arrays that were all too familiar began blooming behind Dyon.

Pillars of light charged toward Alidor as his feet dragged through the increased gravity.

And yet, Alidor seemed unperturbed. 'As if a supreme law would be so simple…'


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