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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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270 Reaper 1

"What are you moping around for? Your body is healed, wakeup!"

Dyon slowly opened his eyes to find himself back in the cultivation room, lying naked on a platform.

He shivered thinking about what he had just gone through. There had been no time in that state… Dyon's everything had been blanketed with endless pain.

'You could have at least warned me old man…'

"You should be getting on your knees and thanking me for saving your future. Not spouting this nonsense. Get up. I'm sending Alidor here."

Dyon suddenly jumped at the old man's words. There was more to do, he could just lie down and be complacent.

Flashing forward, Dyon leaped off of the platform.

"Whoa! Wait!" Flipping in the air, Dyon's feet landed on a far wall before he flipped back. 'What the hell…'

Dyon suddenly felt as though he was a spirit inside the body of a puppet he was controlling. Even when he looked down at his hands, it was as though someone else was moving them for him.

'That's not good…'

Arrays flashed around Dyon, giving him a pair of sweat pants to cover his lower half. 'At least that still works?...'

Dyon had no idea why the change was so drastic… It wasn't as though he had never gotten a massive boost in power all at once before. On the day he lost his virginity with Ri, his body's strength had jumped an entire full cultivation level – but, it was nothing like this.

His body seemed to breathe everything in through its skin, his lungs seemed to have an endless capacity for air, and even his organs seemed to have an entirely new system pulsing through it.

Dyon could suddenly even feel his soul, something that had been foreign and abstract to him. He could see the demon sage's essence within his – something he had never been able to do before. It was as though an entirely new world had been opened up to Dyon.

The coming together of his energy cultivation had directly boosted his insight into his body and soul… it felt like the epitome of perfection.

Swirls of wills started forming around Dyon, sending a raging wind through the room. 'It's so much less draining…'

The tattoos on Dyon's back even seemed to be deeper, holding faint golden accents to their previous white and black.

Now that Dyon knew his soul was really the accumulation of soul talent that was meant to have been spread through the mortal realm, it was suddenly very clear to him why his manifestations were so powerful. Not only was it dripping in his own arrogance, it also had abilities few other, if any, manifestations could live up to.

'This feeling… Is awesome…'

"You? What are you doing here?"

Dyon's head snapped back to find a young man with a flower in his long black hair. He had an oil paper umbrella in his hand and had a serious expression on his face as he stared at Dyon.

'Did the crack in the game lead him here?' Thought Alidor.

It did make sense. It was unlikely, but maybe there was a spatial distortion that led Dyon to this very location.

"Oh? Did you finally decide to stop impersonating me?"

Alidor remained silent, his normal reserved expression resurfacing. Dyon hadn't said much, but it was enough for Alidor to understand quite a few things. But, the most important was that Dyon had followed him in here and had almost definitely witnessed the death of fifth son and Alidor's attempted framing.

It didn't matter too much to Alidor, considering the people he wanted to trick had been tricked… Unless. 'Did he catch up with Kaeghan? Or did he come here without doing so?'

Alidor suddenly thought of many possibilities he didn't like as well. Dyon's one sentence was like a choking point on Alidor… and the worst part was, it took Alidor the longest to figure out the most crucial point. 'My sister!'

This was a duel between innate aurora wielders… where the shortest of phrases and the most insignificant of actions suddenly become important. Alidor's mind ran just as quickly as Dyon's did… But, what would be enough to win? Who would win?

"What did you do with my little sister?"

Dyon chuckled to himself, turning his body toward Alidor. 'It seems I really don't have to use but so many words with you.'

"Are you sure your sister is someone you should be worrying about right now?" Dyon's eyes subtly darted toward the key orb in the middle of the room, drawing Alidor's attention.

'This…' Alidor's eyes sharpened. He hadn't spoken to the old man for as long as Dyon did because he spent most of his time in his trial. But, for the past few days, he had been inexplicably pulled from said trials and told to recuperate.

And now, he was thrust in a room with maybe the only other man in this gate that could feasibly enter this tower under his own power… The goal of that voice was clear.

"I swear if you did something to my little sister… Death will be something you beg for."

Dyon didn't seem too perturbed by Alidor's words. Instead letting his senses wander through his body as he pushed himself to get accustomed faster.

"If anything happened to your little sister." Dyon said faintly. "It would be as a result of the will you, yourself, sowed."

"You…!" Alidor felt as though he was losing his composure for the first time in a long time. His little sister wasn't something he was willing to play with, and yet, all Dyon was doing was spitting in his face repeatedly.

Dyon rolled his wrists and stretched his back out of habit, but, it seemed his body wasn't cracking like it usually did. It was as though he had truly been reborn.

"My younger sister is a child. She was not a warrior on the battle field like your fiancée." Alidor's features steeled. He looked at Dyon with a burning hatred in his eyes. "Today. You die."


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