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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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260 Trials 3

Ava's tongue danced along the tip of Dyon's cock as her breasts smothered it, savouring his taste.

Her heart beat quickly, her face flushing as she began to truly understand what she was doing. 'This is the man I love… He deserves my everything. And I'll give it to him.'

Dyon's heart felt like it was being torn in two. There was not a single thought of Ava's that escaped him. He wanted to use his array alchemy to cut of his circulation, much like he had with Mithrandir, but, it seemed like nothing was responding to him.

He could only watch as Ava's light pink nipples rubbed together, meeting as they wrapped around his shaft.

Ava's deep cleavage was like a paradise. The sweat of her skin, her clear and pure drool, even her subtle moans as her thighs writhed as though Dyon's pleasure was her own.

Suddenly, she stood, slowly stroking Dyon as she pulled him along to the table with a smile on her face. "You couldn't even find a girl a bed? You want to lean her over a table? You rogue!"

Just as Dyon was about to be forced to pull down Ava's pants, a loud banging noise resounded through the room as someone burst in.

"Ava! You knew it was my turn!" Delia stood at the door, huffing and puffing. Her countenance clearly shaken.

Ava stuck her tongue out, sitting on the table as she wrapped her hands around Dyon's neck.

'What the fuck is going on…' Dyon stared in disbelief.

'Hmph. First you fall in love with my elder sister with me right there and now you expect me to let you fall into the hands of another woman again?! I won't accept it!'

Delia's thoughts reverberated through Dyon's mind, causing him to be at a loss for words. He could only watch as Delia defiantly let her black skirt fall to her ankles, revealing her black lace panties underneath her black stockings.

Pulling of her blouse, Delia revealed a figure that was more petite than Ava's, but still beautifully shaped.

Her small breast cupped perfectly into Dyon's hand as she kissed his cheek. Her hand fighting for space on his cock with Ava.

'How nice…'

'That thought! It wasn't from Ava or Delia!' Dyon's head snapped to the door to find Ri and Madeleine facing off against each other.

Ri was slightly shorter than Madeleine, her body being more petite as well. Madeleine's curves were much more pronounced. But, neither of these things seemed to matter as Dyon saw the turmoil in their eyes as they looked from him to each other. It seemed as though they couldn't even see what was going on between Dyon, Ava and Delia.

Dyon felt his cock twitched, as if this sick world wanted him to believe that he got off from watching his women suffer.

'I know I told you that I'd be okay with sharing the burden with more sisters, but I didn't think you'd go off and find another woman as soon. The 'we live for much longer' excuse only works if you let some ACTUAL time pass!'

Madeleine didn't say these words out loud. In fact, she kept her usual carefree smile on her face.

Suddenly, a complete new set of thoughts entered Dyon's mind.

'Hmph, why would you take my innocence if you already had a fiancée? If you didn't grab me like you did at dead kings valley, I could have forgotten about my feelings for you!'

Dyon's could only stand there, convulsing as he was forced to climax again and again – listening to the pain of these women.

Hours passed before another light knock came to the door.

Dyon's eyes had sunken into their sockets, his muscles barely holding him up anymore.

The worst part was, when he looked down, he could see blood dripping down his chest from where his heart should be. It was as though for every thought he heard, there would be a literal cut to himself…

"Look at that, it seems you're finally understanding just a little bit of my pain, hm?"

Dyon could barely react to Jade's voice.

"You were quite high and mighty, looking down on me before. But, what do we have here? Four women you've screwed over? What about me, don't I count? What about her?"

Jade's purple eyes shifted over to look at a deadpan Meiying. It was clear that she was meant to still be under a spell.

"This poor Meiying girl…" continued Jade. "I know what you must be thinking. 'How is it my fault her father sold her off' blah blah blah."

Jade chuckled. "Well, let me tell you something. Did you ever think about the aftermath? Did you think about what happened to Focus Academy after you left?

The Storm family was part of a larger clan. Patia-Neva only has himself and his daughter to worry about. The Kami family is part of another larger clan. And the Sapientia family is part of a, say it with me now, 'another larger clan'.

That just leaves the Duco and Bai family, no? Yet, the Duco family didn't have any enemies they needed the backing of Focus Academy for. Only the Bai family did.

So, what do you think happened after some smart aleck boy strolled in with some greater than thou attitude? You ruined the Storm family, effectively crushing Focus Academy. And then, because the great Dyon couldn't be bothered to stop there, you also ruined the big sects by shortening their quotas. So, why would those big sects then have enough left to care about some small Focus Academy?

The Bai family was left on an island. An island carved out by you, your Holy Arrogance." Jade bowed ironically, mocking Dyon.

"God. Maybe I'm the one who should be disgusted with you and not the other way around. Did you really think you were blameless from the beginning?"

Dyon's lips quivered at Jade's words… 'It's my fault?...'


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