Reaper of the Martial World
257 Tell me, Kid. 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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257 Tell me, Kid. 6

Dyon paused at the entity's words…

'I think I've finally figured you out, grand teacher.'

"Hey! Stop thinking what you're thinking."

'When I came here, the first thing you said was that you didn't want me crying, so you wouldn't tell me about the lock on the mortal realm.

But, now, you're telling about your enemies? Isn't that on an even larger scale? Wouldn't that make me want to cry more? You just wanted someone to vent with, hm?'

Although Dyon couldn't see it, the entity raised its eyebrow. Then he suddenly realized Dyon had no idea about the penalty for speaking of the things that transpired in the human world…

If Dyon had known, he would have pieced together that the things that happened to the human world weren't on a smaller scale. Not at all.

Something able to lock even the power of this entity. Something able to stop this entity from speaking about it. Something that caused even some of the largest clans in existence to move to Dyon's universe.

How could this be simple?

If Dyon had known about the penalty. He would have realized that the entity not wanting to tell him what happened in the human world because he didn't want a depressed Dyon was nothing but an excuse.

The mere fact the entity could allude to what happened without suffering the penalty Elder Daiyu had was a testament to its power… But, the fact it couldn't say anymore was a testament to the power of the person responsible for sealing Dyon's meridians.

This was exactly like when Dyon had spoken about the rules of the ancient games to Ri. Unlike everyone else, he could actually attempt to speak. It was just that Ri couldn't here him. The same was true of the entity. The hold of the seal couldn't stop him. But, even if he spoke about it, Dyon wouldn't hear. In fact, unlike the more lenient ancient games, it might kill Dyon!

"Don't be ridiculous."

'Okay. I'll listen. I promise. Tell me more.' Dyon smiled widely.

"The Timeless Library is a place made up of legacies of transcended beings. Allegedly."


"Well. Not allegedly. There actually are legacies."


"The goal of the legacies isn't to improve people, though. Think about it. Transcendent beings leave their faith seeds behind to their families. Why would they suddenly make their legacies available all in a single place? And also, why with such ridiculous rules?"

Dyon thought for a moment.

The entity was completely correct. If they were so stingy with their faith seeds, why would they share their legacies with others as well?

Legacy worlds were a bit different. Those were pockets of space people forced their way into.

Although the Timeless Library also required forced entry, what wasn't adding up was the fact all of the transcendent beings came together to form one world? Why?

"The reason is many fold…

The first is draining this world of resources. You can't even imagine how much it took for the demon sage to time lock the Timeless Library to a two-thousand-year span.

And this first reason helps facilitate the second: Chaos."

Dyon eyes flashed. Chaos?

"It's no coincidence that the demon sage's daughter is in the only empty universe in the world. And it's also not a coincidence that the death phoenixes fought part of their battle against Amethyst there either.

What you need to understand is that this universe has two schools of thought and that these schools of thought came about as solutions to the universes… 'heat death' as you call it.

The first, and the most dangerous, is the chaos path."

Dyon's eyes narrowed. He didn't like where that was going.

"It's a school of thought that you'd probably describe as the anti matter equivalent from your world. In this world, everything is balanced. For every thing, there is a non-thing. For every on, there's an off. And for every existence, there's a non-existence.

The chaos path believes that the end of the universe is a ridiculous concept. It is only that everything is in a cycle, moving toward chaos. They believe that it is simply chaos' time to rule the universe, while order will take a back seat."

'So, you're telling me that they allow people to enter that Timeless Library to drive them insane and increase chaos? And that they also increase the move toward chaos by forcing those able to enter to poor massive amounts of energy into time locking it? So the Demon Sage being teleported into the future wasn't be coincidence…

But, why didn't you tell the demon sage that like you're telling me? Allowing someone as powerful as that to sow chaos should be against what you want.'

"… It's only quite recently that I could afford to split my soul as I have now…"

Dyon remained silent at this response. The entity was right… again. Dyon hadn't thought about it before, but dividing you conscious as the entity had wasn't exactly… healthy…

"Forget it. I'm the one who told you that I've been here for millions of years. I'll forgive your insensitive comments for now. Hmph."

If Dyon had water in his mouth, he would have probably spit it out. This entity was truly too much. But, at least he accepted responsibility. It was him who had said he had practically been here forever when really the time had been much shorter than that. That's what he gets for exaggerating to prove a point.

"Anyway. The second school of thought was created by my disciple in retaliation."

'Array Alchemy?...'

"Yes. Array Alchemy is quite literally able to write the laws of the universe. My disciple thought that – "

'If you reach a high enough level you can create a new universe… even wills and energy wouldn't be impossible if you had a deep enough understanding… Just like the death core!'

"Quite right. The death core is an example of one of the wills my disciple managed to replicate to perfection. However, the amount of studying it takes to become a being capable of replicating everything perfectly is something you and even I can't even imagine…"

'But… Why is the array alchemy path better than the chaos path? Sure. Anarchy doesn't sound great. But, neither does forcing people to war for a chance to transcend. The world is in a perpetual state of anarchy anyway… There's no real peace…'

The entity sighed. "I'm beginning to lose hope in you, kid.

The way of the world is balance. Can't you tell by my statue outside? Everything together in resonance!

Chaos shouldn't rule. And neither should peace. That's what those idiots of the chaos path don't understand. The world shouldn't be alternating between chaos and peace. It should be in a balance!

The chaos path is nothing but an excuse for warmongers. People who've been slighted by life and want to watch everything burn.

How could you possibly think a world with no light, with no peace, with no love – was a world worth living in?"

Dyon was speechless for a long while before the entity spoke again.

"I only have one thing to ask of you before I decide whether you're truly worth helping. When the day comes that you learn about what happened to your world. When you come to understand the shackles placed on you and your people. When you realize that the death of your parents may not be everything you thought it was…

Will you react like the demon sage did and lose your mind?"


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