Reaper of the Martial World
255 Tell Me, Kid. 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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255 Tell Me, Kid. 4

'Oh? Really. Interesting.'

The entity seemed confused by Dyon's response. He could clearly see that this was Dyon's actual reaction. He didn't show despair or apprehension. In fact, he had already thought of many possible avenues for dealing with it. Possibilities that the entity found absolutely ridiculous, but, how could Dyon have as much experience as the entity? He could only try his ideas until one worked.

After all, if his intelligence had acted as a lure to break the dam on his soul cultivation. And he catalyzed his body cultivation with the essence blood of his master. Didn't that mean there must also be a way to break the dam on energy cultivation as well? He just had to find a way…

"You don't seem to understand."

'Well, grand teacher, you're in my mind, aren't you? You know more than anyone else whether I truly understand or not.'

The entity ignored Dyon's words. Seemingly intent on making the situation as clear as possible.

"Your martial talent was only seen as average because your soul talent is so high, so it made up for the other two during your test. Your body cultivation talent is near non-existent and your energy cultivation is ACTUALLY non-existence. Do you not understand what having no ability to energy cultivate means?"

Dyon sighed. 'I assume the biggest problem is learning an intent and beyond. Then there's stamina.'

"Wr –. Actually, that's pretty accurate. Even with the Acacia family technique, what is having extra energy going to do for you if you don't have a means of absorbing it? At most you could reach the peak of the foundation stage without meridians."

What the entity was saying was correct, of course. The foundation stage was tempering the body itself. It was slightly different from body cultivation in the fact it didn't improve affinity. The idea of the foundation stage was to prime the body for the improvements that would come with the energy influx of the later stages.

So, body cultivation was explained in two portions. The first was the instant improvement in strength and the second was the future improvement in will affinity.

However, the first tier of energy cultivation, the foundation stage, was slightly different. Its focus was on priming the body for future energy cultivation. Its sole reason for existence was in order to give the organs, nerves, bones, etc, an opening for evolution. A qualitative evolution.

The ultimate goal of cultivation was transcending… But, body cultivation could only improve the body to the very edge of that level. It wasn't able to push you over the edge.

As such, energy cultivation fulfills that role through a different means. By tempering your organs, skin, bones and blood with essence energy, it opens up your body to being improved further later through your meridians.

Essentially, essence energy opened the door. Then, saint energy opened it further. Then celestial energy even further. The enigmatic energy even further. Until you finally reached that penultimate qualitative stage.

Yes, both the foundation stage and body cultivation resulted in increases in bodily strength… But, they were completely different.

"Even worse," The entity continued. "Not being able to learn an intent and beyond is a severe disadvantage. You saw how powerful that Madeleine girl got after learning an intent. Even with your soul talent, that's impossible to make up for. Especially when your soul will be limited by your body's strength which will be limited by your energy cultivation.

You can't expect to be able to sustain the strength of your soul without energy cultivation. As you probably know, the soul soon undergoes a qualitative change once it breaks into the 7th stage. At that point, a strong body won't be enough anymore. You'd need the qualitative change provided by essence energy."

'I know all of this already. You know I know all of this already. Why are you so adamant about making me feel despair?' Dyon chuckled to himself. This entity was truly odd.

The entity sighed. "What's so interesting about watching a drama with no drama? Ridiculous!"

'Isn't one your abilities to see through everything? What could possibly be left that's interesting to you?'

"Oh, stop it. Only imperfect wielders of my power feel overwhelmed by such things. I can turn off my True Empath ability as I please.

In fact, speaking of people with my abilities. I was clearly wrong about you. I thought you were the only sane one, but it seems like you're insane too."

'Come on, grand teacher. Tell your grandson something.'

"Pft, you're no grandson I recognize. Providing me with no entertainment. How ridiculous."

'You have a solution, don't you? You have the ability to infuse everyone in existence with one of your abilities. Although, many don't have innate auroras, they still have the ability to access their own, right?

Plus, you said yourself, your will permeates through the universe. It was just that there was a block on it reaching the mortal realm. Let your grandson show you why he deserves your help, how about it?'

"Hm. Truth is, as long as you cultivate to the 9th foundation stage layer, I probably have a set of meridians laying around. It would be quite interesting to watch you absorb them. Especially considering how painful it would be."

Dyon's brows furrowed in confusion before the entity continued explaining.

"You need to cultivate to the peak of the foundation stage layer first because the meridians I'm referring to have already been tempered with all of the wills in existence. Meaning, it would shoot you up to 108 open meridians near immediately."

Even in the completely black space, Dyon's eyes widened.

"Ha! To think something to trivial is what finally surprised you."


"Obviously it's trivial. Tempering your meridians with all of the wills in existence only requires sitting in a pocket of space. Not an artificial pocket, a real pocket."

'A real pocket?'

"Yes, a real pocket. Legacy worlds, for example, are examples of artificial pockets. They're worlds created by experts. A real pocket of space isn't separate from the real world. It's the same, yet separate. And, the energy within it carries a stream of all the wills in existence.

The reason you can't see the top or bottom of the Epistemic Tower is because the design meant to stabilize a space exactly like that. Anyone who has ever entered the Tower under their own power has gained the right to train in it. How many temperings you can undergo is only limited by your perseverance. And, normally, if you make it to this tower, you have plenty of that."

'Wait, you said it isn't separate. But then said it is separate?'

The entity sighed. "It's such a hassle speaking with children. Yes. These are very real pockets of space. They aren't a separate space written into this world. They are this world. They're the origin of all existence and the energy that's in them …"

'Is the energy the universes are slowly running out of…'


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