Reaper of the Martial World
253 Tell Me, Kid. 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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253 Tell Me, Kid. 2

Dyon's vision was suddenly completely cut off.

It felt as though he was in a bubble, completely apart from everything. The only sense that he was still him was the sound of the blood rushing through his body and the steady beating of his heart.

Suddenly, a deep voice reverberated in Dyon's mind.

"It's been thousands of years since anyone followed the game of this game properly, and even longer since we've had any legitimate contestants. And yet, there are two of you today?"

Dyon raised an eyebrow, there were clearly more than two. The Basilisks had entered as well.

"Why would I count the snakes? They wouldn't even make it past a single trial. I just teleported them away as soon as they entered. I don't like useless people."

'Oh great… He reads my mind… At least Little Lyla doesn't use her ability against me.'

"Mm, that little girl is quite good. You shouldn't have entered this trial. She actually has the highest compatibility I've seen with one of my abilities. Well, the True Empath ability anyway."

'Your abilities?'

"Of course. Each door is a guide to gaining perfection in the path of my abilities."

'Divine techniques?'

A hoarse laughter filled Dyon's mind. "Do you think that aurora of yours is comparable to a mere divine technique? Don't be ridiculous. They can't be compared."

'What exactly are you trying to do here…'

"Have fun. Obviously."

Dyon could almost see the voice rolling its eyes. He wanted to think that it was ridiculous for such a powerful entity to be so petty, but he tried to hold himself back.

"Oh please. You think you can use sub-thinking parlor tricks against me like you did that Jade girl? We're not even on the same level."

Dyon sighed, resigning himself to his mind being read. 'I want to take this trial in the stead of my little sister. Since you want to have fun, it shouldn't make much of a difference to you, right?'

"Of course it makes a difference. Breaking the rule of a game is never any fun."

'Then make it harder.'

"Hm. Still no."

'Then clearly this isn't for your fun. What are you hiding? What's the real purpose behind this?'

A sudden pressure engulfed Dyon.

He had thought he felt an insurmountable mountain when he faced the death core… But, this was on a completely different level. It felt as if even if he had million to even billions of years to train, he wouldn't even reach the feet of this entity.

Dyon's brows furrowed, 'I can't ask questions now?'

"Ha!" The entity suddenly started laughing. "Imagine realizing you stand not a chance against me even given all the time that ever has or will be, and still answering so disrespectfully! Are you stubborn, brave or stupid?"

'I can't exactly filter my thoughts…'

"And that's exactly why I should hear and feel your fear. I think I've decided that you're simply too stupid to feel fear."

'Alright, oh great one. I'm stupid. If you won't let me take this trial for my little sister and won't answer my questions, would you send me to an aurora door then?'

"Don't be ridiculous. I told you that the doors are meant to provide a trial for gaining the perfect form of my powers. Why would you need it since your innate aurora is already perfect? Isn't your innate soul strength at the 4th level? Do you just like wasting time?"

'Perfect? I see. I just assumed you didn't give out the perfect form of your abilities.'

"I don't. It's just that the place you're from had my will blocked from it for a long while. You just happened to break the dam and gain the full brunt of the ability that should have been spread over many. Which is why your manifestations are so ridiculous. You're pretty lucky and I guess unlucky at the same time."

'Will blocked off?'

"Don't bother asking honestly. Getting involved in human affairs isn't my cup of tea and I'm not trying to deal with an emotional teenage boy. I'm here for fun."

Dyon's brows furrowed. This was the second time someone had eluded to something bad having been forced upon the mortal realm.

The first was the elder from the Daiyu clan, and now it was this unknown entity. He had never heard anything about this from anyone else.

Also, if Dyon had noticed how Elder Daiyu aged… He would have been quite surprised to see that this entity could seemingly speak freely without worry. He just chose not to for reasons that were as annoying as he was.

And what was this about not interfering in human affairs? Isn't that what he was doing right now?

"Alright, stop thinking about useless things boy. You're much more interesting than that other character. His mind was filled with nothing but calculations. In fact, now that I think about it, you're the only relatively sane person who's come here with one of my abilities."

'From what I've seen… People tend to go insane when they have only portions of your abilities…'

"Aiyah. How is this my fault? Mortals are so weak minded! I'm just a consciousness broken off from my main body. All I do all day is float around and check on this and the other 99 towers every so often. And yet here I am after millions of years, just fine!"

'Maybe a bit sadistic though…'

"Oh please. From what I see in your memories, people from your world enjoy watching men and women batter each other half to death. And that's entertainment to them! What right do you have to look down on me?"

'I guess he's talking about boxing and the MMA… Fair…'

"Of course it's fair! I'm all about balance. I would never do anything unfair."

Dyon started ignoring the entity. He didn't know why it refused to tell him anything or why he even played this game, but there was something else weighing on Dyon's mind. Something important.


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