Reaper of the Martial World
252 Tell Me, Kid. 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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252 Tell Me, Kid. 1

'What the hell…'

This came completely out of left field. True Empath? Auroras?

Dyon quickly scanned the other doors, maybe knowing the names of the others would give him a clue. However… Dyon only grew more confused.

Of the ten doors, there were a pair of duplicates for each, almost as though this was expected to be a competition. And the other pairs read…

'Cycle of Reincarnation… Ethereal Permeation… Temporal Lock…'

Dyon's eyes suddenly sharpened as he heard a soft rustling coming from in behind the large ever-changing statue.

His feet flashed as he wrapped around the statue. 'Huh… What the hell…'

Dyon stood confused and frozen as a little girl charged at him with her fists up. To be honest, her form wasn't bad and it was clear she had training. In fact, Dyon could sense some of that weird energy coming from her, so she definitely trained in something.

'Wait… That energy, it's a will, then? She has no cultivation, what else could it be?...'

Suddenly the little girl stopped. "It's you! You're the handsome guy!"

Dyon raised an eyebrow. 'The handsome guy?' After a moment, Dyon finally recognized this little girl as Alidor's younger sister, but why did she have no protection?

'I guess to Alidor this is the safest place for her. There are his enemies and the spatial fluctuations outside, and inside, the trials must be too dangerous to take her…'

In the end, Alidor decided that it was unlikely anyone but Dyon would be able to enter. But, to Alidor there was also a good chance Dyon was dead, even though he wasn't sure. Then there was the fact Alidor really didn't have any other choice. According to his calculations, this lobby area, a place he had been to before, was the safest place for his little sister while the conquered the rest of the gate.

Kaeara, suddenly realizing that she might be in danger backed away slowly. She had no way of knowing how Dyon would react. What if he attacked her as an act of revenge? 'Wait, he doesn't know who my elder brother is! I just need to act natural…'

Honestly, there was nothing wrong with Kaeara's deduction. It had been a long time since her brother left with the basilisks, leaving her here. Someone so young and without concept of how difficult it was to enter the tower, wouldn't have connected Dyon's appearance with that of her brother's entrance.

What she forgot in her flurry to attack was that she had already revealed the fact she knew Dyon by calling him 'the handsome guy'. Dyon could only chuckle as Kaeara tried put on what she thought was an 'I'm acting natural face.'

Yet, despite her best efforts, Kaeara trembled under Dyon's questioning gaze.

Suddenly, Dyon's hand moved, causing Kaeara to leap back with fright. But, a flash of light was all that occurred as 2 children appeared before Kaeara.

Her large black eyes blinked with confusion. Why did he do this?

Little Lyla looked from Dyon to Kaeara before seemingly understanding. She skipped over to Kaeara with a big smile on her face. "Hi! My name is Lyla!"

Dyon chuckled. "You shouldn't try to hide much from her or me. I'm already quite aware of who your elder brother is. And, although I can't promise not to kick his ass, I wouldn't lay a finger on you out of spite."

Zaire stood by Dyon quietly, an act Dyon found quite funny. 'Look at him being a man. Well done little brother.'

Dyon had been watching Zaire interact with Lyla recently and always had a smile on his face whenever Zaire did whatever Lyla wanted without hesitation. The only exception was when he was hungry, Zaire didn't mess around when it came to his food.

"My name is Kaeara." A bright smile spread across her face. Although she was seven years older than Little Lyla, this was the first time she had been near anyone that would classify as a child. Her brother had always been so much older than her, and there obviously weren't any other orphans hiding in the gates.

"So, tell me Kaeara, what do you know about the tower?"

Kaeara pouted. "I'm not telling you anything. You want to hurt my big brother!"

Dyon chuckled. "True. But your brother attacked my fiancée first. There's got to be a rule for that."

"No." Kaeara shook her head violently. "My big brother is always right. So, you did something wrong first."

"Ah, I see. Interesting." Dyon looked around, he had to get moving soon anyway. He didn't expect Kaeara to have much useful information anyway.

"You three stay here then. Aside me from me and Alidor, it's an impossibility that anyone else enters. But, just in case." Dyon's ring flashed as a charming demon general appeared.

Her watery black eyes blinked in confusion as she looked around before she noticed Dyon. "Oo, successor. Did you finally call me to service you? It's been a while, but I'm still quite good." The beautiful demon general shifted her long white hair away from her face, touching Dyon's arm seductively.

Dyon sighed. "Faenor, you're always trying to get me killed." Suddenly, Dyon smiled deviously. "As punishment, you'll have to watch the kids."

Faenor pouted. "You're no fun. It must be because you don't like used women. I only had sex with a few other demon generals. Don't be so sexist."

Suddenly, Dyon regretted choosing Faenor. The truth was the among the elite demon generals he had with him now, Faenor was the only one with remotely passable social skills. Well, social skills that would be transferable to handling children… a thought which now seemed quite flawed with you looked at it with this limited evidence…

"Yea, yea." Dyon walked away, patting Zaire's head lightly on his way to the True Empath doorway. "Have fun!"

"Wait! At least give me another one of those fun video games before you go!" Fraenor rubbed her hands eagerly. A while ago, Dyon had used creation arrays and his expertise in PC building to create computers for the orphans.

Because of that, many of the demon generals became intrigued, so, Dyon began duplicating some of the movies and video games he had brought with him from the human world.

Usually, he only used his human world entertainment when he wanted to have a nice date with Ri or Madeleine. He didn't know what it was about he martial world, but the level of annoyance there was with taking out a beautiful girl was ridiculous. So many people felt entitled to his women. But, because of the insistence of the demon generals, he had learned a duplication array just to help entertain them.

Dyon sighed. "Alright. Alright. I quite liked this Persona 5 game, have at it." Dyon silently chuckled to himself. 'The puzzles will take you forever without a game guide. That should hold you off for quite a while.'

"Successor, one more thing!"

"Hmm?" Dyon looked back.

"Why are you entering that one instead of the Aurora one?"

Dyon looked up at the True Empath symbol. "Oh? That? Just to help out my little sister."

With that, Dyon disappeared into the fog.


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