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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Dyon took a deep breath. Dangerous or not, this was something he had to do.

This wasn't about some pseudo competition between him and Alidor, or about Dyon chasing after the answer to the Epistermic Tower's mystery, or even about having a break through in ranking.

No. Alidor had planned something big. And, whatever it was, had to do with conquering this gate. Something Dyon couldn't allow to happen.

He didn't care about Alidor's sad backstory or even his purpose behind doing all of this. Dyon had long learned that right and wrong were subjective and the world was a painting of grey, not black and white. Sympathy wasn't something he could afford to have when this Alidor was the same man who put his fiancée in danger not once, but twice.

Regardless of Alidor's reasoning, it was clear he wanted full control of this gate. What he wanted to do with it was irrelevant. He had to first pay a price for attacking Ri. And that price started and ended with this tower.

Dyon's eyes flashed and darkened as he stimulated the Mathilde family technique, trying to see if it gave him a different perspective on the tower.


A splitting headache tore through Dyon's brain. His eyes blinked rapidly, immediately cutting off the Asura's Imperial Eye. 'Damn…'

For his technique to react like that made it clear to him that this wasn't a technique he was meant to see through in that way… At least not so directly.

Dyon began thinking back to Alidor's array and methods.

He had walked all the way around the tower, taking his time to analyze everything before he drew his array.

'What if the reason I can't make heads or tails of his array is because it doesn't have any purpose other than to open up the tower… It has no purpose I've seen before. It's just a key. But, how do I make one for myself, and what does it have to do with the tower?...'

Dyon's eyes flashed with a dense purple gold as he pushed his observational abilities to the limit.

'What do I know?... That space is locked in this area, but also connected within this space. I know brute strength won't open the tower. I know the tower is a perfect absorber… perfect absorber…'

To Dyon, this last point seemed to be the most important. Was it the tower itself that emanated the characteristics of a perfect absorber? Or was it the barrier around it?

'The first son character didn't have to touch the tower to be mutilated…'

Dyon's eyes narrowed as an idea crossed his mind. 'Don't the spatial tears have the same characteristics?... All this time we've been thinking of them like spatial distortions, and yet I didn't sense any spatial will…'

This was another good point. Even Kaeghan who fought Alidor himself hadn't felt any spatial will. That could mean a few things… Either the tears themselves weren't the main source of spatial will, but were rather results of a source that came from the tower. Or, they didn't sense spatial will because it was no longer spatial will… It had evolved into something else.

Dyon's thoughts were suddenly filled with a fox of unmatched beauty. A small smile played his features. 'Ri's faith seed in its true form… It felt like this…'

If Dyon had to describe it… It felt like destruction, erasure and chaos. But, there was also a murderous intent and danger that couldn't be ignored. And yet, it had control over space that Dyon had never reached before.

If Dyon's spatial will wasn't supplemented by his time will to form gravity, or fused with his celestial movement technique, he rarely used it. It was just too weak. This made sense, of course. Spatial will might be accessible, but you couldn't expect to fold space and connect universe with something that was a will any foundation or meridian formation stage expert could use.

But, this will seemed like a step up from spatial will… It was analogous to how celestial will was above other purity paths Dyon knew of. There was simply a shift in quality that couldn't be ignored.

'This helps.' Dyon suddenly sat down, his humanoid manifestation blooming behind him as he pushed his soul stage to its peak.

It was impossible for Dyon to learn this new will – a will he would soon come to learn had the name 'Void'. He didn't have the affinity to learn such a complex and high level will. The only reason he knew celestial will was because his master had pumped him with her essence.

Dyon had learned long ago that there were tiers amongst wills. There were ones almost anyone could learn. Simple and straight forward wills, most of which included common weapons and elemental wills.

However, there was a drastic up in quality as you searched for more powerful wills. These were wills that were rare, but powerful existences. Celestial will would be on the lower end of this category along with demonic will. And void and death will would likely be much higher on this ranking…

When dealing with these higher-class wills, there were only three ways to learn them.

The first was to have an inborn affinity for it. By being born with a faith seed, like Ri, and tapping into it properly, learning and sensing the will would become like second nature to you. This result could also be replicated if you were in a family with a bloodline carrying an affinity for it. It just so happened Ri was both.

The second was to steal or gain affinity. This could be done by stealing a faith seed or essence, or being infused with either of the two.

The last was of course the method Dyon used to gain an affinity for death will. It was to find a core the connected with the very meaning of the will to such a deep level that it could be used as a catalyst for you to learn.

And yet, while Dyon knew all of this and his eyes flashed with a light of success as he solved the puzzle of the tower… What he didn't know was that the highest echelon of wills were known as supreme laws… And he was about to run into one a lot sooner than he thought…


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