Reaper of the Martial World
247 Outside the Tower 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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247 Outside the Tower 2

Kaeghan stared at this young man, saying nothing for a long while before he spoke. "I advise you put my younger brother down. For someone from a no name universe, you sure have a lot of balls challenging the ranked sons of the Uidah clan when you're merely in the Meridian Formation Stage."

Kaeara said nothing, but she scorned the first son inwardly. They were from the Uidah clan's universe, they were simply in disguise.

Maybe that was good for Alidor who was using Dyon's face… But, maybe not so good for Dyon.

"Hm. Well, it would be a waste to use what I prepared on you. So, you can go. Feel free to come back with reinforcements."

Alidor couldn't be bothered with fifth son anymore. His hand flashed in a gold that laced through fifth's body. Suddenly, fifth son couldn't see, hear or feel anything. It was as though all of his senses were completely cut off. In the end, he could only pass out – dropping to the ground in a pathetic heap.

Kaeghan's eyes narrowed. 'I received a report that this no name universe had an innate aurora wielder, is this him?'

The truth was that this was information Alidor purposefully leaked while sealing off all information about his own appearances. After all, why would Dyon's universe share information with the Uidah clan? In addition, the only members of the Uidah universe who witnessed Alidor's appearance was the dead Commander Draven and the loyal Bas and Liska. Alidor's identity was safe.

To Alidor, he could kill the first son here and now. But, that wouldn't benefit him as much.

If Kaeghan died, the Uidah clan would sweep it under the rug and maybe send some stronger talents here to deal with Dyon. But, what Alidor needed was the right son to be interested in the tower. A son he could use to break the most taboo of rules… A son he could steal a faith seed from!

"Good." Kaeghan straightened, his large prayer beads rustling on his broad bare chest. "Purging the universe of another innate aurora will be good. Father would be pleased."

A cold light flashed past Alidor's eyes, but, he quickly calmed himself.

If he wanted to kill the first son smoothly, he would just need to make use of the odd energy that he had used on Dyon. However, since he wanted the first son to leave alive, using that energy was out of the question. It would reveal his identity without a doubt. So, if Alidor wanted to make the first son run, he'd have to use other means.

"You know." Kaeghan braced his wrists. "My family is quite used to putting innate aurora users in their place." Cracking his neck, he pulled the thick rope from his waist, slapping it to te ground as it instantly became an eight-foot-long rod.

Kaeara imperceptibly trembled at the first son's words. She turned away, trying to tune it out.

Alidor immediately noticed his younger sister's shift in emotion. Gold flashed in his eyes as a silencing array manifested to hit her ears. Bypassing it, Alidor whispered words of comfort. It was something he did often, but, when it came to these old memories, he would step out of his comfort zone to do so.

Kaeghan noticed this, laughing to himself. And yet, he completely misread the situation. "Worried that I'll kill your big brother? Maybe you should have told him to think about that before he attacked a member of the Uidah family. Do I look like those flat nosed Phantus clan plebs?"

"It's best you open your buddah's eye now, or else you won't see how you lose." Alidor said faintly.

Kaeghan didn't respond. He felt like this was past banter. Disrespecting the Uidah clan shouldn't be tolerated.

But, even as Kaeghan took a step forward, a large defensive array appeared behind Alidor, completely protecting his sister as he stepped forward – disappearing.

Kaeghan's eyes widened. 'Wait? What?'

Bracing his large rod against himself, Kaeghan immediately stopped underestimating Alidor. His hand sped toward his forehead, trying to open his buddah's eye. But, it was too late.

A rift in space opened up before him. Alidor could only sigh to himself, 'I miss my oil paper umbrella…'

"AAGGHH," Kaeghan leaped backward, but his back was immediately shredded to pieces by yet another spatial rift.

"You!" Kaeghan's eyes immediately trained on his hand. Unfortunately… It was no longer attached to himself.

Not only had Kaeghan's back become a bloody mess because of his hasty and useless retreat, he had lost his hand!

"You should be careful. The spatial rifts are quite dense here. We're too close to the tower."

'What is this nonsense. He's disappearing in space, but he isn't using spatial will?' A sudden realization hit Kaeghan, causing his eyes to widen in shock. 'He's using the spatial rifts?! How is that possible?!'

Although Alidor couldn't teleport to Epistemic Tower, within the space around the tower itself, he could manipulate it all he wanted.

"For the sake of my sister's mental health, I'm going to do you a favor and send you on your way now. Unfortunately, as punishment for hurting my sister's feelings, you can consider your brother dead."

"You! How dare you!"

Alidor's face remained dead panned, "You can go now."

Disappearing again, Alidor appeared behind Kaeghan, kicking toward his back.

A flash of gold appeared at Alidor's feet. As soon as his foot connected, Keaghan was coated with an array even Dyon wouldn't know anything about. And yet, it somehow still didn't have the characteristic purple of the master level…

Kaeghan could only break out into a cold sweat as he was sent flying directly into a spatial rift, completely disappearing from sight.

Alidor didn't seem too surprised by the result. All he had done was send the first son into the forest that was about 50km away from here. If he chose to come back, Alidor would already be long gone anyway. After all, the tower he wanted was right behind him.

Turning his gaze toward the seemingly peak-less tower and not even bothering to look toward the fifth son as his implanted arrays ended his life, Alidor undid the arrays on his little sister. "Alright. Time to go."


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