Reaper of the Martial World
244 Fundamentals 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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244 Fundamentals 1

Dyon rushed through the forest, sprinting with a smile on his face. He had asked Lyla to help him stop by Ri and Madeleine's portals and it was safe to say he had little to worry about now.

In terms of the Lotus Alliance, it seemed as though the Gorilla's Den formation had been pierced through a few times, but, the vanguard had managed to hold out long enough for the formation to extend backwards.

Ri's new form had been a surprise to Dyon, but, he liked the idea of his fiancées getting stronger – something that was definitely true when he noticed Madeleine had learned her first intent.

On Madeleine's side of things, they had lasted long enough for reinforcements to come. Dyon didn't recognize the clans that supported Madeleine aside from the Sapientia clan, but it was enough for him to know they were her allies.

Because of the added support, Madeleine had decided to enter the temple – a place Dyon was sure had to be some sort of legacy. And… something was telling him that he could fully trust his Madeleine to benefit greatly.

Dyon grinned, leaping from branch to branch. His bare feet relished in the feeling of the damp wood and soft grass. But, he was constantly on guard. His eyes had not stopped shining gold since he entered this forest…

When he asked for Little Lyla for help in getting here, he had pictured coming to the Epistemic Tower. But, it was clear that Lyla had brought him to the closest portal possible, and yet, it was still this far away. So, the only explanation was that the spatial fluctuations were too fierce to form a portal any closer.

But, Dyon was much too happy to care. He was enjoying the free feeling of the wind flying past his shirtless torso and the comfort his sweat pants were giving him. Sure, his battle changpao was proper for when he was leading. But, right now, he preferred to be himself.

'Mom? Dad? Your son chose pretty well, don't you think?'

Suddenly thinking of something, massive flowers began blooming around Dyon. They were all a dull white color, characteristic of blooming 10% clones.

Soon, tens of Dyon's spread out, each going off to study the spatial rifts the littered the thick forest. 'I don't even want to think about how many spatial rifts I'd have to absorb to form a proper catalyst. But, that doesn't mean I can't use this to comprehend a new path for my spatial will…'

As of now, Dyon had comprehended two uses for his spatial will. The first was heavily connected to his celestial movement technique, and the second had to do with his gravity will – something he could only use when he combined his space and time will.

But, these spatial rifts were very different, and watching Ri fight had given him some inspiration. It was about time he learned an attack path for his spatial will.

Dyon could only laugh to himself when he thought of Ri. How Ri had learned spatial will when she hadn't known it before? The only explanation had to connect to her faith seed. It seemed his little feu glace had access to some interesting abilities. Especially since it didn't seem limited to just spatial will…

A serious expression flashed on Dyon's features as he became aware that the spatial distortions were becoming thicker and more frequent. 'I guess we're getting close.'


Away from Dyon, Alidor, Kaeara and a group of about ten other Basilisk warriors were slowly. making there way toward the Epistermic Tower.

They had been forced to leave the scaled elephant in the forest, so, Alidor was carrying his sister on his back as he carefully swerved through what essentially amounted to an endless field of mines. Except these mines were among the most dangerous things in universe.

Yet, Kaeara had full confidence in her brother, even to the point where she was occasionally hum tunes and ask silly questions.

"Big brother, why'd you make me read all of those books if even you don't listen to them?"

Alidor raised an eyebrow but continued calculating each of his movements. If it was just his life, he'd probably be moving much faster. But, he calculated the same problem and checked it over probably hundreds of times before making a move now. He wasn't willing to put his little sister at any risk.

It was also possible for him to use energy to stave off the spatial fluctuations like the first son had, but he wanted to maintain his peak stamina… A battle he couldn't afford to lose was coming up.

Kaeara pouted. "All of the books say to take Epistemic Tower last. If you had, none of these spatial fluctuations would even be here. So why are we going now?"

Alidor sighed. "The fact its easier to take the Epistemic Tower at the end is the reason we're not doing it."

"That's not an answer!" Kaeara whined, licking the back of Alidor's ear in defiance.

"This is a game."

"Ugh, that's not an answer either!"

"It's because of this that we were able to bring the Scaled Elephants across to the Earth Tower side without losing them to weather or the other sporadic changes of the gate."

"I'm ignoring you. I don't like you. Hmph." Kaeara turned away, resting her cheek on Alidor's back instead of resting her chin on his shoulder.

Alidor didn't respond. He didn't like explaining things anyway. His mind worked much too quickly to slow down. It was something his sister complained a lot about, but he couldn't help it. Plus, he was too focused on making sure they didn't die now, because if who he was leaving a trail of crumbs for actually showed up, he needed to be at full strength. 'This is step one.'


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