Reaper of the Martial World
242 Abyssal Core 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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242 Abyssal Core 2

'Can I really use this as a catalyst? Won't I implode trying to absorb this?'

The truth was that when Dyon used his master and her husband's blood essence as a catalyst for the Florence family singularity technique, he had nearly died. The worst part was, he had almost died more than once.

Imagine taking the essence blood of creatures that were dao formation experts at their peak, and manipulating them into manifestations for yourself. Something like that wasn't easy. And yet, this death core was even worse than that!

'Wait… core?'

Suddenly, Dyon thought of something. 'Abyssal Core?' If Ri had been here, she would have definitely rolled her eyes. How ridiculous was this logic? Using a name you made up to figure something out? Maybe only Dyon would risk something like this based on such flimsy logic.

And yet, the more Dyon thought about it, the more his eyes shone.

'Maybe it's impossible to absorb it all with just one technique… But, what if I use two?...'

Dyon knew this idea was stupid. Regardless of how many techniques he split it into, it was still himself that had to execute them. Even if he used a clone, the pain would be the same. But, that was the thing… The pain would be the same, but the death would be escaped!

Anyone who was in Dyon's mind would feel as though they were running around in a maze. In that instant, Dyon's deductions jumped around exactly like you'd expect from some with an innate aurora. Maybe even more-so considering Dyon's innate aurora was perfect.

Essentially, the idea of cores reminded Dyon that he didn't only have a single absorption and integration type technique. He had the Florence family technique to form a humanoid manifestation, but, at the same time, he had his Weapon's Hall abyssal cores.

But that was where things got odd. Sure, Dyon could absorb the abyssal cores of weapons, but there was clearly no weapon here. There was only death. But, wasn't there a weapon that existed to be the perfect amalgamation of death? What could be better to absorb this death core than a reaper's scythe?

Unfortunately, the wild ideas didn't stop… Dyon planned to experience death again and again and again… Until he fully absorbed the core. 10% clones couldn't cultivate or train soul techniques, but, being canon fodder for refining catalysts? They were perfect.

Maybe the wildest part, though, was that Dyon planned to do this for the space and time cores as well. However, he was fully aware that absorbing the death core would be much easier. Why? Because the death core was only meant to affect the area around Lotus Tower, it was meant to be a small part of the ancient game. That was why Dyon could even attempt this. But, the space and time cores connected every gate in existence, that used to exist, or would exist… It wasn't something Dyon would even want Little Lyla getting close to.

Therefore, although he had already decided to one day find those cores, today wasn't the day. Right now, he'd focus on integrating the epitome of death within himself.

Soon, he'd need to be a reaper. There were too many people who thought he was an easy target, that he was easy to deal with, that his friends and family were toys for their pleasure… As they say, 'you reap what you sow.'

Dyon smirked, 'I'll just help you with the reaping bit.'


In Madeleine's gate, the situation had completely flipped from earlier. Not only had Dyon's energy fruits given her a great boost, his words had relieved her heart of all burdens, giving her celestial will an unprecedented leap. The pure feeling that filled her being caused a smile as radiant as the stars in the sky to spread across her face. She had manifested her first intent!

Her power was simply on a whole other level. It was as though a goddess had stepped onto the battle field.

It wasn't that the armies the Sapientia family faced didn't have essence gathering experts, it was just that the idea of someone comprehending an intent at the first essence gathering level was absolutely ridiculous.

An intent was the next level wills reached. But, the reason many didn't learn it so early was because an intent was what you needed in order to grasp saint energy. Normally, many who became saints might not even grasp an intent until they reached the peak of the essence gathering stage!

The most shocking part about intents were that they weren't just a power boost, they were a complete qualitative change. Madeleine's celestial will became like pillars of light smiting down enemies from the sky, completely erasing their attacks. And when Madeleine combined her intent with her music? The Sapientia army became nearly untouchable.

Many of the King God Clan shivered. Some even assumed someone had broken the rules of the gate and allowed a saint to enter. What other explanation could there be!?

But, Madeleine continued to play her lyre, her attacks focused and filled with purpose. Many who died by her hand couldn't even bring themselves to be angry. If such a beautiful goddess smites you, did you really deserve to live in the first place? Maybe she was right in wanting your death.

That said, the numbers disparity between the Sapientia and the opposing universe were simply too large. Although Madeleine had forced them to sustain major losses and had plenty of fruits to replenish herself, maybe there was another way…

Madeleine turned her gaze to the temple at her back. 'Maybe if we enter, there'll be another exit? The gates are odd, it's quite possible the temple is spatially connected to another place. Maybe this isn't even the only place this temple appeared?'

The temple itself was imposing. It had hundreds of massive pillars holding it up, but, what had to be the most striking was its color. A striking violet.


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