Reaper of the Martial World
239 Decision 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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239 Decision 5

On another side of the forest, another group was making their way through. And, their atmosphere was much less adorable…

A young man with bronze skin sat with massive buddha prayer beads hanging around his neck. He wore loose and baggy pants with twisted rope a foot thick wrapped around his waist and ending as a bow to his back. Dyon would have recognized these as the ceremonial ropes of sumo wrestlers in the human world, known as shimenawa.

A faint dark gold energy emanated off of him as he was carried on a throne by four bald monks. And yet, despite monk-like attire, the young man had a long head of golden hair.

Every so often on their journey, one of the throne bearers would fall victim to a fluctuation in space, having them instantly be replaced by another among the hundreds trekking through the dense forest. Yet, the changes in space seemed to have absolutely no effect on the young man as he continued to sit completely oblivious to the deaths of his men.

"First Son, we'll be reaching the Epistemic Tower soon."

The first son silently nodded.

Over the past few months, a lot of odd occurrences had been happening at this gate. Usually, he didn't even bother attacking this weak universe.

As a King God Clan lead universe, they had many more universes to deal with than just this one. And those universes had much more glory involved in their conquering. So, why would he as a first son, come here to play? This universe was something best left to their inferior clans and sects.

But, that didn't mean he didn't pay attention to the happenings of this universe. The odd movements of the Basilisks and Phantus were especially eye-catching. In fact, it had become so obvious recently that the first son was almost sure that someone was leading him here on purpose.

'Ha. You want to play games with me? Do you qualify?'

The Uidah family was truly a special one. They had rules over their universe for millennia and weren't far from becoming an Emperor God Clan. Because of this, the first son decided to play this little game. After all, if this ended in their family winning this gate, wouldn't they be able to invade the last universe they need to reach an all new level?

The scale of such a clan wasn't something Dyon could imagine as of now. Where as the Royal God Clan of Earth had their most powerful experts peak at the third to fourth level of the celestial, a King God Clan so close to becoming an Emperor God Clan without a doubt had a lower dao formation expert! They were simply incomparable!

Because of the way gates were designed, especially with their cultivation caps, the sons of the Uidah King God Clan were ranked based on their cultivation. Beginning with the meridian formation stage, five sons were chosen. The first son here today, was the first son of the meridian formation stage – Kaeghan Uidah.

The simple fact was a ranked son of the essence gathering level would never waste their time on such a shit universe. In Kaeghan's view, even a peak essence gathering expert from this place was no match for him.

"I hear this universe has a few faith seeds?" Kaeghan asked absentmindedly.

"Ai, first son. It's quite shocking, they have three that we're aware of."

Kaeghan looked up and into the distance although the thick green canopy was too dense to see through. "Why?"

This was truly confusing to Kaeghan. Even within the Uidah family, there were only two faith seeds currently since the others had yet to be reincarnated into their chosen geniuses. In fact, Kaeghan wasn't one of them. Only the Essence Gathering and Saint first sons had faith seeds, much to his irritation. The idea of such a weak universe having three, even to the point of them being concentrated on the same planet, was grating of Kaeghan's nerves. So, his first thought was to steal them.

But, he wasn't stupid. A family capable of fostering a faith seed to be passed on was definitely not one the Uidah family could take lightly. It was likely that the families had sent branch families to this universe for one reason or another, and it just so happened that the offspring of the branch families manifested their faith seeds. This meant that although the Uidah family could hinder those branch family members from making their way back to their main clans, stealing the faith seeds would lead to a concerted effort for war… Much more focused and poignant than normal campaigns.

If such a high-ranking clan, or clans, decided to focus all of their best talents on the Uidah gates instead of spreading them out as they usually did… It would be trouble.

"From my understanding, they are from branches of two Emperor God Clans…"

Kaeghan's head snapped toward his subordinate. In reality, it was the fifth son of the meridian formation stage, but he was little else than an ant in front of Kaeghan. "From our quadrant?..."

The fifth son nodded solemnly, a faint golden energy emanating off of him as well. "According to second daughter's information, we should be careful. They are the faith seeds of the Ragnor and Pakal clans…"

Kaeghan nodded solemnly. Because there were ten thousand remaining universes, they were split into quadrants which were made of a hundred universes each. In this quadrant, aside from the obvious Sapientia clans and the Uidah family, the other powerhouses were the Ragnor and Pakal Emperor God Clans…


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