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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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230 Spar 3

Dyon's eyes flashed with red as he watched Ri's small fist rage toward him. And yet, from the outside, it looked very different. It was as though Dyon's eyes became to bottomless pits of endless black.

Dyon sent the back of his palm toward Ri's approaching fist, letting it flow by him as he sent his elbow toward her. He wasn't thinking about who Ri was to him right now, all he saw was an enemy.

Ri smiled to herself, impressed with Dyon's reaction, but, her tails weren't sitting idly. Two immediately collided with Dyon's incoming elbow, sending him flying backwards.

Wings burst from Dyon's back as he stabilized himself in the air, 'Her tails have almost the same effect as Celestial will… They purify attacks?'

Dyon had coated his fist with wind will, but it seemed like it was completely thwarted by Ri's tails, 'Maybe this is why my demonic will never worked on her…'

"I'm not going to let you just hover in the air." Ri's smile was just as sweet, but there was something sinister in her voice.

'Oh, come on…'

Ri's tails began violently whipping in the air sending blades of wind and shards of ice toward Dyon in and never-ending rain.

Dyon swerved in the air, narrowly dodging many of them and seeing through opening in Ri's attacks using the asura imperial eye. 'I have to get closer. Ri still doesn't have full grasp of her kitsune abilities, I'll probably have to take advantage of that.'

Massive flowers began blooming around Dyon. Some of them were immediately destroyed by Ri's onslaught, forcing Dyon to wince in pain as he felt the deaths of each one of the 10% clones.

'Alright Ri, let's play.'

Dyon's hands slammed together, dozens of golden arrays manifesting in the air to protect the blooming flowers.

Dyon dove downwards, rushing toward Ri to prevent her from killing off any more of his clones. "You're quite beautiful when you fight." Dyon said with a wide grin on his face.

Ri froze for a second, getting lost in Dyon's eyes. It was as though the black holes were pulling her in. "Y-you! Cheater!"

Dyon grinned. "All's fair in love and war, no?" Dyon immediately took advantage of Ri getting lost in his soul attack, he didn't want to use the full brunt of it, so, he had no choice but to make her slip up.

Dyon disappeared, his celestial movement technique leaving spatial ripples in the air as he appeared before Ri.

"Hmph." Ri wasn't resigned to her fate. In fact, she had yet to use her energy cultivation.

A barrier of essence energy coated RI's palms as she struck out toward Dyon's chest.

'Celestial will won't work against that,' Dyon quickly deduced, instead opting to use his demonic will to strengthen his body further.


Ri's palm slammed against Dyon's chest with a satisfying thud, sending him flying away. 'Wait, what?' Ri looked confused before her eyes widened, 'That wasn't his chest!'

Shimmers of a broken array twinkled in the air as Dyon flipped in the air, stunting Ri's blow.

"Ugh," Ri stumbled, feeling a slight drain on her soul stamina, 'Devour…' She instantly connected her fatigue to Dyon's technique.

Taking advantage of Ri's soul cultivation weakness, Dyon was able to sneak in a devour attack. It wouldn't effect her too much because he wasn't willing to hurt her, but, the small distraction was all he needed.

Dyon's feet flashed forward as a smile creeped up on his face.

"You're getting too cocky." Ri's eyes narrowed into slits, a golden hue coating her tail as her manifestations appeared behind her.

Dyon's fist raged toward Ri, coated in sword and wind will.

'I'll just stop him with my tails aga –" Ri froze. 'hmm?'

Dyon smiled, "Can't seem to move your tails, hmm?"

A tempest of wind stormed toward Ri's face as Dyon grinned, "I guess I win this round, little feu glace."


Dyon fist stopped inches from Ri's face.

Ri stared at Dyon's hand, her hair blowing back viciously before the wind finally settled down. She could only sigh, "Just go ahead and tell me how you did it."

"Simple really, you forgot about my clones. The defensive arrays I drew were only distractions from the concealment arrays I also drew. I didn't want you to be alert to it, so I hid it.

Then they just snuck up behind you and held your tails just as I attacked. They're not strong enough to hold your tails for long, but, just a small delay is all I needed.

As an added buffer, to ensure you were distracted, I used devour on you." Dyon lowered his fist, standing before Ri proudly.

Ri grinned, making Dyon quite uncomfortable, "Well, handsome genius boy, don't you know how to count past nine?"

"Count past nine?" Dyon's eyes widened with a sudden realization, looking up he found Ri's tenth tail hovering above him, "That's just not fair…"

Ri smiled, "My sixth sense picked something up at the last minute so I tried to dodge it. Because you timed it so well, only one of my tails escaped. So, I pretended to be caught so you wouldn't notice. This is a draw, don't you think?"

Dyon sighed, "Draw it is…" Dyon relaxed as he finally undid his demon emperor's will transformation and asura imperial eyes.

"Aww, don't look so sad. We can battle another way, I'll even let you win." Ri blinked her eyes innocently.

Dyon grinned at Ri's words, suddenly making her feel like she fell into a trap, 'You weren't sad at all, you pervert.'

"Ah!" Dyon swept Ri off her feet, holding her legs to either side of his torso as his hands relished in the feeling of her ass.

Ri smiled lowering her lips to Dyon's, cupping his face.

Everything was perfect in that moment. Despite their fatigue from the days of endless training, they still felt like for that instant, it was just the two of them. No worries, no tomorrow to think of, and no wars to fight in.

Well… That was until the spatial world started shaking violently…


Well, there's the end of that training arc… Looks like either Alidor made a move or the gates are wildin out… or…. Maybe both? 😊 I have something pretty cool planned for tomorrow's chapters. Stay tuned!

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