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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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In typical fashion, the Florence family technique was slightly different as well. In fact, it melded aspects of the Mathilde and Acacia family techniques.

For example, the strength of the clone's body was directly correlated to Dyon's body and limited as such. Therefore, Dyon's 75% clone was only worth about 75% of the strength of a peak meridian formation body. This meant it was only about as strong, body wise, as an upper mid meridian formation expert.

However, the humanoid manifestation Dyon created using his master's essence as a catalyst, were just as powerful as his soul. In fact, they had room to grow along side his soul until he reached the strength of his master. Therefore, he wouldn't have to find a replacement catalyst for his celestial and demonic will until he surpassed his master and her husband. This was perfect!

As a result of this, over the just over a week Dyon spent cultivating diligently, he had had vast improvements in his wills as well.

His Celestial Will, although he still needed to work on control, had finally broken through the 6th layer barrier and enter the 8th level. His demonic will had entered the 9th level, likely because the demon sage essence was also supplementing its progress along side the demon qilin manifestation. And yet, despite the increase of those two, Dyon was likely the happiest about this increase in his crystal will to the 8th level. This would allow him to be more attuned to changes in the gates… it could quite literally be the difference between life and death.

'If I could find a catalyst for my space and time wills… That would be for the best. It's my last weakness as of now.'

Dyon jumped off the bed silently, looking at his clone's back, 'I'll leave 0.1% of the demon sage's blood in you for you to integrate slowly for me.' Since there was no point in the clone trying to continue cultivating the Mathilde family technique with no one to kill, Dyon thought of giving him another task.

After grunting through pulling the blood out of himself, Dyon snuck up to the meditating Ri.

"Don't even think about it, pervert." Ri kept her eyes closed, trying to hide the smile creeping up on her lips.

"I can't ask my little feu glace to spar with me?" Dyon asked deviously, lightly kissing Ri's lips.

"Mm." Ri savored Dyon's touch for a bit before opening her eyes. "You're giving me free reign to beat you up?"

Dyon shivered, not liking the light in Ri's eyes. "Beat me up? How could I let my woman beat me? Do you have any idea how many of my friends from the mortal realm would laugh at me for something like that?"

Ri pouted, "I didn't know I was going to marry such a misogynist. Maybe when I meet these friends of yours I should beat some sense into them after I do you first."

Dyon blinked, "Do me?"

"You're hopeless." Ri jumped up eagerly, grabbing Dyon's arm and dragging him out of the tent.


"You're much too happy about this." Dyon looked around. They stood in a field quite a distance away from the tents. It was fairly late at night now and a moon hung in the sky of the spatial world. Dyon didn't really know how that worked, but, he assumed that the spatial world was literally exactly that: another world. It just happened to be held in another space.

Ri grinned, "I began energy cultivating after you awakened my faith seed. But, because you passed out before you could tell me about celestial will, I had to practically restart from the beginning of meridian formation stage. So, you're lucky. I'll only beat you up a little bit."

Dyon cringed when he realized how right Ri was. She had probably realized her meridians matured with the awakening of her god constitution and faith seed, but her meridians were still quite impure without celestial will. If Dyon hadn't passed out before he could pass on celestial will to her, she wouldn't have had to start tempering her meridians again from the beginning.

"Because I'm nice," Ri said with a sweet smile, "Only hand to hand combat. If I use my sword, I'm afraid you'll lose something I quite like."

"Eh – " Dyon didn't know whether to laugh or cry, he could only look down between his legs to find something he quite liked too.

'Oh God, what did I get myself into.' Dyon wasn't even really all that familiar with hand to hand combat in the martial world, he only had some self-defence training from the human world. However, those techniques were tailored toward fighting against an opponent that was more powerful… Little did Dyon know he'd have to use it against a girl, let alone his own fiancée who was at least a head and half shorter than him.

Amidst Dyon's thoughts, Ri's faith seed bloomed, her blue-silver tails ripping out and into the world through the spatial transference array Dyon had equipped to the back of her sweat pants.

Dyon smiled, crouching into a ready stance. His shirtless torso flexed, his muscles twitching, knowing fully well he had to be on his A-game. Dyon was well aware that he couldn't have beaten Bas as easily as Ri did. So, if he trained with Ri like this, it would only prove to make him better.

"First act, First stage demon emperor's will: perfection." Dyon's body reddened, the wiggling of his muscles becoming more pronounced. 'Time to see how effective the Mathilde family manifestation is.'

"Let's go, little feu glace."

Ri smiled with her adorable canines, not needing any more words before she lunged toward Dyon, full tilt.


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