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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Ri watched silently as two Dyon's sat face to face. One was completely emotionless while the other grit his teeth and clenched his jaw in clear pain.

'You idiot…' Ri wanted to practice the Acacia family singularity technique, but she kept looking up to see how Dyon was doing.

The truth was that the Florence family cloning technique wasn't as great as it was made out to be.

At the onset, a large flower bloomed into existence, reminiscent of the family's namesake. After a certain period of time corresponding to the quality of the clone, a time which amounted to about ten minutes for the 75% clone, and next to no time at all for a 10% one, a naked clone would appear.

However, the problem stemmed from the fact that everything the clone experienced, would be weighed unto you as well. Which meant, the pain of the singularity technique was something Dyon was feeling two-fold right now.

There was the grating and cold killing intent of the Mathilde family technique all combined with the corrosion effects of the Tree of Life and Death.

Ri wanted to say something, anything, to stop him. But, she knew it would be useless. Whether Dyon verbally agreed to letting her carry half the burden or not, his actions spoke to something different.

'No. I can't think like that.' Ri shook her head vigorously. Dyon was working hard so that he could live up to promises he made to himself, her and Madeleine. So, if Ri wanted to carry half of Dyon's burden, that meant she had to work hard enough to do so.

With that last thought, Ri steeled her emotions, looking down toward the Acacia family technique.

Cultivation was complicated… Although the singularity techniques were technically classified as body cultivation methods at the peak of the divine level, they manifested themselves as soul technique in the end. This meant that after suffering through the body cultivation portion of the technique, one had to rely on their soul talent to utilize the technique.

This was exactly the reason why Dyon was so excited about the Acacia family technique and the increase it would have on his energy cultivation talent. He didn't need to worry about whether he was talented enough or not, because he knew his soul cultivation talent was unmatched. And, because his soul cultivation talent was so great, it would boost the effectiveness of the Acacia family manifestation, thus comparatively increasing his energy cultivation talent.

However, Ri's talent didn't lie in soul cultivation. As half a beast, much of her prowess laid in the power of her body and her ability to quickly learn wills. This meant that although she could withstand the body cultivation portions of the techniques much better than Dyon could, she would still struggle with manifesting the technique in a soul form.

Only someone with an innate soul as powerful as Dyon's could even think about using all three techniques at once… To sustain a clone, the Tree of Life and Death, and the Asura's Imperial Eye at the same time would put such a strain on your soul that it would kill any normal person. This was why although Ri was worried about Dyon practicing all three techniques, she allowed it because she knew he was taking a calculated risk.

Thinking back to how much strain Dyon's own manifestations put on his body the first time he learned to use them, anyone would think Dyon was insane to even attempt this. However, something was telling Ri that the very fact Dyon survived his own manifestations, was the very reason these ancient singularity techniques might be well within his talent to master. After all, how could a humanoid manifestation so domineering and a weapon's hall literally able to manifest any weapon be simple? It might really be the case that manifesting these ancient manifestations would be easier on Dyon's soul.

'I guess my future husband is pretty amazing?' Ri smiled bitterly as she watched Dyon's handsome face twist in pain. 'Alright. Let's do this.'


Many days later, Dyon's facial features had finally calmed from their initial pain. In fact, they had also become decidedly more handsome under the tempering his body underwent with Elvin bloodlines.

Because of the nature of the techniques, their body cultivation portions were split into tiers based on what one's soul could handle. Essentially, you should only practice the body cultivation portions up to the point the manifestation would be within the realms of your soul to handle, while also keeping it within the realms of what your body could handle.

Therefore, although Dyon's soul could sustain an essence gathering level manifestation, because his body was only at the peak of the meridian formation stage, he could only cultivate up until that point.

However, that didn't mean that the techniques themselves would only be effective against those of that level. After all, they could be combined and stacked. In addition, because Dyon's soul was so much more powerful than the manifestations, he could use them nearly without bounds.

For example, the Tree of Life and Death, because it was stifled at the peak of the meridian formation stage, could normally only kill and take the power of those at that level. But, since Dyon's soul strength was way above that, he could use it more efficiently and freely. Imagine Dyon's soul like a cup and the manifestation like the water within it. Then think of the act of drinking the water as the action Dyon would like to take with the manifestation. Isn't it much easier to drink from a cup that partially filled as opposed to one filled to the brim?

So, instead of being able to take maybe one life at a time, Dyon could take tens if not hundreds of lives at once – as long as they were within the meridian formation stage that is.

The Mathilde family technique was different though. Because it opened up a new path of cultivation, essentially meaning more killing meant it became more powerful, it wasn't barred off by Dyon's body cultivation limits. Its technique was more reminiscent of awakening an aurora. In fact, because it was an eye as well, the methods were quite eerily similar.

When awakening an aurora, you would only need to make an initial connection to begin. Afterwards, you would then pile resources into it to awaken it more. The Mathilde manifestation was very much like this. You initially body cultivated to manifest the eye, but then it was sustained by the soul and the murder path.

This meant that the Mathilde family technique could become one of Dyon's best abilities immediately.


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