Reaper of the Martial World
226 Elvin Tomes 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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226 Elvin Tomes 2

That being said… Dyon still wasn't convinced that the Mathilde Manifestation was the one he should begin with. Because, believe it or not, the other two lost out in no way.

The next tome Dyon read was the Florence family singularity technique. At first, he had thought its abilities were relatively straight forward. But, the more he thought about it, the more he shivered at the possible applications.

The technique itself was simple: cloning. However, this cloning was far beyond what a normal clone would entail. This technique allowed you to create doubles of yourself with, according to Dyon's opinion, negligible handicaps.

The beginning stages of the technique were fairly tame. You had the ability to create a clone that matched up to 75% of yourself once every other day. This clone lasted a week. You could create two clones that were the equivalent of 50% of yourself a day, and these clones lasted two weeks. The last caveat was that you could create near limitless number of clones that were the equivalent of 10% of yourself. Just like the first two clone types, this was also capped by your soul power, but, because you could make hundreds at Dyon's soul strength, he didn't bother calculating the actual number.

It was clear from this alone, that the amount of soul strength needed to create clones that matched up to a larger and larger percentages of yourself, required exponentially increasing amounts of soul strength.

'It seems that this technique also allows you to supplement it went outside sources… That way, you can increase the time the clone is sustained for.'

However, that was easier said than done. The technique itself was already heaven defying. To then find spiritual items able to improve it was a tall task. But… the thought of making the perfect clone was really tempting to Dyon.

That aside, although the idea behind the manifestation was simple, the things Dyon read about how the Florence family used it opened his eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.

Ri had once said that she had never seen humanoid manifestations before, but that was because the only ones ever to exist were destroyed with the disappearance of the Florence family. This was because creating clones was only one aspect of the Florence family singularity technique. The main ability of the technique was to create multiple humanoid manifestations!

By cultivating multiple manifestation, each tailored to a different will, the Florence family was able to boost their affinity in learning different wills. Because of this, the technique was split into hundreds of variations, each meant to cultivate another aspect or quirk of a will. For example, the Florence family sword will manifestation, although Dyon didn't need it, essentially gave the same boosts to them that Dyon's Weapon's Hall gave him! The only limit to the Florence family was the talent of the wielders of the technique. Theoretically, you could master hundreds of manifestations over time and gain an affinity for every will in existence!

The only other thing that limited the Florence family was finding proper catalysts. Something that could range from killing an expert with the matching affinity, to stumbling upon an abyssal core, to absorbing blood essences to fuel the technique.

Dyon couldn't help but laugh to himself, 'How ridiculous is this… This isn't even the most heaven defying aspect of the technique…'

In the Florence family history, it wasn't unprecedented for their strongest elders to master tens of variations on their technique, in the end becoming masters of that many wills. However, this was hardly what made the Florence family the most impressive. They quite literally had the ability to speed up their cultivation exponentially simply by using their clones!

When one created clones of 75% or 50% or even 10%, they were able to be used for fighting, learning, or cultivating.

Clones at the 10% level didn't have the ability cultivate because they didn't retain enough talent to do so. However, clones of 50% and 75%, were very much able to do so.

Clones of the 75% level were the quickest in terms of cultivation, far outstripping those of the 50% level. As a result, they were the most efficient in terms of improving one's cultivation. After a week, the clone would be reabsorbed, and their experience would become yours. But, the most poignant point was that your cultivation would increase by the amount theirs did!

As for 50% clones, their use, according to Dyon's calculations, most efficiently lay in learning techniques and gaining experience in manipulating wills.

The only handicap, aside from the speed reduction in learning and cultivating of the clones, was the fact that what they could do, whether that be in cultivating or learning techniques, could not be related to the soul. Meaning, you couldn't use the clones to cultivate a soul type technique or cultivate your soul in general.

To Dyon, this made sense. After all, melding together improvements into your body or energy was easy. However, the soul was a much more delicate construct. In addition, the technique itself was being sustained by soul type cultivation. Therefore, it didn't make sense if you could power it with your soul while also powering up your soul.

The best part was that none of what Dyon had thought of even considered the applications the Florence Singularity technique would have in battle. Imagine having another, maybe even another two or three, minds connected perfectly with yourself in battle. The coordination would be immaculate. And what if you combined that with the Asura Imperial Eye? Staring down your opponent from multiple angles? What could possibly escape your attention in such a situation.

In addition, although you would experience the death of your clone as though you had died, you wouldn't feel the pain. As long as you could leap over the mental hurdle of the feeling of death, your clone could be the perfect exploration equipment. Which was most likely the perfect use for a 10% clone.

In the end, the technique was ultimately broken down into two portions. The first was the manifestation. The ability to create humanoid manifestations with specified affinities that then boosted the user's ability to use said wills.

The second, was the cloning ability. To essentially create clones that could speed up your body and energy cultivation, fight along side you, and learn techniques along side you as well!

However, what surprised Dyon even more, was that even with how amazing these two singularity techniques were… in the end, he knew he could still end up choosing the Acacia Family Singularity Technique.


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