Reaper of the Martial World
220 What I Learned 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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220 What I Learned 2

Silence reigned the room…

Many here recognized Bas and Liska. In fact, this wasn't by any means their first encounter with them. Their level of array alchemy was so out of the realm of their understanding that many here had just assumed they were born with innate auroras. Weren't they?

This assumption seemed to be backed up as well. For example, Bas' aurora blazed red while Liska was a pale shade of blue. Didn't that deviate from the white a regular aurora should have?

However, if they had seen Ri's aurora turn blue, would they really think this? Ri's aurora hadn't even been at 100% when it changed color, it had only just passed the 30% threshold.

At first, Dyon hadn't known what this meant. He could guess that it was connected to Ri's special soul, but there was no other information he had on it. In fact, even his master's memories had nothing, which is what made him think that it was a secret related to the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect.

But, when he saw Bas' red array, something suddenly clicked in his mind. Bas was a beast! Ri was part beast! It all made sense.

Ri's aurora likely started off as white because she was part Elvin. After all, Grand Elders Cormyth and Kroak, despite being Elvin, both had white auroras despite being past the 40% mark.

However, Bas and Liska likely had their own unique aurora colors from the very beginning. After all, they had no other bloodlines mixing in with their souls.

That being said, this wasn't the most important part. The fact those memories weren't in Dyon's master's memories meant yet another thing. The destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect involved beasts… and it without a doubt involved beasts who used their auroras to do something very important. Something so important that the 25th White Mother left it as a clue for Dyon.

"If they aren't innate aurora wielders, then what are they?" Evelyn spoke up, clearly not in the mood to side with anything these two had to say.

Ri turned sharp eyes toward her, "What a stupid question. If they aren't innate aurora wielders, they're simply formation experts."

Evelyn scrunched her eyebrows in anger, "Do you think I need a cheap Elvin princess who relies on humans talking down to me?"

Ri laughed, "I see. Cheap, hmm? You must have had many grand battles against Bas and Liska since you know them so well, right? Why don't you regale us with the tale of how the mighty Niveus first in line genius did something other than steal from her innocent junior sisters."

Evelyn's jaw clenched shut. Whether Ri decided to bring up Delia or not, she still would have lost the exchange. When had she ever done anything like fight Bas one on one? In fact, even if she had, would she have been on the verge of winning like Ri?

Elwing stepped up to mediate the situation. "Have some respect Evelyn. I think it's quite clear she's earned a seat amongst us."

Dyon was a bit surprised by Elwing's shift in demeanor. He didn't buy it, not one bit. He was planning something, or at the very least trying to get them to lower their guard. But, Dyon still very much remembered his antagonistic words and his threatening Little Black – or Zaire now, Dyon supposed.

But, in response, Evelyn could only grit her teeth in silence.

Ri didn't seem phased by Elwing's words, it was as though she was quite used to the two-faced nature of nobles. That probably came with years of building up her alliance and whatever time she spent being shunned by the Elvin major families.

"But." Ri continued. "The young man with the oil-paper umbrella… Is very much the real deal."

Dyon nodded. There was a reason why he could draw arrays so quickly and conceal himself so well from Dyon. His array mastery wasn't too far off from Dyon's, even with Dyon's human world experience. Although, that was also as a result of age and time spent studying. After all, of Dyon's year and three quarters in the martial world, he spent eleven months completely incapacitated.

This young man probably began learning formations as soon as his innate aurora was discovered. Without having to spend time awakening it, he could have begun as early as five years old should he have been so inclined. With him being about twenty-five now, the age of some of the older campaign heads like Voron, Vidar and Akash, his time spent studying was not to be questioned.

"Essentially," Dyon picked up where Ri left off, "Their whole act was a sham. A quite ridiculous one at that, honestly."

Dyon thought for a moment before proceeding, "From the beginning, everything felt off. They seemed overly confident for being two people with no cultivation among a crowd of hundreds of thousands. They spoke about nonsensical things. Bas even sniffed the air with his nose, it was a very poor showing honestly."

Confusion colored the faces of many. What did sniffing the air with his nose have to do with anything?

Dyon shook his head, "If you all knew more about beasts, a lot of your problems would have already been solved," Dyon said offhandedly thinking back to the scaled elephants, "Bas and Liska are Basilisks, essentially the king of serpents. Snakes have nostrils, but their most sensitive smelling is done with their tongues. It doesn't make sense for a Basilisk to use their nose to pick up something important, he was either putting on a meaningless act, or sending a signal."

Airic's eyes glowed while looking at Dyon… His thoughts toward Dyon were steadily speeding toward infatuation. 'This man is exactly what a Sapientia should be…'

"This Bas even said nonsense about him knowing that my javelin was meant to complete a purification type array and that the only reason he didn't tell Commander Draven about it was because he deserved death.

Although he was correct about the purification type array," Dyon said, thinking back to the time he had used the exact same array on the demon generals to try and wake them up, "It was only a guess. And it was a guess he only made after flying over the battle field and feeling my residual celestial will."

"Then, what did they do all of this for?" Asked Voron. Voron was actually the more reserved of himself and his brother. However, that didn't mean his battle spirit didn't blaze like a Cavositas' should watching Dyon's battle.

"All of it was an act centered around one thing: Killing Commander Draven and his men… Because they held secret they didn't want any of us to know."


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