Reaper of the Martial World
219 What I Learned 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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219 What I Learned 1

Ri's lay under Dyon in shock as her transformation slowly disappeared.

"Dyon? Dyon!" Ri pushed herself up, rolling Dyon off of her back.

She wanted to chase after the young man to get him back for what he did to Dyon, but a sudden coughing snapped her out of her thoughts.

Ri looked down to find a wincing Dyon, "You idiot! I should knock you out again!"

Dyon chuckled. He could clearly see that despite her words, her hands were trembling as she held onto him.

"Help me circulate some celestial will… He left some odd energy in me and its effecting my control."

Ri nodded, immediately grabbing onto Dyon's hand and trying to circulate her celestial will. Because of her affinity for purity given by her faith seed and god constitution, she had already reached the 3rd level, enough for Dyon to get a grip on himself and take over.

However, even has the energy was slowly purified, Dyon's frown became deeper and deeper. He felt his organs slicing apart.

The energy was heavy and permeating, it was as though it had a will of its own, 'Just what is this…'

The crowd of campaign armies watched this scene speaking amongst themselves.

Akash was completely disgusted with herself. She was supposed to be the campaign head of the elves and yet Dyon had done all the work so far, and all she had done was lose a prisoner. In fact, she hadn't even realized what was going on, or even why Dyon was running toward Ri until he was suddenly heavily injured and Commander Draven was no longer breathing.

How could non-innate aurora wielders, especially when matched up against someone with a higher cultivation than them who also happens to wield an innate aurora, possibly detect them? Even those with cultivations higher or comparable to the young man weren't focusing on finding a hiding entity. After all, they were only aware of the opposing universe having two innate aurora wielders… They had never seen that young man before!

Delia and Ava had been near the edge of the army, tending to the wounded foot soldiers, but with Dyon's injury, they immediately sprinted to his aid.

Dyon sat up slowly as the last of the energy was purified. Although he was worried it taking so long, he had prepared exactly for this instance. He was getting quite tired of taking months of time to recuperate, so, he had used his pill condensation technique to combine grandmaster level healing pills into their original potent form. And luckily, since healing pills were more ubiquitous than constitution awakening pills, he had formed many more than just three.

Dyon's hand flashed with a pill he immediately swallowed, circulating it slowly.

The campaign heads felt they had no reason to stay, whether Dyon survived or not wasn't something they cared about, but, a sudden voice stopped them.

"It's best you all stay and listen to me carefully. Well, that's if you want our planet to survive. Because if I'm correct, and I most likely am, there will be no negotiation this time."

Delia and Ava reached Dyon's meditating figure, looking down at him with as much confusion as everyone else.

The brows of the campaign heads twitched. Didn't you just lose? What could you have possible learned from that? That you're weak?

The only one who seemed to react differently was Airic. Although the other campaign heads couldn't be bothered to realize the genius of Dyon's tactics, he could. "What did you learn?"

Dyon looked up toward Airic and smiled, feeling his aching muscles slowly mend themselves. "I learned about why they came here, of course."

Ace's lip curled with disdain, "Was what you learned written in the ground? It doesn't seem like your eyes could have been facing anywhere else."

"You guys don't have to worry so much, I'm fine." Dyon turned his gaze toward Ri, Delia and Ava. "Do I look like the type of person to take losses so easily?"

Ava and Delia thought for a moment before nodding. "Yes." They said simultaneously.

"Uh –" Dyon laughed, not knowing how to respond. Maybe they were right, he did do reckless things for apparently no reason sometimes.

Ri giggled, flicking Dyon's forehead, "Idiot."

Dyon sighed, "Didn't anyone ever tell you explaining a joke ruins it?" Dyon's eyes bore into Ace. This Ace character was getting annoying.

Ace's lip twitched, feeling an odd pressure coming from Dyon, 'Isn't he supposed to be injured?'

Ace was very much correct about that point, although Dyon was healing much faster than usual, he still needed time. But, what he was about to say was wholly needed.

However, despite his injuries, Dyon's words had caught the attention of the campaign leaders, something was indeed strange about this attack.

Suddenly, Dyon turned to Ri who was on her knees, helping to prop him up, "This isn't the best place to speak about this… I think I might need some help."

Ri nodded, happily helping Dyon stand. She swung Dyon's arm over her should while wrapping her arm around his waist.

Dyon looked into the army, "Well? We can't very well speak about this in front of everyone. It's best this remain as lowkey as possible."


Soon, the campaign leaders were gathered atop Earth Tower.

Dyon sat at the large round table along with the rest of the campaign heads, still pale and clearly so weak he had to lean on Ri. "Ri, what did you find odd about the ones they called Bas and Liska?"

Everyone seemed surprised by Dyon's question, but they quickly recovered. Although this woman was by Dyon's side all of the time, it was probably time they recognized her as the princess of the Elvin Kingdom.

"For one, most glaringly, although they pretend to be innate aurora wielders… they aren't."


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