Reaper of the Martial World
217 Pathetic 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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217 Pathetic 2

Dyon ignored him, walking to the Phantus troops. "You called them idiots, right? You could have changed the course of the battle with a single message, right?"

The young man raised his eyebrow, "What makes you think you have the right to ask me questions?"

Dyon chuckled, "I'm quite tired right now."

The campaign heads scrunched their brows listening to Dyon's words, what was he talking about? Even if he was tired, that shouldn't be something he told his enemy.

"However, insulting my woman is already enough to co-sign you to death."

The young woman's eyes widened in surprise before she suddenly started laughing as though she had just heard a funny joke. "You're not even bigger than me." Her pinky lifted into the air with disdain. "How could you possibly match up to my husband."

Dyon didn't look up, instead crouching down to one of the tied-up Vice Commanders and lifting his head up by his hair.

Looking into the reddened eyes filled with hatred, Dyon chuckled, "If you like choosing your women based on how big they are, you might want to re-evaluate this macho man stance of yours."

The eyes of the young man sharpened at Dyon's words, instantly understanding the innuendo. "It seems you don't want to live today. I'll cripple you first." His aura changed, a crackling fire red blooming around him. "Then, I'll strip your woman down in front of you and take her."

Dyon nodded, "That's three times now."

Dyon lifted up the Vice Commander, grasping his throat. "Only a 2nd stage soul at essence gathering? Pathetic."

An inhuman roar ripped through the throat of the Vice Commander as his veins popped.

His body looked as though it was being deflated, Dyon's touch being nothing less than his death sentence.

In the distance, Arios was leisurely administering medicine to the troops. He and the demon generals hadn't even looked to help Dyon. If he needed their aid, he'd have asked for it.

They smirked to themselves as they watched Dyon go from Vice Commander to Vice Commander, devouring each and every one of their souls.

The young man watched this scene up in the sky, not entirely certain of what was going on. All he could tell was that Dyon was killing the Vice Commanders, but, that was good news for him.

Finally, Dyon reached Commander Draven much to the commander's dismay – but, he stopped. "Eh, I think that's enough for now. I'll deal with you later."

Dyon walked back to Ri with a big grin on his face. "Which one do you want? I can give you Mr. Big Dick. Or, I can give you Ms. Big Dick."

Ri snorted in laughter, hitting Dyon's shoulder, "What are you saying?!" But, she settled down afterwards. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Dyon laughed, "Of course. The only reason I didn't use my devour technique to replenish my soul with the Eostre family was because the culprits that deserved death had soul power that was too high for me to take easily. But, The Phantus are body cultivators, and they're much younger, it's quite easy to use them. I'm at full capacity."

Members of the Saeclum heard Dyon's words and shook violently… This was exactly how they'd lost their genius! But, why would Dyon be bothered with such hypocrites, he simply turned a blind eye to the shift in aura. If they made a move, they'd die just the same.

Ri smiled. "You take the girl. I feel the need to chop off some important limbs right now."

The men all shivered at Ri's words. Was this really the princess of the Elvin Kingdom?

In fact, they had been so surprised by the change in events, that none of them stopped to consider what it meant for Dyon to have taken the virginity of a woman with a faith seed.

"Don't get any funny ideas pervert. You're only allowed to make me and big sister Madeleine pass out. If you're fighting a woman, I expect you to go for the kill. After all, she seems quite used to self-pleasing men."

Dyon grinned, a six-foot-long silver sword materializing in his hand, "Your words cut pretty deep, I'm sure your sword will cut deeper."

Dyon turned to the fuming couple in the sky. "I'm quite aware that you have no confidence in showing yourselves here. The only reason you risked it is because you don't want us to find out what the Commander knows. Unfortunately for you, in the process of doing that, you've angered me and my little feu glace. There is a price to pay for such things. And today, that price is death."

Dyon aurora blazed at its full strength, immediately collapsing the red array below the tall couple.

The shattering beads of energy rained down as they fell from the sky, unperturbed by the change.

The wind accelerated around them, blasting outwards as the earth cracked beneath their feet. "Whether you know our goal or not," The young man said through gritted teeth, "Is irrelevant to whether or not you can stop us."

The young man surged forward toward Dyon, but Ri immediately stepped forward, "Didn't I say I was going to deal with you?"

"Get out of my way woman. I'll have pinned down between my legs soon enough."

Ri didn't bother responding, her faith seed blooming into action with a decidedly flashier flair.

Dyon smiled, 'I was wondering when you'd make use of your god constitution… You neglect it too much.' Suddenly Dyon's eyes widened, "You've been hiding your manifestation from me?... That's not nice."

Ri smiled, her tails blooming into existence. A majestic aura spread out from her, making everyone feel as though it was only right that they should be kneeling.

A crown decorated in precious jewels burst in the air, expanding again and again. But, that wasn't the end of it.

The growl of a feral creature tore through the wind, manifesting as a blue-silver fox, ten tails whipping out violently behind it.

The fox was a creature with beauty beyond words. Its pointed nostrils flared out adorably while its delicate paws hovered in the air, standing tall behind Ri. A blue crystal melded to its forehead, giving the demon fox an undoubtedly noble air.

But then, a change occurred.

The crown slowly lowered itself, melding into the blue crystal and turning it gold. And with this change, Ri changed as well.

Flashes of gold swept through her body, lacing her tails with tracks of golden fur.

Her eyes brightened from their blue silver, their depths shimmering with hints of gold.

Ri suddenly laughed, standing in front of Dyon, not an ounce of fear in her as the large five-meter tall young man barreled toward her, "You say my bloodline can be compared to yours… But, from what I see. You're the equivalent of a shit stain beneath my feet."


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