Reaper of the Martial World
216 Pathetic 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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216 Pathetic 1

Dyon turned back to Akash, taking his mind off of their observers. The mountain range was much too large and innate aurora wielders were much too versatile to handle nonchalantly.

Dyon's hand flashed as a ring appeared in it. Handing the ring to Arios, he spoke, "This ring is filled with medicinal pills. I ended up having to buy them because I simply didn't have the time to make them myself, but they should be good enough for now. We were lucky enough not to lose any members this time because the demon generals protected their groups of ten well, but its best we don't allow injuries to pile up, or else its only a matter of time before someone dies."

The surrounding campaign leaders looked at Dyon as though they were staring at an alien. Spending money on medicinal pills for foot soldiers? Who would be willing to bear such a cost?!

Dyon raised an eyebrow at this reaction, "If you don't treat your army well, why should they treat you well?"

This was a simple concept, it had nothing to do with money. In fact, if you kept having to replace members of your army because they got injured, they would never become elite. And if they never became elite, you'd be stuck in a perpetual rut of mediocrity. The martial world was too concerned about the growth of their campaign leaders and didn't pay enough attention to their foot soldiers. No one wins a battle alone.

Arios nodded, taking the ring to handle the task Dyon had given him. He was quite painfully aware that although Dyon was standing tall now, his fatigue was unquestionable. Dyon had already been drained after amplifying so many attacks, but then he forced himself to stay out even further passed his limits just to make sure communication was seamless. The problem was that communicating took even more soul power… Dyon hadn't rested all day.

Ri looked at Dyon's side profile, worried. Any casual observer wouldn't see anything wrong with Dyon, but Ri could clearly see his clenched jaw and pulsing veins… He was ready to collapse at any moment.

Ri tightened her grip on Dyon's hand, sending her soothing ice will to stabilize him for the time being. She smiled, hearing a message of thanks enter her ears.

Dyon looked up and into the sky, it had seemed easy, but he was aware that it was anything but. Had their commander realized that Dyon could only stop them from raising the ground for ten minutes, the turtle shell defensive formation would have been hard pressed to continue working. In fact, if they had heightened their vantage point, they would have seen the quirks of the formation and maybe would have made counter measures against it.

Dyon was snapped out of his thoughts as a familiar red-haired girl walked out from the crowd, "Big brother, let me help you with that. After all, the rest of us did nothing."

Dyon smiled, 'Looks like I can rest easy.' But, thoughts of peace didn't last long before his dreams of sleep were interrupted by Airic.

"Prince Consort Sacharro, do you mind if I ask you a question?"

Dyon was stunned by the form of address, looking at Ri before bursting into laughter, "oo oo, that hurts. Yea, sure. What's your question?"

Airic looked confused about why Dyon was laughing. Wasn't a man marrying into a family via their princess known as a prince consort? What was funny about that?

Dyon almost started laughing again at Airic's reaction, 'This guy is too serious…'

Airic shook his head, ignoring Ri's smile and Dyon's antics, "What was the point of the javelin?"

"I can answer that for you actually…" A faint voice rang out causing everyone to look up and into the sky.

The eyes of the campaign heads sharpened, 'Where'd he come from.'

Dyon looked up to find a young man standing beside a beautiful young lady in the air. Beneath their feet, an array of shimmering reds lay, holding them up.

The young man had short jet-black hair. He was handsome, but rugged, standing at over four meters tall. However, his defining characteristic was a faint red scale that was etched into his forehead.

A bestial aura emitted from him as his hand played with the woman by his side with no reservation.

The white haired lady herself didn't seem to mind. She was about two years younger than the young man, most likely around Dyon's age, and yet she towered at three meters tall, somehow still dwarfed by the young man. However, her defining feature was a glittering blue scale at the center of her forehead.

"It's simple really." The young man continued, "The javelin was a misdirection. It was actually meant to complete a purification type array. One that only lasts for about ten minutes. The Phantus are just idiots. I could have sent them a message that would have changed the tide of the battle, but I preferred that they suffered for their ignorance."

Commander Draven grit his teeth in agitation, looking at his tied-up brothers.

The young man groped the breasts of the tall young lady, seemingly reminiscing, "It's the law of the jungle. The weak should die."

Suddenly, the young man paused, sniffing the air and locking his eyes on Ri, "Interesting. So that wasn't a body modification technique, you're an actual beast. A beast worthy of being compared to my lineage if I'm correct. And yet you gave your virginity to a human?... Whore."

Ri's anger raged, "How dare you."

Dyon was silent, but his aura was anything but. Faint flickers of black flames danced in his eyes as he stared into the sky.

His body trembled, but it was involuntary. He was truly too weak right now. And, what wasn't helping was the fact he felt as though his demon qilin blood was being supressed.

The young man didn't seem to care about Ri's words, "I should take you right now. You'd make a good slave girl for me to toy with every once in a while. It seems you're quite loose anyway, right? It must be the greatest joke in existence for a human to be expected to curb the desires of a beast."

The campaign leaders watched silently, which was something the young man clearly expected. They felt no obligation to help Dyon.

Suddenly, the woman by his side giggled, "Do you smell that?" She gently rubbed the crotch of the young man. "I smell an inferior bloodline. There's no doubt. He can't compare to you."

The young man laughed, looking down on Dyon, "Imagine that. A human pretending to be a beast. It's truly pathetic."

Almost inexplicably, Dyon's anger vanished as he looked to Ri by his side.

Ri's brows furrowed, "Don't do anything stupid. You can always deal with him when you're healthy. Now isn't the time."

"Ah yes. Since I've decided to not leave without this little beast girl here, you should just let her come with me. At least then, you can live for a bit longer." The young man looked at Ri with lecherous eyes, she was truly the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, 'Maybe only she can compare…'


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