Reaper of the Martial World
213 Tactics 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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213 Tactics 1

Dyon flew in the sky, almost as though he was one man against the world. His troops became nothing but a backdrop. However… his tall back, his unmatched confidence, the grin on his face made the hearts of his army light on fire. There was no longer doubt in their hearts that this was a leader worth following.

Commander Draven stared at the man with a white and black wing, his veins popping in anger. It was one thing for a prestigious commander of the Earth Gate to look down on him like this, but this was a boy of not even sixteen years of age. A boy no one knew. 'You have a lot of nerve.'

Ri looked up at Dyon's back a smile blooming on her face as faint snow flakes began raining down around her, her hair fluttering gently in response.

Dyon's demonic will bloomed, the sky seemingly reddening in agitation as his arm cocked back.

"first act… first stage demon emperor's will: perfection…"

Commander Draven's eyes sharpened, 'Body enhancing technique!'

Dyon's skin reddened as blood raged through him. The javelin's flames left an uncomfortable heat on everyone below, but suddenly, something changed.

The wind and flames merged, a tornado of fierce reds and yellows bathing Dyon's arms in an endless blaze. But, that wasn't all. It began to drip with a bloody aura, demonic sovereign will etching patterns of a black red into the already domineering pillar.

"What is he doing… That's too much for one attack…"

The campaign heads were beginning to feel real threat. The amount of wills Dyon was melding into one attack completely surpassed their expectations. But, the majority of the problem lied in the fact they had no idea what he wanted to use this attack for. Was he trying to take out Commander Draven in one shot? Did he really underestimate them that severely?

Airic brows furrowed, "Just another brute."

But suddenly, all thoughts froze as Dyon's arm careened forward, his torso rotating so quickly that the javelin disappeared from his hand in an instant.

It tore through the air, rings of displaced space booming into existence as though the sky itself was shattering.

Commander Draven's eyes widened, his heart palpitating in agitation. The demonic will dripping off of the spear of flames, the killing intent aimed for no one else but himself, it was as though for but that instant, he couldn't move.

The scaled elephant beneath him seemed to feel his master's agitation, causing a raging roar to resound from its mouth, piercing toward the rapidly approaching tempest of flames.

"MEN, HEAR ME NOW!" Commander Draven's voice raised to its highest peak, "RAISE THE GROUND."

Maybe if Commander Draven could see anything other than a blazing light headed right for him he would have seen Dyon's smirk in response to his words… Maybe if he had seen it, he would know that his call was futile.

Unfortunately for the Phantus, he hadn't. So, as they did before every battle, the tens of thousands of troops on the ground circulated their earth will, tapping into the deep reserves of the ground to elevate their piece of land. It was something they did all of the time, it gave them the perfect charging momentum. What could give an army more of an advantage than charging downwards from high ground?

Suddenly, something completely unexpected happened. Dyon's javelin shot directly past the tilted head of Commander Draven! 'As if I would be frozen into not moving. Do I look like a rookie to you?!'


The javelin pierced into the ground, sending shockwaves through the earth.

The Phantus army dispersed as screams of pain and horror grasped the lives of their men… But, to them, it was meaningless.

Vidar's lips twisted in disdain, "All of that to take out a handful of men? They haven't even lost ten from that one attack."

It was suddenly clear to everyone that Dyon's attack looked flashy, but it was exceedingly weak. He had missed directly into a patch of running meridian formation warriors, and yet took at most five lives. Even more astonishingly, the ground seemed to be barely affected! Even the javelin had disappeared from existence, the abyssal core making it up had already flashed back into Dyon's fading Weapon's Hall Manifestation as he touched down on the array beside Ri.

The brows of the campaign leaders furrowed. It looked like they wouldn't be able to avoid fighting today.

Voron looked at this scene calmly before looking to his brother, Ace. "Prepare the troops. Let him die first then we can clean up this mess."

Ace nodded, a smirk coloring his features.

Dyon couldn't be bothered with the thoughts of others, he instead took a deep breath, 'Even with all that preparation, it took a lot out of me… We have ten minutes…'

Raising his hands into the sky, an intricate array formed with crystal will began to appear.

Golden lights shimmered and the diamond like array twinkled in the air.

But, the Phantus clan didn't seem intent on waiting for Dyon. They approached rapidly. From a kilometer to eight hundred meters. From eight hundred meters to five hundred.

Suddenly, Dyon whispered, using his communication array to directly communicate with the Vice Commanders.

Demon General Gaylia immediately stood out from the backmost middle company. "READY!"

Arios flashed toward the second middle company to stand beside Demon General Maalshiira as her voice also boomed. "READY!"

The crystal formation above Dyon continued to expand again and again. It seemed that for every meter the Phantus approached, Dyon added another ten to his array.

And then, something inexplicable happened.

Two of Dyon's center companies all simultaneously raised their hands as Ri's faith seed bloomed, her blue-silver tails whipping out from.

The eyes of the campaign heads widened in shock, "Faith seed!"

Dyon smiled at Ri, "Ready?"

Ri nodded, "Ready." Her voice had a demonic and seductive edge to it, giving Dyon all the motivation he needed for his crystal array to bloom to five hundred meters!

Dyon looked off into the distance, "NOW!"

All sound was blotted out as though the sight that graced everyone was the thing worth sensing.

A raging tempest of wind and fire will accelerated from the companies below Dyon, immediately charging into his crystal array… His crystal amplification array!

The cold and hot wind tunneled their way into the sky, immediately causing a swirl of dark clouds to form. The atmosphere shifted, the sky darkening. A massive cumulonimbus covering the sun in an endless black.

The booming of thunder tore through the battle field as the cloud seemed to rumble to life, endless sheets of water pouring down it and coating the lands almost instantly.

But, the Phantus didn't seem to care. What was a weather change to them? But, what they didn't notice was that their beasts were being coated with the relentlessly pouring rain. There was no escaping it.

"Ri. Delia. Vice Commander Ithirae."

No other words were needed. The foremost company of 100-men and the two women stepped up.

Delia's hazel eyes iced over into a cold blue, her hair turning a blinding shade of white as she lifted her hands up to Dyon's amplification array.

Ri's muscles flexed, massive beams of ice will forming at the tips of each and every one of her tails.

Then, a blaze of blue shot from them, amplifying into massive pillar of light before charging into the rolling thunder clouds.

Suddenly, Commander Draven realized something was wrong. Since the time he had issued the command to raise the ground, less than half a minute had passed, and yet, that was too long for nothing to have happened.

However, before he could call out again, the temperature rapidly dropped…

Looking up into the sky, Commander Draven shivered…

It was snowing.


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