Reaper of the Martial World
209 I Volunteer 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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209 I Volunteer 4

"You? What? It's clear to anyone that you used to practice a lower heaven technique but were forced to switch to an earth one. Did you think the rules of a cultivation method were a joke? No wonder you're so weak. Did you think you could keep up a façade in front of me?

You can keep the pill and what it's given you. It's completely useless to you considering the backlash you're facing right now. Challenge me again or speak ill of my sister and I'll have no issues killing you."

Everyone looked at Dyon stunned.

Ri couldn't help but roll her eyes again, 'There you go again…'

Dyon couldn't be bothered with the Niveus sect girls anymore. He had already been disgusted with their chastity practices to begin with, it seemed more like man hate than anything else – whether that was because he was biased or not.

He wouldn't have cared about Evelyn being a virgin or not, under normal circumstances, he would have remained silent. But, her actions and her words pissed him off.

Dyon put his hand out to Delia, smiling as her small olive hand entered his, "I'll protect you while your big sister is away."

Delia's eyes sparkled with tears as she nodded.

Dyon stood, walking past Evelyn much to her shock. After bringing Delia to the elves, Dyon smiled at Ri, "Delia, this is my fiancée, Princess Alexandria Acacia."

Ava's eyes widened, taking a second look at the otherworldly beauty who had been silent this whole time.

Ri smiled greeting Delia, "Since you're big sister Madeleine's little sister, we can be sisters too, no?"

Delia nodded shyly, accepting Ri's hand.

Ava looked at Dyon at the same time as Ri looked up from Delia, "Pervert."

Dyon helplessly looked between the two of them, 'What did I do?'

Delia giggled, feeling a bit better watching this scene, which in turn made Dyon feel better. There was nothing harder than getting someone to stop blaming themselves. Delia was young and naïve, not as mature as Madeleine or as hardened as Ri, but, could everyone be as outstanding as those two?

Madeleine had been basically sentenced to death for most of her life, and yet, she still forged ahead to form loving relationships with those around her. What's harder than caring for others when you yourself have little to rely on?

Ri had basically been pushed into a leading role since her youth, even to the point where she diligently built an alliance and army under the noses of everyone. The determination she had to climb to the top of the steps at dead kings valley… feeling her bones crack and her organs rupture, and still moving forward – these weren't things many people had.

Dyon hoped that over time, Delia could learn from her sisters. Then she'd stand as tall as they did.

Finally, Dyon looked back toward those in attendance. His display had had his wanted effect. He had not only dealt with Evelyn and her disrespect of Delia, he had also shut the mouths of much of the people here.

He took note of the fact he saw no members of the Kami God Clan here, 'Are they not from this planet?...' But, he couldn't be bothered with that right now.

His eyes wandered until the snapped onto a young man with crystal framed glasses and gold eyes, "Can you contact Madeleine or not?"

Airic looked at Dyon, and maybe it was because of the confidence in Dyon's voice or the display from earlier, but he felt compelled to answer, "No. They're within a gate. Maybe when they come out it will be possible."

Dyon nodded, a bit disappointed. "Doesn't matter."

A strange look appeared on the face of many there, what did he mean?

"I can handle it anyway. I'll save you all the trouble of finding underhanded means to send me up as vanguard. I volunteer. I already know everything I need to know about the Phantus God Clan. Just stay out of my way."

Something suddenly dawned on everyone. Dyon hadn't wanted them to contact Madeleine because he needed her help… He just wanted to see her.

With that, Dyon turned and left. Not caring about their so-called vote. He was sure this was how they'd want it to end up anyway, might as well stop them from wasting his time.

Many watched Dyon disappear with varying emotions, but, the heads were deadpan. They were quite used to arrogance like this. In fact, even their arrogance was like this. But, the difference between them and Dyon was that they had backing that warranted such arrogance. Where was Dyon's? The Elvin Kingdom? It was true that the Elvin Kingdom was the equivalent of any god clan here, even more so if their king was here, but they were also a declining kingdom… Aside from Akash, none of their younger generation had any rankings of note.

But, with Dyon and now this mysterious unknown princess… their backing was enough for them to take a second look at Dyon.

Ava walked back to sit beside her brother, "What is it?" She asked noticing his odd expression.

Suddenly, a message entered both of their ears, making them shake violently. They looked at each other in shock before rushing out under the confused eyes of everyone. But, there wasn't much they could do about it.

Sloane Pakal suddenly began to laugh, "Little brother, that friend of yours is quite interesting. But, he might be underestimating the Phantus God clan a bit too much… There's a reason they can attack us alone without worry."

Caedlum who had been silent this whole time finally looked in the direction Dyon left in, "I guess we'll see. He's right regardless, he just saved us a lot of time. Even I would have voted for him to be vanguard if nothing else but to test him. The first time a person touches a battle field is the time you can tell what kind of person they really are…"

Elwing calmly looked around the room. He demeanor was completely different from his interactions with the Elvin Kingdom, he acted as a true prince here. Aloof and refined.

He turned his gaze toward Vidar and Voron, "If you two want any chance with Madeleine Sapientia, you'd best stop considering this Dyon as a nuisance and more like you treat my elder brother. If you don't start seeing him as a rival, he'll crush you before you realize what happened."

They both nodded. Their thinking was much the same. There was a time for the arrogant young master personalities, and there was a time for taking things seriously. Madeleine wasn't just a beauty, having her virginity meant a ridiculous boost in power that would solidify most of their futures. This wasn't just about wanting a beautiful girl. Madeleine was the only virgin in this universe with a god constitution awakened to 100%. Her value was immeasurable.

Of course, Elwing didn't remind these two of this because he wanted them to win, he just didn't want Dyon to be strutting around so easily because people constantly underestimated him. The best-case scenario was that he died as vanguard. But, in the event that he didn't, he'd officially become one of them. And when that happened, he'd learn what it really took to stay at the top.


Oh my… I wonder who Evelyn lost her virginity too, yikes

And poor Delia, trying to be nice but ends up getting taken advantage of

Well, I guess it's about time we see whether Dyon crushes these scaled elephants or struggles…

Hope you enjoyed 😊


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