Reaper of the Martial World
207 I Volunteer 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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207 I Volunteer 2

"Alright. That's enough." Elwing Belmont calmed the situation down. "I think it's best we try and hold them off for as long as possible and call my brother and Madeleine Sapientia back here."

A handsome red headed young man, sitting beside a decidedly more reserved and mature Ava, nodded in agreement, "I agree. The first in line genius of the Sapientia clan made her debut in the gates against the Phantus God clan. Her ability to use music will to deal with the beasts is our best bet right now."

Elwing nodded, turning to a young man with golden eyes and crystal framed glasses, "Do you think you can handle communicating with your other Sapientia God clan branch to get them to come back, Airic?"

"That might be a prob –"

"Actually." Ava spoke out, glancing toward the Niveus sect to find Delia, "We know someone else who's even better than Madeleine with music will, no?"

Over the passed year plus of time, Delia had chosen to leave Focus Academy to join the all girls God sect: Niveus. As such, she was now known as Delia Niveus. This was, of course, the sect that only accepted women with God level constitutions.

A girl with white hair and eyes Dyon would have recognized as the girl from the legacy world opening, looked at Delia questioningly. But, she was quite surprised to find a nod of affirmation.

Seeing Erea Niveus' reaction, many realized there was more than a little truth to Ava's words. In fact, even if they questioned the legitimacy of such words, not many would be willing to offend the Sicarius clan, especially when it came to Ava… her father was a bit… over-protective to say the least.

The head of the Niveus campaigns, and first in line genius, Evelyn Niveus, was interested in this as well. In fact, she shared Erea's characteristics even down to the white hair and eyes because they happened to be sisters, "And who is this person?" She asked questioningly.

Ava smiled remembering a handsome young man, "Her fiancé."

Airic furrowed his brows at this. As the current campaign head of Earth's Sapientia God Clan, he didn't like how Ava referred to Dyon. Ester Sapientia had even told him to keep an eye out for him specifically… It seemed Akash had missed one other clan when it came to Dyon's enemies.

"I've never heard of someone under that title." Airic said, clearly pissed off.

"Whether you want to pretend or not is irrelevant to me. You're already aware of how Madeleine feels about the situation, and I doubt that you, someone who couldn't earn the first in line genius title for themselves, has station above hers." Ava's words were sharp, she was never one to deal with nonsense. How these people could very well see how Madeleine felt and still deny it was beginning to grate on her nerves.

Airic didn't seem perturbed by this. He was a scholar above all else and spats weren't within his style. "My feelings are irrelevant. I only acquiesce my wishes to that of my clan. And I've never heard of them accepting such a thing."

A sudden sound came from the stairs at the side of the room. The sound was faint, but it seemed as though there was not a person here who could stop themselves from looking over.

There, seven people walked into sight. Four were easily recognizable. Akash, her younger brother, Gael and Bele. But, among those not recognized, Aeson was completely ignored.

But, what everyone was focused on was a young man that walked in beside a woman of unparalleled demeanor and beauty.

The eyes of the heads sharpened, focusing in on him. His aura was arrogant and care free. He exuded a lack of respect for practically anyone.

But the beauty by his side was someone none here had seen before, 'Who is she?'

Ava's eyes lit up, jumping for her chair and running to Dyon, hugging him tightly.

Dyon was stunned for a bit before he laughed, "Ava, how are you?"

Ava backed away a bit embarrassed. When she had first met Dyon, her impression of him wasn't so good. He was a flirtatious annoyance who was also arrogant and weak, he hardly deserved any of her attention. But, after he saved Madeleine and got revenge for her even at the expense of his own wellbeing, he took hold of a strong part of her heart. She didn't romanticize their relationship because she had realized that that was just the type of person Dyon was – he saved and cared without reserve. So, to her, he was a great friend she wanted to always be a part of her life.

Yet, despite Ava's innocent actions, many people took this the wrong way. Even Zaltarish nearly self-imploded, 'How many women you bastard?! Teach me!'

Dyon smiled at Ava's reaction before looking past her. He barely spent any time scanning Elwing and he completely ignored Ace and Elof, much to their anger – but, he did take note of a few people… namely Vidar, Voron and Airic. Well, it may have been more accurate to say that their eyes were among the most noticeable.

Even Thor's eyes seemed to have a shift in them, 'He's grown.'

"I hear you need my services?"

Surprisingly, Elwing was the first to respond. "How useful would your music will be in dealing with beasts compared to First in line genius Madeleine Sapientia?"

"Not as useful as hers." Dyon said without hesitation. "Madeleine practices music techniques and thus has specialized methods to direct her music will. Music techniques useful for men are rare and I haven't dabbled in such things."

Disappointment colored the faces of neutral parties. But, there was a faint happiness on the faces of some at the thought that they wouldn't have to rely on Dyon.

Dyon smiled to himself. Although what he said was true, that didn't mean he didn't have a method to deal with beasts like that. His music will didn't need to be as well directed as Madeleine's, he only needed to combine his music will with some tactics he thought of to deal with large beasts. But, he wouldn't say this so soon, after all, he preferred if his Madeleine came back sooner.

"Useless." Ace said under his breath. But, who here would not have heard him?

Still, Dyon pretended to have no heard him. Instead looking around the room.

However, too many took this as a sign of weakness. This was a room they had just spent hours yelling at each other in, who would accept an insult like that?

Suddenly, Dyon's eyes landed on Delia, "Del –", before Dyon could finish his brows furrowed, "Why isn't your God constitution awakened to 100%."

Dyon didn't wait for her response, instead looking around at the women surrounding her to land on a white haired and eyed young woman – Evelyn Niveus.

A rage began building up in Dyon's heart, "You have a lot of nerve."

Dyon's care free demeanor changed completely. A dark pressure covered the room as many realized that Dyon hadn't ignored Ace because he was scared. He had ignored him because such a small character wasn't worth his time.

Akash could only watch helplessly from the side. It didn't seem like this matter would be simple.

There, sat an aloof young lady with a faint smile playing on her face. Even though she was seated, her eyes seemed to look down on everything.

But, that wasn't what angered Dyon.

Her God level constitution was awakened to 100% and that could only mean one thing. She stole what was meant to be for Delia.


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