Reaper of the Martial World
199 How I Feel. 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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199 How I Feel. 3

Deep into the night, Dyon and Ri had opened up the large draped windows to step into the cool night air.

The balcony was large and looked out into the surrounding forest. There were beautiful gardens and garden paths below that had been recently replaced. After all, they had been destroyed by the words in the sky just a few months prior.

Dyon and Ri lounged on a reclining chair, looking up at the full moon – quiet and practically half asleep.

Ri shifted a bit, nestling her head into Dyon's chest and breathing in his scent.

"Tell me how you really feel," she suddenly said. It wasn't a question and she left no room for debate. Dyon could only sigh, knowing he had to answer.

But before he could, Ri continued, "I don't doubt that you love me. And I also don't doubt that you would be happy to be with me had you met me first. I also know that the Elvin Kingdom has become a good home to you in recent times. But, I still want to know how you really feel.

If you dare lie to me, don't believe I won't beat you up."

Dyon suddenly laughed. He loved how Ri could be so domineering and yet still so feminine.

He stroked her hair lovingly, pondering for a bit.

"I feel angry. Frustrated. I hate this world and everything about it."

Dyon closed his eyes, holding Ri tighter.

"I don't want anyone I love to ever have to suffer. I want to stand at the top of everything. To be able to look down with those people by my side, knowing that they're safe."

Dyon breathing calmed under Ri's soft touch as he vented for what seemed like the first time in his life.

"The idea of Madeleine spending time with another man is irrelevant to me. What fills my heart with rage is the fact she's facing dangers without me. That I can't stand in front of her. And that in the end, she wouldn't even have to put herself at risk if it wasn't to make up for my being so useless.

What angers me is the fact I pretend as if I handed her to her master willingly, when really it was because I knew I had no choice. Because I knew with her being cured, I lacked the power to keep her by my side.

It's the fact I stood there with a smile on my face, explaining what sounded like an elaborate plan to everyone else, but was really just the final plea of a weak man to spend just a week with someone he loved.

It's the fact that now I love you. With just as much passion and fervor – and yet I fear I'll lose you in the same way.

I hate the fact that through all of this, all I do is smile and pretend I don't care. As if pretending to be arrogant will fix all of my problems.

I have no great family. I have no greater power. I'm only good with arrays because I happened to like computers. My body is only so strong because I lucked into a great master. I'm only not dead, because as ironic as it may sound, the only thing I'm great at is pretending I have everything dancing in the palm of my hand."

The more Dyon said, the quieter he became. It was as though saying these words were taking his everything.

"And now I have a little sister who can see right through me. A little girl I'm supposed to be protecting and yet she can see all of my flaws – all of my faults. The amount of times I've infused Little Lyla with celestial will… again and again, trying to make sure she's never in pain, and yet I know that I'm the cause of most of… It hurts RI."

Ri's grip tightened around Dyon as she leaned upwards to kiss him softly.

"In this life…" Ri pulled away slightly, her lips hovering a fraction of an inch from Dyon's, "And in any life I live after this… I'll be by your side," Ri said softly, kissing Dyon again.

"Your pain will be my pain. Your hate, my hate. Your love, my love. If we have to stand against the world together. If we have to fight together. If we have to die together. I will never have any regrets," Ri kissed Dyon again, lingering much longer this time.

Dyon wrapped his arms around Ri's waist, pulling her for his side to his lap.

"You carry too much of a burden by yourself," Ri said softly, cupping Dyon's face with both of her hands as she enjoyed the feeling of him gripping her waist.

"With me here, split the load in half," Ri leaned backwards, her skin glistening under the moonlight as she slipped her top off.

Dyon was greeted with an unmatched sight… One that had him greedily pulling Ri back to him.

He enjoyed the soft feeling the invaded his hand as his other flashed with an array on Ri's waist, ripping everything covering her lower half away.

Ri softly moaned through Dyon's war with her tongue, gently grinding her pelvis into him as familiar wild emotions resurfaced.

"And when we save Big Sister Madeleine," she said through gasps, "Split it in three."

Dyon couldn't be bothered with words anymore. The feeling of Ri's soft body riding on top of him, the way her blue-silver hair and eyes shone under the moonlight, the words of endless care she spoke… There was no need for any more.

Dyon's celestial will and aurora raged to life, leaving trails of golden light along Ri's skin as she writhed with pleasure.

Ri's hands ran along Dyon's body, her lips never leaving his as she played with the straps of his sweat pants.

Dyon groaned, feeling a soft hand grip him. He suddenly felt the urgent need flip Ri over and take her, but he suddenly felt a finger on his lip.

Ri kissed Dyon's cheek softly, "Let me…"

Ri gripped Dyon, lightly but firmly, pulling his member out and playing with it along her entrance.

Dyon shivered. The soft and wet feeling was something he couldn't describe… But when he felt Ri slowly lower herself onto him, kissing him softly… he felt as though he had entered another world.

Ri trailed kisses along Dyon's neck as she slowly rode him, savouring the feeling of celestial will being poured into her endlessly.

"You feel so good inside me…" Ri moaned into Dyon's ear, lightly kissing it.

Dyon felt himself tremble at her words. His hands tightened on her hips, but he made no move to control her motions.

Ri's hips grinded and rotated, it was as though Dyon never felt the same sensation twice.

"Oh God…" Ri's hips suddenly increased their pace as she attacked Dyon's lips with hers.

Dyon's arm wrapped tightly around Ri's waist as he started moving himself… Slow strokes, as they both reached their peak.

"Yes…" Ri bit Dyon's lip as her back arched inwards. Her walls convulsed around Dyon as she felt an endless gush fill her insides.

Ri trembled violently, almost wanting to escape the pleasure but Dyon's grip wouldn't allow her to.

And just like that, they laid there, falling asleep under the moon's light…

Dyon's final thoughts were of a concealment array… but probably most importantly, was the fact his burden was half of what it once was.


Welp, next chapter Dyon begins preparing for his first campaign… and soon afterwards, the road to glory begins 😊

Also, Dyon's integration of blood essence increases every time he dual cultivates with Ri. Just that it didn't feel appropriate to explain by how much in this chapter, felt like it was ruin the emotion of the scene. But! You'll all find out later (it will be significantly less than when he took her virginity tho, but good news is, with his body as strong as it is now, he won't have to worry about the strain of using his perfect innate aurora 😉 that'll be quite useful … *runs away* )

Hope you enjoyed!


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