Reaper of the Martial World
197 How I Feel. 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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197 How I Feel. 1

Silence reigned after Prince Belmont closed the door. Many, having good impressions of Dyon, felt pity in their hearts for what he had to go through just to be with the women he loved. And just as many, not understanding the type of person Dyon truly was, assumed that his nonchalant attitude was a shield he put up between himself and his worries.

However, these glances didn't stop Dyon from continuing to fill plate after plate for himself. In fact, he didn't stop until he had practically ten separate and elaborate meals laid out for himself.

Ri glanced at Dyon's side profile before looking at Little Lyla who still sat on his lap. She somehow felt reassured by Lyla's carefree attitude. Being the only person here who could understand Dyon's true thoughts, Little Lyla was the best gauge… However, Ri still didn't feel settled.

Seeing that Dyon wanted to eat, and suddenly feeling the urge to continue himself, Little Black latched onto Lyla, taking her to a separate chair.

Dyon smiled at this, 'It seems my little siblings are getting along really well. I still can't understand what threshold Little Black's strength is at… but, all in due time.'

Dyon remembered fully well that even back in the demon sage's legacy world, Little Black could already boost his celestial will to a first level intent… Just what did that mean for his power now? Was it the same in his human form? Was he stronger? Weaker? There were too many questions that Dyon wasn't sure even Little Black knew the answers too… after all, could Celestial deer's and demon qilin's normally conceive together at all? It didn't seem like this was a very common occurrence from the 25th White Mother's memories.

The pensive look on Dyon's face as he thought these things through made Ri's heart stutter, 'Is he worried about Madeleine?'

Dyon started out of his trance when he felt a delicate hand lightly squeeze his thigh.

"Hmm?" Dyon looked at Ri, immediately noticing there was something wrong, "Did I do something bad again?"

"Are you worried about Madeleine?" Ri said quietly, "There's not a single person here that doesn't want to help you."

Sudden nods of affirmation resounded through the room.

Dyon looked around quietly. Diligently looking into the eyes of each and every elf here. Akash. Zaltarish. Opal. Celine. The Cormyth twins. Academy students. Guild apprentices. The orphans.

This was the very first time since Dyon left the human world that he felt that he had any support… Although Dyon found it a bit silly that they thought he cared about Elwing's words, this was heart warming nonetheless.

Suddenly, Dyon smiled, grabbing onto Ri's hand and helping her up, "Do you know why I love it here?"

Dyon led a confused Ri to the center of the hall, suddenly stopping to face her. Dyon smiled gently, looking into Ri's pure blue-silver eyes.

Ri was left in such a trance that she forgot to answer.

"I love it here because it's the first place in this martial world I've earned an actual place. It's where I have two adorable siblings. It's where I've found my little feu glace."

Dyon gently stroked Ri's cheek before bringing his hand to prop up her back, taking her hand in his other.

Ri was stunned by the sudden new position.

She buried her head in Dyon's chest, "I don't know how to dance," she said softly.

The Elvin younger generation smiled at Ri's reaction and Dyon's ability to fluster her. Ri had always been unabashed and unreserved, a true genius among them. This was definitely a new side to her.

Dyon smiled, "You only have to follow my lead. Let me show you how I feel."

Suddenly, Dyon's aurora blazed to life, melding perfectly with Ri's. Fires of blue-gold danced at their feet, causing the elves to widen their eyes in shock.

'Ri has an innate aurora?!'

Many had this thought at once. But, it was quickly tempered. It didn't make sense, so the only explanation was that…

'Ri awoke her aurora to 100%?!' Akash's eyes glittered, 'This year's campaign…' She turned, training her gaze on Dyon, 'You've single-handedly changed everything.'

Ri looked up at Dyon as they stood in the flames of blue and gold. Something felt different about the melding of their auroras now… but, she didn't know what it was.

Suddenly, they started moving… and along with each stride… each spin… each pause… A note resonated in the air leaving a trail of flames.

The melody immediately incapsulated everyone. It was as though Dyon's feelings were theirs… Like his thoughts were theirs… Like his love was theirs…

They saw Dyon and Ri first meet. How they played off of each other… how they laughed together.

Then they felt pain. They watched an orphanage burn down, they saw the tears of children and the corpse of a beautiful old woman with a heart of gold.

Then they felt determination. The will to push on – the flames of anger and passion. They watched as Dyon diligently planned, as Ri diligently trained, and how they came together in the end. They saw Dyon's endless sleepless nights in dead kings valley. They saw Ri almost lose her life to its stairs. They saw them stand side by side against their ancestors… against the Daiyu… always together – whether that be in defeat… or their eventual victory.

And then… the music reached a peak. The flooding of their melding auroras nearly blinding the hall. Ri followed Dyon, giving him her everything. All of her trust, her wants… her hopes for the future…

Suddenly, the thoughts of everyone were filled with endless worry – sleepless nights of devotion. They saw Ri sit by Dyon's bed day after day, taking care of him unmatched fervor.

Then, they felt an endless flood of happiness. The images of green pastures filled with flowers as far as the eye could see, of rivers and waterfalls of untold purity… it felt like rising into the sky, a tempest of untainted emotions and… Love.

But then, everything abruptly changed. Ahead, there was a road… and on it, two people stood hand in hand, facing each other.

Dyon finally stopped moving, leaving the last note resonating in the air as he looked down as Ri.

Her face was flushed, a thin sheen of sweat on it… But, she had never looked so beautiful.

Dyon smiled gently at her as they stood at the center of a raging inferno of blue and gold.

"This is my third present to you…"

Everyone looked up in shock, 'He used arrays to make music and a creation at the same time?'

Zaltarish suddenly felt like taking down notes as he subtly glanced at Mithrandir.

Ri's eyes could no longer hold in her tears. She gripped Dyon's back tightly with her arms as though he was the only one who could stop her trembling.

All around them, the blue and gold flames distorted, rising in a flash before slowly condensing.

Then, it solidified… a beautifully embroidered sculpture took the breath of everyone in attendance… assuring this was something they would never forget.

In the air, a flower with endless petals radiated down an unmatched feeling, gently rotating in the air.

It was a promise for the future… A vow that would never be broken.

"This will be our Ice Petal's Dance."


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