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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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195 Jester 4

Everyone seemed interested in how this would come to an end. Is the war still ongoing? Did the dark phoenixes stop having saturated their power? Did someone stop them?

"However, two of their kind did come together. It wasn't for any greater purpose or anything like that… they simply fell in love," Elwing smiled, gently unlatching the box.

"Imagine that, an ice phoenix and a fire phoenix coming together. It's nature's beauty at its epitome.

But… As you might guess, their clans didn't approve of this. So, they ran. Sometimes hand in hand. Sometimes wing by wing. Sometimes in anguish. And yet still other times in happiness.

They spent thousands of years on the run from their very own families… until one day, a miracle happened," Elwing undid yet another latch on the box.

"The miracle of a child… Half ice phoenix. Half fire phoenix. A new species entered the world… The very first Violet Phoenix: Amethyst.

As you all know, beasts have rankings of their own. An earth beast is among the weakest, akin to a human with a common body.

Then, there's a heaven beast, which is ironically the equivalent of a human with an earth level constitution.

Then, there's the transcendent beast… a beast with what we'd equate to a god level constitution. The highest rankings among these beasts would compare to the top three of both male and female god level constitutions.

And then, there's the legendary supreme beasts. Beasts that are comparable only to humans with faith seeds A.K.A True Deity constitutions. However, even among faith seeds and supreme beasts there are three rankings. Elementary faith seeds and supreme beasts, Nascent ones, and finally… Divine ones.

For many years, no one understood why there was a need for the divine ranking. All of the most powerful faith seeds and supreme beasts of the world topped out at the peak of the nascent ranking… beasts like almighty dragons, the strongest of the qilin, nine-tailed kitsune, and even the phoenixes."

Dyon's lip twitched at the mention of the kitsune, but he didn't glance at Ri. He felt the prince would only become more annoying if he found out something like that right now.

Suddenly Dyon froze, 'He said faith seeds and supreme beasts were different… but just of the same rank… So, why did Ri's kitsune attributes appear to me as a faith seed?...'

Dyon's thought were interrupted by Elwing. "However, with the birth of this child… the first recorded supreme beast of the divine ranking was birthed. And it wasn't just that… the child was at the very peak of that rank!

However, with the birth of such a miracle, tragedy came right along with it… The process of such a powerful beast giving birth is more domineering than any cultivation break through. The heaven's open up, the chimes ring, stars collapse and destruction rains down…

While this is usually a great sign, it also acted as a beacon for the enemies of the ice-fire phoenix pair," Elwing's face noticeably saddened.

"The father, a noble amongst fire phoenixes, battled with his everything. It's told that of his nine reincarnations, he used all of them in that very battle, protecting his wife with his life itself.

Watching her husband die again and again in the face of so many enemies, the ice phoenix could barely use the last of her strength to birth Amethyst into the world, sending the child away with her last breath.

With that… the stream of time flowed. To the phoenix clans, the child was dead. And, even if it had survived the initial birth, whatever technique the ice phoenix would have had to use to send it away would have most likely killed it as well…

However, they couldn't have been more wrong.

One day Amethyst came back. She stood tall, reliving the one memory her mother implanted in her mind… the deaths of her father… the tears of her mother…

She channeled all of it. Her anger raged through the universes.

In the end, the phoenixes were forced to come together once again."

Dyon brows had long since furrowed in disgust. They couldn't come together to defeat the dark phoenixes, but they did to stop their children from being together? Even to the point of killing them? And now they wanted to kill their child?

"The penultimate battle was so large it raged across two universes. One became known as Chaos. And the other… was this very universe!

Although the details are unknown, the result was clear. The phoenixes practically disappeared from this world. The dark, ice and fire phoenixes vanishing out of the public eye. The last remaining ones have been dormant for a long time… leaving the only one standing as Amethyst…"

Dyon suddenly felt a tug on his sleeve. Looking down he noticed Little Lyla shaking her head quietly before she went back to playing with Little Black in his lap.

Dyon's eyes narrowed, 'He just lied about something…'

"However, the reason Amethyst won this battle against so many was because she had been suppressing her transcendence… Now, with her purpose complete, there was nothing tying her to this world anymore. But, before she left, she felt the need to protect her body… As such, she gifted my Belmont family with the task, handing us an imperfect form of her blood essence to boost our abilities."

Suddenly, a faint flash of anger appeared in Elwing's eyes, but, it was gone just as fast. However, it hadn't escaped Dyon's notice.

"However, to us this was more of a branding than anything else… the power boost was minimal, and the only clear effect was the oddity of our eyes.

Usually, when a person or beast transcends, their body becomes a faith seed to be passed down among their kin… However, there were some that were very selfish and chose to seal or destroy their worldly bodies instead… That being said, can anyone blame Amethyst for not wanting to see her hard work passed on to a species of beasts she hated to her core?

So, she sealed hers. Tasking us with its protection. Unfortunately, she made the decision of leaving it within a gate, saying that she one day hoped her body would be swallowed into the stream of space and time to wander forever… and in the end, she got her wish.

As such, with nothing left to protect, the Belmont family settled in as Earth's Royal God Clan. However, without Amethyst's temple to meditate in, our bloodlines are doomed to decline as we age…

Luckily! We've learned to stimulate our bloodlines with the remains of the ice and fire phoenixes. The more talented you are, the more ice and fire phoenix blood you can handle…"

Dyon suddenly felt a very familiar tugging on his sleeve that made his frown deepen.

"So, today I gift to you, Princess Alexandria Acacia…"

Elwing finally opened the box, spinning it to allow every to see.

A collective breath was taken as everyone was suddenly invaded with the feeling of a bone chilling cold and a skin searing heat.

Beautiful flaming feathers lay in the box… one had dancing red flames, crackling in the air. And the other, was its exact opposite. A feather coated in ice blue flames, the dancing of its blaze sounding more like a quiet mist.

"The feathers of an ice and fire phoenix!"


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