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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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192 Jester 1

Within the banquet hall, the atmosphere was as lively as ever.

Zaltarish had gone from preparing fruits for Mithrandir to cutting her food up for her. Ores was still trying to pretend as though he wasn't sending a glance towards Akash every minute. And Akash herself was the life of the party, playing with the orphans and entertaining the young geniuses. She really did have the air of a leader.

Suddenly, the atmosphere quietened when the sound of the large banquet halls doors opening filled the area. Everyone looked over in anticipation, hoping to see Ri.

However, when a feminine looking young man with purple hair walked in, some found it hard to contain their disappointment. Unfortunately, the children were even worse at concealing their emotions – some even making audible sounds of displeasure.

"Aw… I thought it would be big brother," Little Black frowned, "He still hasn't seen my human form!"

Little Black seemed oblivious to the quiet of the room, he was too busy with the chicken legs in his hands. He sat crouched on a chair, his feet planted on the seat as he eagerly bit into the them. Little Lyla was beside him, giggling at his antics, but she suddenly frowned.

Looking up, she realized the second prince was headed towards them. But, before she could tug on Little Black's sleeve, Akash had already intercepted the prince's path, pretending as though she didn't notice his intention.

The second prince frowned at the woman in front of him. It was even decidedly fiercer considering Akash was even more masculine than he was.

"Is there a problem?" The prince looked at Akash questioningly.

Akash's brows furrowed, 'his eyes are… odd.'

The Belmont family was very secretive with their existence. In fact, they were such an enigmatic family that most simply referred to them as the Royal God Clan instead of by their name.

That had partially changed with the crowning of the new king, but in recent years, it was as though the family laid dormant. Aside from Head Sicarius, Ava's father and the King's best friend, few other people knew about the family.

But, their eyes were something everyone would recognize. One blue and one red, shining in their own balance.

"There's nothing of course," Akash said, recovering from her surprise, "I only wanted to greet the prince in the stead of the Elvin Princess. I believe I'm the most qualified to do so, no?"

Prince Belmont looked passed Akash toward the oblivious Little Black, "Is it normal to allow beast children to live amongst you? It's decidedly crude and disgusting."

The silent atmosphere suddenly got darker, everyone looking towards Little Black with pity in their eyes. But, Little Black didn't seem to care to much.

In fact, his nose switched a bit through bites, "You sound like a man, but you smell like a woman. Why is that?"

The adorable part was that Little Black asked this question innocently. His tone held no malice or ill intent, he only spoke out blatantly as any child would.

Akash closed her eyes, biting onto her lip to try and hold back her laugh, 'This little kid's influenced too much by Dyon.'

Prince Belmont felt his face redden in anger, his eyes becoming sharper as he seemed intent on walking past Akash.

Although Akash wanted to stop him, the Elvin Kingdom wasn't really in a place to garner much respect right now.

Prince Belmont smirked as he watched Akash's war with herself.

But, Akash suddenly snorted to herself, 'since when was I worried about such ridiculous things… being a leader is hard…'

When Akash was simply a campaign leader, she was do reckless things all of the time, and her men would follow her. But, things were on a much larger scale now… the responsibility was on another whole level. However, that didn't mean she would allow a child to be bullied.

However, just as she was about to reach out to stop Prince Belmont, Little Lyla spoke, "Prince, I know Little Black looks like a child, but you'll get hurt if you fight him as you are now…"

Everyone was stunned by Lyla's words. Knowing who she was, no one doubted her as tens of pairs of eyes flew towards Little Black.

'Maybe she meant Dyon wouldn't let him off?...'

Prince Belmont turned his gaze toward the little girl with pink hair. Truth be told, he didn't like the look of attacking a child either. But, some lines shouldn't be crossed.

"And you are?" The prince's eyes flashed, he felt there was something special about this little girl but he couldn't pin it, 'Wait… Special elf? True Empath?'

The prince's eyes narrowed. The decline of the Elvin Kingdom wasn't something the Belmonts wanted. After all, there were other Royal God Clans who were constantly seeking for an opportunity to rank up to a King God Clan. Because of this, having strong allies was good… but, if they were too strong, there was a problem.

Thus, when King Acacia disappeared, although it was a blow, it was worth while. However, a weakened Elvin Kingdom, mixed with an impressionable little girl, and add a sprinkle of her dead parents and you might have the perfect recipe for a future figure head to be controlled by none other than the first prince.

As such, Prince Belmont forgot about Little Black for a moment.

"I'm Lyla Sacharro," Little Lyla patted her chest adorably.

She seemed to have a calming effect on everyone, her demeanor bringing smiles to their faces.

However, her words caused the Prince to furrow his eyebrows, 'Sacharro?... Where have a heard that name before?...'


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