Reaper of the Martial World
191 Be a Princess 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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191 Be a Princess 3

Suddenly, Akash felt two hands tickling her sides causing her to turn back in agitation, "Bele, can't you be more like the rest of the Grimbold family? Imagine coming from a family of warriors and still being a dainty little girl."

Bele giggled at Akash's words her red hair bobbing. She had long since become used to this, "There's nothing wrong with acting like a woman," Bele cupped her small chest proudly.

Akash scoffed, "Woman, or little boy?"

Bele pouted in agitation, stomping her feet, "Hubby, Akash is bullying me again!"

A gold haired young man sitting nearby with a group of friends looked up but could only shake his head. Bele knew fully well that he was no match for Akash, so why get him involved? In fact, he wasn't even really Bele's husband! Marriages between major families were never the norm… but when Bele found out that Mithrandir and Zaltarish were betrothed to each other, she pounced on him… claiming 'dibs' as she called it.

The worst part was that when he looked over to his sister for help, he only found Celine giggling at his misfortune together with Opal.

So, he could only accept it as Bele walked over and plopped down in his lap, "Gael, did I ever tell you that you have such a dashing name? If our first child is a boy, we should name him Gael Jr.!"

One of Gael's friends nudged his rib, "How could you say no to a beauty like Bele? If you don't want her, give me a chance."

Bele pouted unhappily at the boy, "Gael is the only one for me. Hmph."

Despite her antics, Bele meant what she said. Because she was part of the Grimbold family, she actually had no choice but to participate in the campaigns unlike the other girls.

During one such occurrence, Gael had saved her life as well as many of the soldiers under her charge. If it wasn't for the previous taboo against members of major families wedding, she would have long since given herself to Gael.

Celine smiled at this scene. She liked the idea of her elder brother having someone who loved him for pure reasons.

Gael smiled, accepting Bele into his lap with an arm around her waist, "Don't worry Idril, I'm sure you'll find someone else."

Feeling Gael's arm, Bele was suddenly oddly embarrassed. But, she still smiled warmly.

Idril sighed, a depressed look creeping onto his face, "If the Fletcher family had any say in it… I'd marry a girl from the blacksmithing guild just so that bows and arrows were easier to come by."

Gael laughed, mostly because Idril's pain came from a place of truth. The Fletcher family were expert archers as their manifestations would attest. So, they often did marry into blacksmithing families.

Just like that, the banter and fun continued for another hour. Ri and Dyon were nowhere to be seen, but, this was still a good environment for most. As such, no one left early.

Suddenly, Sinaht and Uncle Acacia stood. They had been quietly conversing amongst each other, but they thought it would be best if they just left the event to the younger generation…. That and the fact they sensed a familiar and irking presence approaching the castle.

Not wanting it to ruin the festivities, the stood to greet them outside. As rude as that may have been, they believed they had given the Royal God Clan enough face in the past couple months.

Sinaht sighed, "We can keep the old man away… but, it's likely that prince will want to come."

Uncle Acacia chuckled, "That prince is quite arrogant… He knew of the start time of this event yet still came late… Why do you think he asked for Dyon so often?"

A pensive looked surfaced on Sinaht's features, "I believe that must have something to do with Madeleine Sapientia."

Uncle Acacia nodded… that was the only thing that made sense.

The two of them flashed outside of the Castle to find a grand carriage slowly approaching the entrance.

Due to the bird emblem of the Royal God Clan, none of the guards dared to stop them… As such, they had already neared the main entrance.

After waiting patiently, a young feminine looking man and what seemed like an older guardian walked out.

Royalty in other settings may be granted devout respect, but the Royal God Clan system was a bit different. The Royal God Clan, for one, wasn't that much more powerful than the God Clans. There difference was on two or three Celestial Stages at the most… at least in this universe.

This was a disparity that could be made up with numbers, or in the case of the Elvin Kingdom, a genius king… Although King Acacia was missing, in his reign, there was no doubt he was a match if not even more powerful than the grand and reserve elders of the Royal God Clan.

However, it seemed as though his disappearance had significantly lowered the standing of the elves in the eyes of everyone… even to the point where being just a few months late to report to campaign caused them to send not their first, but their second prince of this generation to berate them.

With the population deficiencies of the elves… their lack of presence would hardly make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. It was clear that the second prince of this generation had come with ulterior motives… and they clearly involved Dyon. How could something like this be allowed with King Acacia here?

And yet, here they were…

The second prince bowed politely and with a smile that made you hard-pressed not to think he was a woman…

"I've come to pay my respects to the Princess on her birthday, kind elders."

Sinaht and Uncle Acacia nodded, "That's of course no problem. We've left this banquet up to the younger generation, so, you can head in. Your guardian can chat important matters with us."

The prince's long purple hair covered his face in his bow, so no one noticed the sharpness his eyes gained at these words.

But, he still stood and smiled amiably, "I'll do my best to represent our Belmont family properly. Getting to know those who'll hold the future of our planet in their hands is of course part of the responsibility of a monarchy."

Sinaht and Uncle Acacia pretended not to notice the prince's clear provocation and instead led his guardian away, allowing a servant to escort him in instead.

As the prince walked to the hall following behind the servant girl, he suddenly grew an odd smile on his face.

'The elves are nothing but a race at the end of their ropes… To think their Princess would be so rude to me! When elder brother becomes King, I'll be sure they're the first we wipe out… then I can slowly play with her until death…'

Originally, when he had seen Ri, he was stunned. The only beauty he had seen that could compare was Madeleine… But, no one had ever heard of such a beauty from the Elvin Kingdom!

And yet, she cared not for his being a Royal God Clan prince. In fact, her mouth and demeanor were foul!

Then there was the reason he had come here in the first place. Before the appearance of Ri, Madeleine was the undisputed best maiden in the universe with her competitors only being able to match her in either talent or beauty… but never both. However, she was a stone wall when it came to those approaching her. The prince's brother had even followed her all the way to a distant planet, hoping time would open up her heart!

However, this Dyon was clearly a road block.

'Hmph, the best you've gifted such an outstanding woman is a practitioner level treasure? And you call yourself a man?

I don't know what sick and demented love potion you fed her, but we'll see where you'll be able to hide while I'm here…'


*sigh… sometimes people complain about young masters trying to steal wives and lovers, but, this is unfortunately the way of the world. In a society where most marriage is arranged and based on superficial things, this is a natural by-product. This is especially true when you add in the arrogance of someone who's always gotten what they've wanted for all of their lives

This being said, this plot point is by no means the only plot point or even a main plot point of my novel (except for the very first mini arc, of course). Unlike some other works (too many to name tbh, lmao), the plot isn't being driven by Dyon saving his woman/clashing with young masters who want to steal his woman. There's the mysterious movements of the Ragnor/Daiyu clans. There's the mystery of the creator of the ancient games. There's seemingly a reason the earth expanded by millions of times yet no one is talking about it… There's the questions about the fall of the demon sage and the elves. The only uninhabited universe in existence? I wanna go there too!

And, hasn't anyone noticed how odd the Sapientia clan glasses are… And why the hell does everyone let the Sapientia clan have a monopoly on information. That sounds absolutely ridiculous in its own right.

To me, these 'I'm going to steal your wife' moments are just subplots while I set up for the real thing. I could understand frustration if that was all there was to RMW, but I'd hope if you read this far you didn't think that 😉

Anyhoo! This rant was more so about reminding you guys how many cool things we have in store than anything else, hehe. Just treat Dyon playing keep away with his fiancées as some sprinkled in face slaps to satiate your tropey desires… (you know you have them 😉 😉). Stay tuned!


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