Reaper of the Martial World
189 Be a Princess 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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189 Be a Princess 1

Ri sat on Dyon's lap facing him, laying her head on his shoulder as she took deep breaths.

They had moved to her private bathing area and currently sat at the shallow end of a large pool.

The space was more like its own bath house rather than a normally sized bathroom. The pool was large and had an interesting curved and abstract shape to it. Elegantly crafted tiles covered the surface of almost everything as a faint layer of steam hung in the air.

Dyon felt like falling asleep just like this… his arms wrapped around Ri's waist and her breasts pressed against his chest.

"How many hours has it been since this morning?" He asked.

Ri was silent for a while, as though she had fallen asleep herself. But, she suddenly wiggled awake, reminding Dyon that he was very much still attached to her.

Dyon reached down, relishing in the soft feeling of Ri's plump ass before slowly pulling her up.

Ri moaned as she felt Dyon slide out of her entrance, before collapsing into his arms again.

Taking a deep breath, she finally spoke, "you woke up around 10… it's at least 4 right now…" she said softly.

Dyon nodded and brought some soaps over, gently rubbing them onto Ri's soft skin as she closed her eyes in pleasure. She allowed Dyon to clean every inch of their bodies. The feeling of his hands gliding across her almost raised her excitement again… but, the dull ache between her legs made her think against doing something about it.

After Dyon spun Ri around to spend a conveniently long time lathering her breasts with foam – much to her amusement – he finally washed everything off.

Then, he gently picked Ri up bridal style, his feet lighting in a faint wind and fire will.

Now dry and comfortable, the two of them fell into a deep sleep in Ri's large bed.


Dyon awoke to an amazing fragrance. His nose buried itself into Ri's hair as he slowly gained his bearings.

Ri shifted in Dyon's embrace, her canine teeth shining as she yawned.

Dyon smiled, feeling two bundles of flesh press gently against him. Ri was truly adorable in her sleep, she had even draped her leg over Dyon, breathing soundly.

Looking through the drapes across the room, Dyon realized the sun was beginning to set which meant Ri's birthday banquet would be starting soon.

Ri slowly opened her eyes to the feeling of Dyon rubbing his hand across her thigh – she giggled, feeling a bit ticklish, "pervert."

Dyon grinned, "How can I wake up next to a naked beauty and not touch?"

Because of her leg position, Ri could subtly feel something hard pressing up between her legs.

Ri smiled, gently grinding against Dyon, "Do you want to stay here? Or go to my birthday banquet?"

Dyon tilted Ri's head up, kissing her deeply.

But then, he pulled back and sighed, "I know you want to go," Dyon smiled, "So let's go. How could I ever want to disappoint you?"

Ri's eyes shone as she looked up at Dyon before she leaned in and lined his jawline with soft kisses, "I'll repay you later Mr. Jaws."

Dyon laughed, Ri hadn't called him that since the first time they met. At first he was confused, but her meaning was pretty obvious now.

Ri swung herself to the edge of the bed, letting Dyon watch her alluring back as she walked to a large walk-in closet.

To Ri, she wouldn't have wanted to go to the banquet while Dyon was in his coma. But, it was different now.

While the Elvin Kingdom was in turmoil, Ri hated everything that reminded her of her past as a princess. She avoided dresses, social gatherings, and mostly focused on her training. And although now, casual clothes like sweat pants had grown on her, with the problems of the kingdom settled, she was opening up to the idea of re-entering society as a princess should.

Much to Dyon's happiness, Ri's love of sweat pants and sports bras wouldn't die so easily – but, at the same time, she wouldn't cringe at the thought of a dress anymore.

That being said, Ri wanted to attend this banquet for reasons any woman would. She loved the idea of walking in with Dyon by her side with people who loved her around her. At the same time, she wanted to properly reconnect with Primrose.

Although Primrose had been her helper for years now, Ri always felt somewhat distant. A bit as if she still held a faint grudge against major families like Primrose's Aedre family for essentially ruining her childhood. However, her perspective on things began to change when she learned of Dyon's story. In fact, she shed more tears thinking about how he moved forward despite his past pains than for him having gone through the pain in the first place.

If Dyon could put things that hurt him aside to do such great things, Ri didn't feel like she'd be worthy to be with him if she didn't do the same. As such, she saw this banquet as a good first step to a brighter future for her and the Elvin Kingdom.

Thinking through these things, Ri slowly got ready under Dyon's eyes, laughing to herself because of his heated gaze. Well, that and the fact Primrose had filled her closet with so many ridiculous things. Ri could almost see her best friend winking at her from wherever she was now, 'Mithrandir influenced you too much,' thought Ri, giggling.

Finally finding a pair of undergarments that weren't too ridiculously risqué, Ri put them on. She smiled to herself, admiring their blue lace in a nearby mirror.

Ri's hair suddenly began to shimmer as her ice will melted into it, straightening out her bedhead.

Then, she picked out the dress Primrose had long since bought for her, 'This is too… princess-y….'

However, when she was about to find something else to wear instead, she felt suddenly felt a strong pair of arms around her.

"This is perfect," Dyon said gently, "You should be a princess on the princess' birthday, no?"

Ri looked down at the dress in her hands, leaning into Dyon.

It was a strapless dress, but that was hardly the problem… The waist up had elegantly arranged golds and blues, but the waist down bloomed outwards into endless and grandiose folds. Ri felt she would be hard pressed to walk properly, let alone sit or socialize.

But, she was in love with the silver colors of the puffs of fabric. In fact, if you looked closely, there was the slightest tinge of blue. But, other than that, she thought it was more inconvenient than anything… yet, she felt that maybe practicality was useless here.

So, she slipped it on, letting Dyon do up the back for her.

Ri looked at herself in the mirror, giggling to herself. The bottom of the dress was so wide her arms couldn't even rest properly at her sides.

Suddenly, she noticed Dyon behind her, "You're not planning on going naked, are you?"

Dyon grinned, "Only if you want me to." But, thinking of something, Dyon paused, "Watch this."

Ri watched expectantly, but she was suddenly blinded as a purple-gold array covered herself as well.

The light slowly faded. But, the sight of Dyon made Ri's heart quicken… it was suddenly very obvious to her that she loved him.

Dyon wore a tight-fitting Victorian style tunic and vest. It was as though it was made for a king. Its royal blue was laced with a velvety pattern that swirled elegantly throughout. The seams and buttons were embroidered with a rich gold color leading all the way to its high collar, ending in a roaring dragon. Even the pants and shoes to match, with their sleek black appearance, had a rich air of nobility. And yet… it all would have meant nothing if not for Dyon's demeanor.

Suddenly, a smile spread across Dyon's handsome face as he bowed and stretched out his hand, "Would you do me the honor of allowing me to accompany you to this ball, Princess Alexandria Acacia?"

Tears threatened to spill out of Ri's eyes as she nodded, placing her hand in Dyon's, "mm."


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