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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Ri trembled as she felt Dyon's hand on her shoulder. But, all he did was wrap his arm around her, chuckling.

"Do you want to know how far Madeleine and I have gone?" Dyon asked questioningly.

Ri paused for a moment, but still nodded.

"I'm a virgin," Dyon said laughing, "There's no need to force yourself to do anything."

Ri suddenly felt like biting Dyon in exasperation, but, she settled for wiggling her arm out of his embrace to flick his forehead.

Dyon pouted, "ow… what was that for?"

"I wanted to know about you and Madeleine only to know more, that was all. Do you think I feel the need to sell my body to you as compensation? Hmph," Ri looked up at Dyon, clearly annoyed.

Dyon smiled, "What have I missed?"

Ri thought for a moment, settling back into Dyon's chest, "Well, the next round of campaigns have already begun."

"Oh? How are the elves doing?"

Ri shook her head, "No one thought it was right to leave without you. So, the elves are the only ones who haven't gone this time…"

An odd feeling blossomed in Dyon's heart as a thoughtful look surfaced on his features, "That's no good… is there anything important happening with the key towers right now?"

"From what we know, of the nine key towers, only one hasn't settled into the control of one of the universes… each of us have control of four. We've been at this stalemate for quite a while, nothing much has changed in a long time."

Dyon stroked Ri's hair as he thought, "It must be the Epistemic Tower that's uncontrolled, no?"

"How'd you guess?" Ri had some pretty good ideas of her own, but she wanted to hear Dyon's thoughts.

"That tower is the only one without any obvious military strategies to use in conquering it… The terrain is bland and uninteresting in terms of what you can see that is, and the spatial fluctuations are among the highest in that area. It makes it not only hard to capture, but also hard to defend… How do you defend an area that attacks you and your opponent?"

Ri nodded, "In the past, this was always a critical tower. Most decide to conquer the other eight towers before tackling the Epistemic Tower. The problem with that strategy is obvious though…"

"Right… the Epistemic Tower is at the center of everything. Supply routes would essentially be cut off if you choose to cross over to reach the four towers furthest from your gate entrance. It's obvious how ground breaking it would be for someone to conquer that tower… it would probably shift the tides…"

"Exactly. The Epistemic Tower is named as such for a reason. It holds a formula for how the laws of that gate work… holding that key tower means having an ever-changing map of the gate… It's also possible that having that map might give you clues on how to approach conquering other gates as well…"

Dyon grinned.

Ri giggled, "you're thinking of doing something crazy, aren't you?"

Dyon laughed, "when have I ever not done something crazy?"

Ri pouted, "Maybe when you covered me up even when I said you could look?"

Dyon smiled deviously, tilting Ri's head up, "is my little feu glace in heat?"

Ri's eyes sparkled as she looked into Dyon's, "Do you know what's hard about being a beast with a fiancé who does nothing but roll around shirtless in her bed?"

Dyon flipped Ri beneath him, feeling as though she was lighting his insides on fire with her words.

Ri placed both hands on Dyon's chest, slightly digging her nails in as her voice grew hoarse, "Do you know what's even harder about remembering how he touched another woman in front of her?"

Dyon's eyes reddened, demonic will dripping from him as he felt Ri grind her knee into his groin.

Ri wrapped her arms around Dyon's neck, pulling him in tightly. Her hands ran through his hair as she moaned to the kisses he trailed along her neck.

Ri gasped, feeling Dyon rip her sports bra off to leave faint red marks where it used to be. She pressed her chest against his, biting into his shoulder.

"I want it, Dyon…" Ri said softly.

Dyon pulled up to look at a flushed Ri, gently stroking her cheek with his thumb as he kissed her passionately. His hands lowered, slowly circulating his celestial will and aurora while cupping her supple breasts.

"yes..." Ri gasped for air, biting Dyon's lip until it almost bled.

Ri's breasts were nothing short of perfection – a springy mound of flesh that sent Dyon to full mast without reservation.

Reaching for the bands of Dyon's sweats, Ri pulled them down, exposing his everything. Her heart quickened its pace, her face flushing an ever-deepening shade of red as she watched a heavy mass slap against her belly.

Ri was starting to get restless, every layer of clothing was nothing more than an annoyance. She wanted to reach down to take off her last layer, but she suddenly heard Dyon growl.

A feral air stifled all breathing as Dyon ripped Ri's hands out of her control, pinning them together above her head.

Something snapped within Ri. The domination… the submissiveness… something in her blood was boiling as she stared down at Dyon's throbbing cock as though it was the only thing she would ever wish for.

Ri's aurora blazed, hers intertwining with Dyon's and following its lead.

Dyon kissed Ri's neck, gently biting as he moved down.

Every touch glowed, infusing Ri with almost more pleasure than she could handle. She felt like she was already on the edge of something… yet Dyon had not gone anywhere near her treasured place.

The frustration. The lack of control. The pleasure. All of it was bringing Ri closer to losing herself. Her moans were no longer decipherable from growls of anger and agitation.

Suddenly, she felt Dyon's hot breath on her thigh, but when she tried to move her hands, she found them bound tightly to her bed's head.

"Dyon…" Ri's voice almost sounded like she was pleading.

Dyon reached his hand up from his position between Ri's legs, taking in her scent while lightly toying with her pink nipples.

He sucked on her sensitive groin, moving to the other side to do the same.

"Please…" Ri's hips wiggled in agitation, but Dyon's hand was firmly gripping the side of her hip… until suddenly… Ri felt the lightest of kisses right on the fabric of her panties.


Ri's back arched, her legs shaking with pleasure as she pressed Dyon's head between her thighs.

Suddenly, she felt her last layer finally disappear.

Dyon trembled in agitation looking at this scene.

Ri's treasured area glistened, a small patch of triangular hair gracing it. It was the picture of perfection – its light pink folds were subtle and well kept, the faint string of purity between it and the fabric Dyon held in his hands sparkled in the air and its fragrance was so intoxicating that Dyon almost lost all control.

Ri's breathing was heavy, but it seemed she wasn't satisfied.

"Take my everything…" Ri's voice was ragged but resolute.

Dyon climbed up to find Ri had forcefully broken her bindings. He groaned feeling a hand grip his member, slowly stroking it.

Ri gently rubbed Dyon's tip against hers, inadvertently causing herself to tremble as she clumsily tried to find her entrance.

Dyon could hardly hold himself together… so… as soon as he felt an opening… he thrusted forward, bearing down on Ri with a domineering kiss.

Ri grunted as she felt as though she was pierced all the way through. She wrapped her arms beneath Dyon's, grabbing onto his shoulders and biting into them. Her nails digging trails along his back.

Suddenly, she was flooded by an endless amount of Celestial Will. Her moans became wild, filling the room with feral growls of pleasure.

Dyon had never once used dual cultivation techniques as they were meant to be used. But today… he reached the epitome of what it meant to dual cultivate.

Ri's entrance felt like tornado of swirling juices and soft skin. The moving walls and flexing muscles made every part of Dyon feel as though he was lost in the greatest feeling in the world.

And suddenly, he kissed her. He kissed her with his everything. Feeling as though if he ever stopped, she would disappear.

What they didn't know and couldn't bother to care about, was that each of them were sharing a part of themselves with each other… Dyon's soul brought Ri to a next level of understanding; from that day forth, the melding of their auroras would never be the same…

Ri's faith seed and god level constitution stimulated Dyon's beast essence blood, stabilizing it to an all new level. His blood essence integration shot up to 30% for both his celestial deer and demon qilin essences! And his Demon Sage essence suddenly shot to 5%! In one night of endless pleasure, Dyon's body had undergone a qualitative change… few within the manifestation stage could match his body's prowess now…

Ri suddenly felt Dyon twitching endlessly within her. Her walls convulsed again and again under his onslaught.

Dyon's tongue invaded Ri's mouth, playing with hers without reservation.

Ri gasped, digging her nails even further into Dyon's back, "don't you dare stop," she said out of breath.

Ri wrapped her legs tightly around Dyon's waist, her back arching in a final climax as Dyon pressed her down.

Dyon groaned, wrapping his arm around Ri's waist to lift her up. She shivered as she felt him even deeper than before.

They stayed like that for a long while. Dyon kneeling and Ri locking her legs around him, laying her head on his shoulder.

Dyon raised his free hand to stroke Ri's hair, finally allowing Ri to relax as he stopped circulating his techniques.

She took deep breaths, enjoying the feeling of still having Dyon inside of her.

Ri suddenly giggled lightly between gasps, "your master left you some good memories," she said faintly.

Dyon chuckled hoarsely, "Happy birthday, my little feu glace."

RI smiled, "is this your present to me?"

Dyon shook his head, "this is only part one."

Ri's eyes widened as she felt Dyon's member suddenly grow to another size inside of her.

Ri pulled up from Dyon's shoulder, her beautifully shaped breasts in full view as a sheen of sweat layered her flawlessly glowing skin.

She smiled, revealing her adorable canines, "Take me again, then…"


*cough…. I'll just leave this here….

***just a little excerpt on why I chose to give Dyon's virginity to Ri instead of Madeleine

'I understand where you're coming from. Believe it or not, though, I spent a long time thinking about who it should have been first honestly... the reason I decided on Ri anyway is

1) Ri is half beast. Her libido is naturally much higher than Madeleine's

2) Having Dyon wait specifically for Madeleine forces an imbalance in the relationship between the 3. Imagine Ri wanting to do it with Dyon, but Dyon holding back for the sake of Madeleine. To Ri, that would just mean that Madeleine was still number 1 in Dyon's heart when I actually want to portray the fact that they're equal.

3) Taking Madeleine's virginity is a much more complicated affair than taking Ri's. Although the reason Dyon and Madeleine didn't have *** at Focus Academy was because Madeleine didn't feel like she was ready, there was also the added layer of pressure too. Remember, Madeleine's master somehow got information to Madeleine about her being the first in line genius without Dyon even noticing... it was clear she was being watched over.

4) probably the last, but still important point, is that Madeleine had taken quite a few of Dyon's firsts. His first true feelings for a woman, his first kiss, his first sexual experience, his first time seeing a woman naked... etc etc. I felt like if Ri didn't have one of Dyon's firsts, it would again lead to an imbalance. I don't plan to have Dyon get another wife in a looooong time. In fact, it's possible that he never gets another. So, it was important to me that Ri=Madeleine instead of Madeleine >> Ri.'


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