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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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The room was large and extravagant, bathed in dark reds and greys.

A large five-meter-wide bed was situated right in the middle, covered in endless amounts of soft pillows as a handsome young man slept soundly, turning every so often and muttering odd things in his sleep. He was completely oblivious to the fact that three people who loved him were in the very same room.

One was a girl with beauty beyond words. Her silver-blue hair and eyes shone even in the dimly lit space, and yet, she oddly wore what looked like a sports bra and sweat pants… not living up to the rest of her pure appearance at all.

This girl smiled faintly as she watched two small children play on the end of the bed, 'I'm glad you gave me partial ownership of the ring,' she thought quietly.

The children, though, seemed to have no worries in the world. One was an adorable little girl around five years old. Her long pink hair nearly touched the ground as she gleefully giggled.

The other child was a boy with jet black hair and eyes. He had the faint marking of a white scale on his forehead, but other than that, he was about seven or eight years old.

"shh," berated the beautiful blue haired girl, "you'll wake your elder brother."

"big sister Ri," pouted the little girl, "you shouldn't miss your birthday party. Big brother Dyon wouldn't want that."

The beautiful blue-silver haired girl was of course Alexandria Acacia, the little girl was Little Lyla and the boy was… Little Black!

Ri bent towards Little Lyla and patted her head, "birthdays are meant to be celebrated with those you love. How could I enjoy it with him not there?"

Plus… some annoying guests were here to ask why the elves hadn't appeared on the battle field for this campaign…

Little Lyla clapped happily, giggling, "big brother will wake up soon. Really!"

If it was a normal little girl who said this, Ri would have brushed it off. But, the fact it was Little Lyla caused Ri to glance expectantly at Dyon's handsome continence.

It had been four months since the day Dyon essentially single handedly saved the Elvin Kingdom from ruin, and yet he still hadn't awoken. It was clear he had overdrafted his soul… yet, all Ri could do was occasionally circulate her ice purity path and water healing path within Dyon. The rest was up to him and time.

"Big sister?"

Ri turned her head to Little Black who was looking at her expectantly, "hmm? What is it?"

"Can we go and eat? I'm really hungry?"

Ri covered her mouth, giggling lightly. Little Black was probably the only one who could match Dyon's appetite.

Originally, she had been confused when she first saw this Little Boy. But, when she figured out the reason why he had come out of his beast form, a warm feeling blossomed in her heart.

"Okay Little Black, you can take your little sister to the banquet hall. I'm sure they're setting up for my birthday by now. There's definitely plenty of food."

Ri laughed as Little Black's eyes sparkled. He grabbed Little Lyla's small hand in his and practically dragged her out of the room.

A smile was all that was left on Ri's face after they gave her a final wave goodbye, closing the door.

Suddenly, the room was silent. With the children gone, it was just Ri and Dyon's breathing.

Ri slowly got up and walked to the door, locking it. She knew people would come and disturb her, but she really had no intention of going to this banquet.

She had been thrusted back into the palace life style with Sinaht acting as interim king in the absence of her father and while Little Lyla grew up. Regardless of how confident they were in the fact that Dyon was most likely who the prophecy spoke about, changing long standing traditions is what almost brought the Elvin Kingdom to ruin in the first place. As such, Ri was back in her old room and Little Lyla was slated as the next ruler of the Elvin Kingdom.

Walking to the side of the bed, Ri smiled as she got on, loving how perfectly she fit to Dyon's side.

Dyon shifted in his sleep, wrapping his arms around Ri, "you smell good," he muttered.

Ri blushed, taking in Dyon's scent as well. His shirtless torso had gained the weight he lost back. The chiseled yet soft feel made it impossible for Ri not to run her hands along it again and again.

Smiling, Ri giggled, "you say weird things in your sleep…"

Ri closed her eyes, content to take a nap in Dyon's arms when suddenly she heard something unexpected.

"How could I still be asleep with such a beauty in my arms? Wouldn't someone be looking down on me for wasting such a thing?"

Ri wiggled her head out of Dyon's chest to find two pure hazel-green eyes looking down at her.

Dyon smiled gently, caressing Ri's cheek, "how angry do you think the kingdom would be if I stole their Princess' first ki – "

Ri didn't think. She was just so happy to see Dyon open his eyes again that she only leaned upwards, pressing her lips to his.

Dyon's senses were invaded with a cool feeling. Ri's lips tasted like water melted from the highest peaks and were as fragrant as lavender.

Her touch was as soft as the petals on a rose… a kiss so gentle Dyon felt as though he was sinking into a cloud.

Suddenly, Ri pulled away, looking into Dyon's eyes with a slight blush on her face.

Dyon smiled when he noticed she had inadvertently gone into her Kitsune form. Her adorable canines had become more prominent and the bed was decidedly softer with ten beautiful silver-blue tails lying about.

When Ri noticed what had happened, her blush deepened as she retracted them, causing Dyon to chuckle, "the next time I make you sweat pants," he said with an evil grin on his face, looking toward Ri's backside, "I'll put a spatial transference array in the back so I'm the only one who can ever see this sight."

Ri's brows furrowed, "what do you m – " Ri's eyes widened as she suddenly felt a draft from her back. Her tails had pushed down her sweats!

Ri buried her head into Dyon's chest, hitting his arm in embarrassment, "stop teasing me!"

Dyon smiled, pulling a duvet over to cover the both of them, "okay, see now? I can't see anymore."

Suddenly, Ri kicked off her sweats, speaking in a soft voice made Dyon shiver from head to toe, "no one said you couldn't look… pervert."


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