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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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183 Devour 1

Dyon stared at the manifestation in the sky, his heart palpitating.

He could feel the demon sage blood within his raging at the thought of an inferior bloodline displaying such dominance… But Dyon knew fully well he hadn't absorbed nearly enough of it for it to have any effect other than subtly boosting his body's strength.

However, his Celestial Deer essence and Demon qilin essence roared to life, covering him in black scales coated with crystals. Dyon's body began to sound off thunderous booms, disdaining the Black Jade Dragon's suppression.

Dyon took deep breaths… he had used a lot of stamina in his last move. Not only had he fused space and time wills, he also coated his weapon's hell arrays with sword spirits melded with even more wills! And yet, Chenglei's defenses had reached an ungodly level… he didn't even have a scratch on him…

Suddenly Dyon's mind flashed with an idea, 'that could work…'

Leaping backwards, Dyon continued to steady his breathing, gripping his sword in his hand as his Weapon's Hall disappeared.

The dragon coiled around Chenglei, hiding him within its long body…

Dyon's eyes narrowed, 'he's preparing something…'


Dyon looked over to see Jade and RI's battle reaching its climax. Ri had settled into her Kitsune form, her dark hair flapping in the wind wildly as she slashed her sword out again and again… melding it with endless pieces of water, ice and wind wills.

Jade, however, didn't seem to lose out in anyway. Her moon manifestation seemed to see all things, and yet, it also reflected all things. Purple-Black energies rotated around her, deflecting Ri's blows… however, she couldn't find an opening to attack either.

"it's not so good to take your eyes off of your opponent in such a situation," Chenglei said faintly.

Dyon's eyes snapped back, widening in shock.

Chenglei's body had increased yet another size, even to the point of towering over 3 meters. His hands now had clear claws on them and even his teeth had sharpened. And what was maybe the most shocking: his spear had changed to one of the transcendent level…

Chenglei suddenly tossed his spear into the air, leaping to stand on the head of his manifestation.

The crowd gapped in shock… 'His manifestation has a corporeal body?!'

Dyon winced, '6th stage soul… that's the only way…'

Although Dyon could boost his soul to the 6th stage, it had a massive effect on him. And Dyon could clearly see that Chenglei could only tap into this soul power because he entered the 3rd stage of his Black Jade Body. The only good news was that Chenglei was using a soul boosting technique whereas Dyon's boost was a part of him, which meant Chenglei was on an even shorter leash than him.

However, Dyon also knew holding anything back would do him no good right now.

"Grandfather! I'm going to use it!"

Elder Daiyu nodded faintly, still standing in the air quietly with his hands clasped behind his back.

"shit…" Dyon muttered under his breath, 'I guess it's time.'


Majestic wings burst from Dyon's back as his Angel manifestation appeared.

Chenglei's eyes narrowed… he could tell that if it wasn't for his soul stage currently being higher, Dyon's manifestations without a doubt surpassed his, 'who is this kid?! Twin manifestations?!'

Dyon didn't care for Chenglei's surprise, instead flapping his wings and launching himself into the air.

'I can't use this too soon… I'll only have one shot… my stamina isn't doing too good right now…'

Dyon stared intently at Chenglei and his floating spear, 'just what is he going to do?'

Suddenly, the temperature started rising drastically.

'You've got to be fucking kidding me…' thought Dyon.

Chenglei's Black Jade Dragon had opened its mouth, positioning the spear just in front of it. Chenglei himself sat cross-legged, his face the picture of concentration and fatigue.

Spear will gathered wildly as the spear seemed to begin to glow under the rising heat.

'how am I supposed to get close to that… that spear will is a death sentence…'

Chenglei's spear will had reached an unprecendented level. It was clear he had understood at least two paths along it… the sharpness path… and the dominance path… a dominance path that couldn't help but incite his demonic will to all new levels…


The spear instantaneously lost its form, being engulfed in endless flames.


The temperature rose again as layers and layers of spear will coated the raging technique… it was almost like another sun had formed in the mouth of the dragon…

The crowd suddenly realize that 300 meters wouldn't be enough… they stood, the elders taking the young and fleeing…

Ri suddenly appeared by Dyon's side, a sheen of sweat on her forehead, but wearing a complacent smile.

Dyon shivered as he realized she had a clump of silver hair in her hand and Jade who lied a distance away… was decidedly more… bald.

Despite the danger of the situation, Dyon couldn't help but laugh, "pft."

Shaking his head, Dyon focused, "we can't get close… I can only prepare a technique to counter… are you sure you want to stand by my side?..."

Ri flicked Dyon's forehead, "don't ask me stupid questions or I'll make you swallow all this hair."

Dyon smiled, wrapping a wing around Ri as they stood in the air.

Bring his hands together, Dyon took a deep breath, realizing Chenglei was about to reach the peak of his technique, "I've never tried this before…" he said quietly.


Endless heat steamed off of Dyon in the face of Chenglei's growing sun… and yet, it had nothing to do with Chenglei.

Dyon's soul exploded in strength, climbing rapidly to the middle of the 6th stage, causing his aurora to dance with happiness.

And then… Dyon did something he had never done before… instead of creating tens of weapon's hell arrays, he created just one… but the size… was enormous.

Dyon grunted under the strain of creating an array on such a large scale, but he suddenly felt a peaceful feeling as a soft hand found its way to his back. Dyon was quickly flooded with such a pure feeling of health and happiness that he almost forgot he was in battle.

"Thank you, Ri… this makes this much easier…"


Dyon's array expanded in size again and again… until it towered behind him at well more than 500 meters in height and shining a blinding purple-gold, completely dwarfing Chenglei's dragon… and yet, it was as though it would collapse under the pressure at any time…

Chenglei seemed unperturbed by the change. Although there was a size difference, that difference was only due to how much less refined Dyon's technique was… the scale of something didn't always equate to its power…

"Watch closely…" Chenglei said faintly, "This is the legacy of the Daiyu clan…"

The temperature seemed to raise to even yet another level. A ball of fire, spear and demonic will raged in the skies, looming domineeringly in the mouth of the dragon.

Suddenly, a spear of epic proportions appeared at the center of Dyon's array… spinning ever so slowly…

Chenglei's eyes snapped open, "Know despair… Black Jade Sun: Annihilation!"


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