Reaper of the Martial World
182 Black Jade 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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182 Black Jade 3

Dyon couldn't be bothered to answer. With a last glance at Ri to let her know to be careful, his leg flexed as he readied himself.

Yet, Jade and Ri sprung into action first, Jade's manifestation blooming as a bright purple moon as her hands spread out. A sinister smile was plastered onto her face, as though she was inviting Ri to come.

However, Dyon couldn't pay attention to that, he knew Ri had yet to manifest her soul… but her other attributes were so strong that he didn't feel a need to worry.


Dyon launched himself forward, propelling his movements with his wind will as a dark black spear with an obsidian blade appeared in Chenglei's hand.

The crowd watched this scene intently. With the elders in a stalemate in the sky, their only real duty was to ensure the Eostre family didn't flee… although Zaltarish did finally take this opportunity to help Kymil and Darcassan up from their kneeling positions.

Finally… Dyon and Chenglei clashed.

There was no use of wills, no techniques, no extra power, it was only a clash between men.

Dyon's arms flexed as he stared into Chenglei's black eyes. He had long since lost the emotion in his features, the only goals and thoughts before were about defeating the man in front of him.


Dyon and Chenglei blew apart, 'his body is tough,' they both thought at once.

Chenglei swung his spear out from his body, bracing it against his back and crouching into a stance.

Suddenly, his energy erupted.


Dyon's eyes narrowed, 'demonic will…'

But, something more astonishing happened afterwards.

Chenglei's body grew a size, ripping his changpao at its seams.

Faint black scales covered the entirety of his body as a black and bloody aura permeated from him to the tip of his spear.

"your demonic path is weak…" Chenglei said faintly, launching himself forward.

Dyon shifted to the side, spurring his celestial movement technique to the max, 'fast! That's not just demonic will… he has a god level constitution awakened well past 50%!'

Chenglei had no reaction to Dyon's dodge, swinging his spear in a tight arc towards Dyon.

Tens of arrays appeared below Dyon's feet, accelerating him forward into Chenglei.

Chenglei snorted, "naïve!"

Spear will erupted from Chenglei's spear, covering Dyon even within such a close distance.

Dyon's eyes flashed in surprise.


Tens of defensive arrays shattered as Dyon was blown backwards… the only thing stopping his momentum being the sword he stuck into the ground.

'he used spear will to make up for the spear's deficiencies in close quarters… excellent control.'

"first act… first stage demon emperor's will…" Dyon whispered faintly.


Dyon's body expanded to 2.5 meters tall, reddening in the act.

The Elvin geniuses shivered, 'he really had so much to go to?...'

Dyon brandished his sword, looking at Chenglei calmly, 'this form isn't enough…'

"first act… first stage demon emperor's will: perfection…"

Dyon's body immediately shrunk down to its original size, compacting all of his power. This form wasn't yet the second stage of the first act of demon emperor's will, most accurately, it was step 1.5. It was a perfect stage reached once the first stage was completely mastered. Where the first stage allowed for a 2x power up, this perfection stage allowed for 2.5x and a more condensed and better controlled body.

Chenglei's eyes narrowed, 'that's a divine technique… the celestial deer sect shouldn't have such a strong body type technique…'

However, he didn't find an opportunity to think any more about it, Dyon had already sprung forward with blinding speed, his sword will raging.

Dyon immediately appeared two meters from Chenglei, swinging downwards with what seemed like a casual stroke.


A massive wave of sword will erupted from his attack.

'what the hell!'

Chenglei stared at this wide-eyed, this sword will was only of the first level yet it looked more powerful than that of a 7th, what was going on!?

Chenglei had no choice but to receive it, piercing forward with an indomitable will.

Flames erupted from his spear – their reddish orange hue accented by dark colors that were seemingly stemming from a darkness will.

Chenglei's body increased another size as he grunt, "Black Jade Body: stage 2."

Chenglei's changpao ripped apart completely as he flexed… his black scaled becoming more opaque and much more robust.

Suddenly, he pierced forwards, leaping without a single shred of hesitation and shattering the sword will.

Having the most unexpected reaction to seeing his attack thwarted, Dyon laughed, "no wonder why you haven't had sex yet, your black jade body technique requires the channeling of all the yang you have. You won't gain control of it again until you reach a much higher level. I don't know whether to pat you on the back for making such a sacrifice for power or laugh at you and your family for giving up what's truly important for something as useless as it."

Chenglei's jaw steeled, 'what's truly important? What nonsense is he talking about… and how did he figure that out?...'

Dyon didn't let Chenglei have much time to think about it though as his Weapon's Hall manifestation appeared behind him.

"I think I'll give you a little taste of what it means to be a weapon's master…"

Chenglei took a step forward, looking at the black pagoda dripping in a blood red aura…. But, he suddenly felt that his steps were heavy… too heavy.

Looking up in shock, he found swirls of faint black and blinding silvers rotating around him and Dyon. And yet, they seemed to be having no effect on Dyon!

"I wonder how you'll take an attack you can't dodge…" Dyon said faintly.

Suddenly, a blinding white light erupted from the pagoda, speeding towards Dyon and hovering before him.

Chenglei grunted as he went to lift another foot… but when it fell, he left such a deep imprint in the ground that he felt as though he was stuck.

He looked up in agitation to find Dyon had left his sword in the ground and raised his hands, the blinding white sword before him multiplying again and again.

The crowd shivered feeling Dyon's domineering aura. Each sword was not only of the practitioner level, they were melded together with a ridiculous amount of fused wills… wind, demonic, sword, fire, celestial…

Elder Daiyu frowned at this sight, but he knew he couldn't reach Chenglei in a short time.


Chenglei fell to his knees, deeply imprinting himself into the ground as the gravity seemed to multiply again and again.

Suddenly, Dyon's eyes flashed with a strong gold color as weapon's hell arrays began to spin vigorously behind him.

A collective breath seemed to be sucked out of the air, 'he's combining the swords from his manifestation to his arrays!'

A sheen of sweat covered Dyon… controlling so many wills at once was not easy, even if he kept them all at the first level.

Chenglei grit his teeth, struggling to stand as tens of arrays melded with swords of wills faced him, spinning furiously in the air.

"I think it's time you pay a price…" Dyon said faintly.


Spears with sword blades sped forward at a ridiculous pace, piercing towards Chenglei.

"AGGGHHH," just then, in that same square, Ri had sliced a line into Jade's cheek… it was so deep that even Jade's tongue could be seen from her side profile.

"you!" Jade was about to scream more in agitation when she suddenly noticed Chenglei was about to lose, 'no!' she thought, 'don't you dare!'

Suddenly… just as the whistling of the wind reached unprecedented heights around Chenglei, a deafening roar sounded out.


Jade's eyes flashed with an odd light seeing this, 'since you're getting serious I might as well too…'

Jade's manifestation began to slowly change… from a purple moon to a black one.

Ri's eyes sharpened, taking in Jade's transformation.

Her skin darkened, turning into a demonic purple color – a staff appearing in her hand as she swallowed a pill to fix the wound Ri left her.

And then…


The spears reached Chenglei, piercing toward him almost endlessly… but all anyone saw was a massive black figure… and it was moving…

Blood boiled as bloodlines were supressed… the only thoughts were of endless inferiority… the only feeling was of endless fear…

Above Chenglei, it curled around in the air menacingly, staring down at Dyon with disdain…

Dyon's eyes widened, "that's his manifestation…"

There, covering the already night sky with endless darkness… was a Black Jade Dragon.


Yikes… looks like Changlei was holding back too…

Also, it probably wouldn't be smart to out Jade too soon… maybe not in this fight, but I have the feeling she's more clever than she's letting on…

Hope you enjoyed 😊


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