Reaper of the Martial World
181 Black Jade 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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181 Black Jade 2

Suddenly, Ri fell to Dyon's side as well, but before he could turn a questioning glance toward her, he suddenly noticed Jade had appeared beside Chenglei.

Dyon's frown deepened. He didn't want Ri to have to fight, but this situation was completely different from the situation at the Legacy World Opening.

For one, at that time he would have fought no matter what to get revenge for Ava, Venus and Eli. So, the odds didn't matter to him.

Secondly, although he is now equally as angry with Jade, Baal hadn't had a former dao formation expert backing him.

Thirdly, those 'geniuses' could hardly be counted as such. They only understood maybe 3 wills each, and that was only the best of them. In addition, many hadn't even been confident in themselves enough to wait until their bodies fully matured to energy cultivate.

However, Chenglei and Jade were different. Jade's genius was already unquestioned. She climbed to the 5th floor library and had a first quadrant manifestation. Chenglei himself, was an anomaly. The Daiyu clan was one that had at the very least been as powerful as the Celestial Deer Sect at one point… which meant that Chenglei had access to a deep reservoir of legacies.

Although Dyon wasn't aware that Chenglei lacked the resources to make the best use of those legacies, all he needed to know was that those legacies did exist… and, Chenglei seemed close with his grandfather. How could a former dao formation stage expert not guide Chenglei well?

Chenglei frowned at Jade, "stay out of this."

Jade pouted, "don't be like that, hubby. He hurt my feelings, I want to kill him as much as you do."

Ri felt herself gagging, but this only made Dyon chuckle.

"Little feu glace, have you ever seen a husband and wife pair married so long with the wife still a virgin? People on the outside looking in my start to think there was something wrong with her husband."

Elder Daiyu's eyes sharpened at these words, 'how does he know this? He can sense something so sensitive?... is this the level an innate aurora gives you? It can't be, although I haven't seen many with this gift, there have been some, none of whom were this good so young… there's something special about this child…'

Ri snorted in laughter, "pervert… who'd pay attention to such things but you?"

Noticing the old man's reaction, Dyon chuckled, "it seems this is a sore spot for the Daiyu clan, oh my."

Chenglei felt his veins popping. No matter calm he usually was, what man would stand idly by and listen to this?

Jade smiled as though she had not a care in the world, "maybe so…" she said deviously, "I wonder how your supposed fiancées would feel knowing that you forced me to my knees?"

Jade's eyes somehow read, 'two can play at that game.'

Dyon's eyes sharpened, "I supressed my emotions so you wouldn't be able to read me. It was never more or less than that. Don't misconstrue my actions or my words in anyway you want to."

Jade had a playful smile on her face. She had expected Dyon to get flustered and try to explain himself to Ri… but, it seemed they trusted each other more than that.

Worse yet, it seemed her words only further angered Chenglei, "from today onwards, you're a concubine. Grandfather help me deal with this please."

Jade feigned being hurt, "this loveless and sexless marriage is something I put my heart and soul into, and you do this to me? A divorced woman is the shame of a family," fake tears streamed down Jade's face as her words dripped in sarcasm.

It was clear even she knew they needed her for a purpose and couldn't afford getting rid of her… Which made Dyon think that maybe had he known this… he wouldn't have revealed Little Lyla.

'I can't predict everything… I thought the Daiyu clan was just using the Sigebryht and Eostre clans to control the elves and most importantly: enter dead kings valley… Little Lyla might be in danger if they decide Jade is too much to handle…'

Dyon grit his teeth, 'I can't kill her… if I do, whoever's left of the Daiyu clan will come after Little Lyla.'

The only silver lining Dyon could see that the array block he placed on Jade was still in place. This meant, although they knew he had the tome, they couldn't question Jade about it. The tome itself was something Dyon knew was exceedingly important, but it didn't seem like even the Elves knew exactly what it was. Even to the point they assumed that since the stone tome collapsed, there was nothing more to investigate.

Yet, he was still worried about everything else… Dyon began racking his brain to see if he could have proven things in another way. Maybe he could have just had one of the other Elvin families release their aura instead … it would have had less of an impact since recognizing True Empaths was the main separating factor between a real and a fake, but maybe, just maybe, it would have worked anyway… 'dammit!'

Dyon suddenly felt a soft hand fit into his, "you can't think of everything Dyon… Don't blame yourself…"

Dyon looked down to find Ri smiling up at him… just like always, he lost himself in the purity of her eyes before feeling a flick on his forehead, "focus, pervert."

Dyon smiled gently at Ri, caressing her cheek, "alright," he said softly, causing her heart to flutter.

Ri knew Dyon wouldn't forget about his mistake so easily… but the best she could do was stand by his side… that and direct her anger toward their opponents.

Dyon sent a quick message through wind will to Ri, "you can't kill her," having nothing but confidence in Ri's ability to win.

Ri nodded, pulling out her sword, "maybe if I cut off those big breasts of hers she won't talk so much anymore…"

Dyon's rage had reached a whole new level. He had never felt so helpless before, even in the face big sects when all he had was himself, a sword and Little Black.

But now, he had an enemy before him that he wanted nothing more than to kill, and yet he needed to wait. In reality, the best choice here would be to bring out the stone puppets and force them to flee, but that wouldn't settle the rage in his heart, 'they have to take a loss,' he thought resolutely, 'scaring them away is not enough.'

'today I'll show you exactly why the Daiyu clan will always be nothing in the face of the Celestial Deer Sect!'

"Grand Elder Deryth, Sigebryht family head Sinaht, that old man likes bloviating but I'm sure you've realized he truly is weakened. Without a solidified dao, he's lost what it means to be a dao formation expert. In addition, his stamina definitely does not match up to a celestial stage expert, although his strength is definitely much higher than a normal first stage celestial stage expert," Dyon quickly worked through his master's memories, giving the elders a detailed explanation on Elder Daiyu's strength and weaknesses.

Although memories specifically related to Elder Daiyu were locked, Dyon's master's memory had plenty of information on what happened when daos were shattered and even how to fix them… although the method to fix something like that was ridiculously out of Dyon's range of understanding, it may one day become useful… luckily, it was clearly it was out of the range of the Daiyu clan too, or else the old man wouldn't still be crippled.

"Beating him is impossible for you two. However, stalling him until he's forced to retreat with these two is. In the mean time, we'll teach these two a lesson… and afterwards," Dyon turned a sharp gaze towards the Eostre family head, "I'll have Little Lyla figure out who was involved and who wasn't. Then they die."

Grand Elder Deryth and Sinaht immediately appeared in the air before Elder Daiyu who had an ugly expression on his face, "it seems your master left you quite a few good memories… maybe I should take them before I kill you."

Dyon turned his gaze toward the elder, "sure, if you think you, or anyone in this universe, has array alchemy that matches up to my master's, have at it."

Elder Daiyu frowned at this but he didn't seem surprised which was well within Dyon's expectations. He knew there was a reason his master sealed some of her memories… and it seemed there was something in them the Daiyu clan wanted…

Dyon once again faced his opponent.

Chenglei wore a sleek black changpao with loose silver pants to match. His anger still hadn't alleviated, yet, his face was the picture of serenity.

"A boy from the mortal realm wants to fight me seriously?... I think it's time I show you that you haven't been here long enough…"


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