Reaper of the Martial World
180 Black Jade 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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180 Black Jade 1

Dyon trembled in anger as he watched a familiar figure appear in the skies beside an old Asian man…

But… that was nothing compared to his feelings seeing the disparaged girl beside them, "Meiying…" he said softly.

Ri looked at Dyon's side profile, feeling a dull ache in her heart as she saw his pained expression… it was clear Dyon knew this Meiying.

Meiying, though, didn't seem to even be able to react to seeing Dyon. It was as though she had lost her soul and her will to go on.

Dyon's eyes flashed with something imperceptible, 'there's a master level array locking her personality and thoughts… only master level? Have the Daiyu fallen so far?...'

"The last successor of our long dead enemy, hm," the old man laughed lightly as though he couldn't care less about being discovered… as though he had this all in hand.

"Release my fiancée's little sister," Dyon eyes narrowed, his skin reddening and his blood pumping in anger.

The old man seemed stunned by Dyon's words, "your fiancée's little sister? I don't think this child has an older sibling…" he said, looking at Chenglei questioningly.

Chenglei nodded respectfully towards his elder, "Dyon has the favor of the first in line genius of the Sapientia God Clan. Meiying and Madeleine have been close since their youth."

The crowd suddenly turned their gazes towards Dyon, 'he wasn't lying?...'

Some young men wanted to grit their teeth in anger. An Elvin Princess and a first in line genius? Where was the justice? But… this hardly seemed like the time…

"ah, so that's how it is. You should have told us this earlier, killing such a child is more complicated," the old man idly chatted with Chenglei. And yet, it was clear by his words that he cared not for the trouble resulting from killing Dyon at all.

Chenglei nodded in apology, "when father first assigned me to kill him, Madeleine had yet to be announced as a first in line genius… it was much simpler then. However, the Sapientia God Clan has never acknowledged such a marriage. It's more than 95% likely that if they knew we killed him, they'd even thank us."

A sudden realization hit the crowd… so that's how it was. Madeleine loved Dyon, but Dyon was only the successor of a dead sect. A God Clan wouldn't give up their first in line genius for marriage so easily… So, this was why no one knew Madeleine was engaged…

Ri's frown deepened. She didn't like the idea of her Dyon being looked down upon like this.

Dyon scanned the old man in front of him, black flames of rage crackling around him, "a mere first stage Celestial Expert while being so old? No… your cultivation was partially crippled… regardless, if you don't do as I've asked. I'll kill you. So, I suggest you stop speaking so nonchalantly."

The old man suddenly looked up at Dyon with a piercing gaze. It held no aura and no power, but centuries worth of killing intent flooded Dyon's senses. Dyon felt as though he was swimming in a sea of blood. Cries of agony and despair were the only things he could hear… his bones groaned and creaked as though they were being ground to dust…

'Is this an aura?... no, if he used an aura I'd be dead…'

"To be able to see through my cultivation at such a young age… but you're too naïve boy. Did you think that just because the elders here had higher cultivation than me that they could stop me?!"

The elders voice boomed, his energy sky rocketing and his long white hair fluttering in the wind.

"Centuries before you were even a spawn I had already stepped on the path of dao formation. Even with my dao now shattered, do you believe that just any Celestial Stage expert can beat me? I dare you, say it again."

Chenglei watched this scene quietly.

He had always been a calm and calculating youth. The one time he lost his cool was because of Dyon… and he was trying his best not to do it again. But, for Dyon to insult his elder like this? He deserved death.

Despite this, Dyon ignored the pain in bones and the grinding of inner organs, lightly patting on Ri's head, "don't worry," he said with a smile.

Chenglei grasped his grandfather's shoulder, causing the old man to look back, "it's far beneath you to bother with such an insignificant existence, grandfather. Allow me to make up for my mistakes."

"ai. Deal with this so-called genius. Show him the reason our Daiyu clan was once unmatched. I'll make sure these pesky flies and fake Celestial Experts don't interfere."

Elder Daiyu looked over at Jade, pulling her in with a wave of his hand and ignoring the rest of the Eostre family.

Dyon's eyes narrowed at his actions, 'this means only one thing… they don't care about the Eostre family, but somehow do care about Jade… which means,' Dyon turned a gaze towards Meiying, 'they need Meiying too… why?'

Dyon's brain worked into overdrive as Chenglei's grandfather dropped Chenglei gently from the sky. A wave of power suddenly moved everyone back, clearing more than a 300-meter diameter of space.

Suddenly, Dyon thought of something, 'Meiying specializes in a very special will… the feng shui compass… Jade is either the closest thing the Eostre family has ever had to a True Empath… or maybe she is one… Both of those things involve seeing through and searching for things…'

Dyon's eyes widened, 'what are they searching for?'

A voice snapped Dyon out of his thoughts, "I, Daiyu Chenglei, challenge you, Dyon Sacharro, to a life and death battle."

Dyon snapped his head towards Chenglei and jumped down without hesitation.

Looking in Chenglei's direction, Dyon suddenly got serious, 'something about him has changed… last time I saw him he was 16 and had cultivation… but now, he's 17 and has none. Did he reset himself?'

Dyon thought back to the cultivation cleansing pill he had given to Madeleine… 'it's likely that Chenglei cultivated along with the lesser geniuses to maintain a cover. Now he's tapping into his true potential as a cultivator.'

Chenglei's face was dead pan, watching as Dyon gently touched down to the ground using only a first level wind will. The problem was… he very clearly remembered Dyon's wind will being much higher than this, 'what's going on?' he sent a question glance towards his grandfather.

Unfortunately, all he found was a serious expression, "this will be a good experience for you Lei'er. The 25th White Mother has picked a good successor. But, today, he must die."

Dyon's eyes flashed with a purple-gold as his formal clothing disappeared.

He stretched, cracking his shirtless torso before bending down to roll up his black sweats.

Dyon casually jumped, flexing his calves and rolling his ankles, landing bare foot in the marbled square.

Everyone's eyes seemed to sharpen, looking intently at the intricate tattoos on his back… a white wing… and a black wing…

Suddenly, Dyon's spatial ring flashed, a normal first common level sword appearing in his hand. It was 6 feet long and a plain silver color. And yet… despite its poor level… it cut through the ground as Dyon casually tilted it forward.

"I've never once gone all out since I finished training…" Dyon said faintly.

The Elvin geniuses trembled, 'he's a swordsman?'

They had no concept of Dyon attacking without the use of his arrays. They had no idea he even trained in anything else! It suddenly dawned on them that in all this time, Dyon had only ever used the weapon's hell array to attack!

"I hope you don't disappoint me…"


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