Reaper of the Martial World
179 A Final Exposition 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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179 A Final Exposition 3

Dyon smiled hearing this name, "Alexandria… huh, so that's where Ri comes from? I'm still going to call you feu glace," he said winking.

Dyon was going to turn to the crowd when he suddenly remembered something, "oh yea… why do you two somehow think that I could know Aeson was going to die, yet didn't save him? Am I some kind of animal to you?" Dyon faked a hurt appearance, placing his hand on his chest.

Ri and Primrose looked up, stunned.

But before they could ask, Dyon answered, "I placed tens of spatial transference array in him… I guess had that person double checked, they would have realized he passed out due to shock and probably blood loss… but the body of a martial artist is stronger than that… he's probably somewhere around here…"

Dyon briefly explained what he had done… in fact, this was the very same trick he had used to escape death when Oliver stabbed him.

When Aeson pissed off Dyon in the Acacia hideout, Dyon had already long since prepared the ring for Primrose, so why wouldn't he be ready for Aeson's death?

Although he was truly angry, he still used that time to discreetly place a spatial array within Aeson on every one of his vital organs. He did this by purposefully destroying the seat Aeson sat on so everyone was focused on his anger rather than any fluctuations that may have occurred… and his eyes were flaming so they wouldn't notice its golden light…

After that, it was only a matter of leaving a delayed message for Aeson to tell him not to do anything foolish and stay hidden.

"However, that's hardly important now… he'll reveal himself when he feels like it… what's important is how Primrose survived. You still have the wooden ring I gave you, right Primrose?"

The deep blue haired girl nodded, "sliding a wooden ring off her finger and handing it to Dyon."

"you know…" Dyon began, "arrays are wonderful things… and if you use human mortal realm knowledge, you can program them to work even without you being around… imagine rigging an array to trip a teleportation when it feels an influx of energy… or having it trigger a body disguising array for the same reason… or having it store that influx of energy… or maybe, if you're a genius like me, having it do all 3…"

Wyn Eostre froze at Dyon's words, his eyes flitting between the stone tome and the ring, 'he can't mean…'

"ah, it seems suspect number 1 has figured it out…

As you all know, the stone tome does more than just name True Empaths… it also cleanses them… but, the last thing it does, is rank manifestations…"

The crowd's eyes widened as with a sudden realization, all of them training their eyes onto the Eostre family.

Dyon continued, seemingly without a care in the world, "however, the stone tome is smart. When it gives a manifestation its heaven's name, it also records its aura… an aura that is very tightly linked to each and every family… which means, once the manifestation comes into the world, its name shines with a color that's distinctive for each and every major and sub family…"

Dyon smiled.

This distinctive color was exactly the reason each family had its own hair and eye colors… It wasn't a coincidence that the Eostre family had blue-purple eyes and manifested the moon, or the Grimbold family had red hair and manifested a fire axe, or the Ingram family had gold hair and manifested a shining halo… each of these things were predetermined by the techniques they practiced which caused very distinctive aura changes within them that not only effected how they looked, but also made them easily identifiable by the stone tome.

Dyon chuckled, "knowing this, what do you think it is I did?...

Simple really… I gave Primrose a ring that I knew would set off as soon as she was attacked… allowing that ring to do 3 distinctive things in a split second…

It 1) scanned Primrose's body and what she wore and disguised one of her body guards using this data… just making sure not to use Primrose's actual face of course

2) it teleported her and the ring 10km in the direction of Ri's mother's cave…

And 3), probably most importantly… it stored the aura used by those who attacked her…"

Dyon crushed the ring in his hand, sending the stored energy to the stone tome…


Under the eyes of everyone… the tome began to shine a purple-blue light…

Although Sinaht Sigebryht and the rest had long since realized that it was unlikely Dyon would end up being wrong… actually seeing the purple-blue light made them all shiver… but the worst part, was that among the Eostre family manifestations that lit up, one stood out amongst the rest.

Near the very top… a clear first quadrant genius… sat a distinctive heaven's name, "Jade's Manifesto…"

It was a name they had never seen before, which could only mean that one of the Eostre family members had manifested their soul during the time the stone tome had been 'destroyed'.

Dyon looked at this, the distinctive sign of endless disappointment on his face, "to think you participated personally… you disgust me."

Dyon's sharp eyes turned towards a silver haired girl who was still looking down at her knees… suddenly, she started laughing… a twisted and sickening laugh…

Jade stood, taking out a dagger and cutting her long white dress into a short one.

Wyn Eostre suddenly lost him calm, "Jade! What are you doing! There's still a way out of this!"

Jade's purple-blue eyes suddenly turned cold as she looked towards her father, "shut up you useless old man. A way out of this? It's because the head of this family is so inept that we've even fallen this far.

What way out? All he has to do is ask you for your spatial ring and he'd find the dead body of the disguised Primrose, what excuse would you have then?" Jade looked annoyed, her lips curling in disgust.

"I told you to get rid of it, but you insisted on keeping it and planting it on Sinaht. Now look what you've done."

Jade couldn't be bothered with her father anymore and instead looked off into the distance. To her, the mistake of failing to kill Aeson mattered little… that could still be made up for, which was exactly why she hadn't made fully sure he was dead… but the mistakes of her father? Unforgivable.

"Hubbbyyyyyy, someone's bullying your poor wife… you'll save me, won't you?" She fluttered her eyelashes.

To anyone who hadn't witnessed the scene before, they would have seen her as an adorable young woman calling for her husband…

But right now… all anyone saw was a sick, demented and psychotic bitch.


**remember the stone tome manifesting specific colors for specific families was explained chapter 84 😉

I guess not you can make some pretty good guesses as to why Dyon supressed his personality… yikes

Aiyah, today it's only 2 chapters, but this was the best place I could think of to cut it… I'll try to put out more chapters tomorrow :'( that and I lowkey forgot I uploaded the first part of this set of chapters yesterday, so I didn't write more, LLMMAAOOO

Hope you enjoyed!


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