Reaper of the Martial World
178 A Final Exposition 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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178 A Final Exposition 2

Dyon watched intently as Ri's tails continued to slowly form…

He knew quite well that according the legends of the Kitsune, tail number usually denoted power… however, what confused him was the fact that tails were meant to increase with age. And yet, Ri was not even 2 decades old and already had seven tails and counting…

'Maybe the human version of the legend isn't exactly accurate?...'

The truth would be found out in time, so Dyon didn't worry too much about it. What he did want to focus on were the changes in Ri… giving her a constitution awakening pill was more of a theory on his part… he was hoping he was right, because if not…

Dyon shook his head, focusing on Ri's transformation.

Ri's hair darkened from its light blue… The hands she was gripping Dyon's shirt with began to grow some faint signs of sharp nails… Even her ears lengthened just a bit, although that wasn't too much of a change considering she was half elf.


A ninth tail formed under the astonished eyes of everyone… they all knew exactly what that amount of tails meant: a Kitsune of peak power… unmatched amongst its kin…

At least, that's what they thought until…


Ri's aura finally started to calm down. She kept her head buried in Dyon's chest, gripping his shirt tightly… even to the point of tearing holes into it.

Dyon smiled faintly at Ri's tenth tail, patting her head lovingly, "it seems my little feu glace is quite special…"

The energy that had represented Ri's tails had condensed into probably the most beautiful sight Dyon had ever seen.

Behind Ri laid 10 blue-silver tails. The waved around sporadically as Ri seemed to be trying to gain control over them, but, she was still to nervous to look up.

"are you scared?" Dyon asked Ri softly.

Ri couldn't find the voice to respond, she could only nod her head.

Dyon smiled, "your tails are beautiful… what fits your fox-like personality more than for you to be an actual fox?"

Ri suddenly hit Dyon in the chest, "now's not the time to make fun of me!" She said glaring at him in exasperation.

But instead of receiving a response, all she found was Dyon's dazed look… and she suddenly realized, her face was exposed.

Ri tried to hide once again but Dyon's hand stopped her, cupping her cheek lovingly.

Ri's hair had darkened, but it seemed like everything else had brightened to a whole new level in response.

Her features now held a faint Japanese air to them, but her eyes still sparkled her pure blue-silver. Her skin had become even more flawless and was so smooth to the touch that Dyon felt as though his hand was melting.

In this form, her eyes had faint slits in them, but there was nothing sinister about it… Dyon couldn't help but feel lost as he stared at her.

Suddenly, Ri's hair began to lighten to its previous blue-silver… her ears shortened back to a more human-like length… the slits in her eyes vanished… and her tails disappeared in a shimmer of light… however, what didn't change, was her unmatched beauty and those adorable canines that had grown with her teeth.

"why am I so lucky…" Dyon didn't even realize he said these words, but the tears glistening in Ri's eyes made it clear she heard him.

Suddenly Dyon snapped out of it, "HAHA, now it's only a two-horse race for most beautiful woman in existence! And it's only between my fiancées! Mom would be so proud," Dyon grinned shamelessly, grabbing onto Ri's hand.

Ri rolled her eyes, "who wants to be your fiancée you perv…"

However, despite her words, there was an unconcealed happiness in her smile… a smile so radiant that Kymil and Darcassan felt like digging themselves a hole to hide in… Ri's beauty, was truly beyond words…

Uncle Acacia chuckled at this, "hey kid, shouldn't you think of speaking to her father before deciding such things?"

Dyon grinned, "of course," Dyon paused before his smile widened, "and you'll be one of the first to know once I find him."

Uncle Acacia's eyes widened before his robust laughter filled the square, "you should treat your elders better than this you know…. Saving us some face always helps."

Dyon stopped joking and faced Uncle Acacia, releasing Ri's hand to respectfully bow, "Uncle Acacia… although I know you aren't Ri's father, you've still treated her as though you were. You'll always have my respect."

Uncle Acacia smiled thoughtfully, floating before Dyon and patting his shoulder, "you're a good nephew-in-law to have," he said faintly.

The crowd was stunned… They weren't father and child? Then… who was Ri?

However, Dyon didn't seem intent on answering that question so soon. So, after he finished bowing to Uncle Acacia, he changed the topic.

"I think it's clear now that Little Lyla was in fact a True Empath and that the stone does indeed work properly, no?"

The crowd seemed to snap out of it… they almost forgot that Dyon had done this for the sole purpose of proving that little girl's words true.

Despite this, people were getting restless, "if you have proof, prove it. My daughter has been put through enough."

At this point, even the calm Wyn Eostre could barely hold up his façade anymore.

"I told you to shut your mouth once and I won't do it again. See to it that you pay attention, because despite the fact that you will without a doubt die after this, there are vastly different ways I can choose to kill you."

Dyon's words were sharp and unyielding. However, they only made Wyn's anger rise even higher.

But, before Wyn could speak again, Grand Elder Deryth's voice stifled his momentum, "let this child speak Wyn. He revealed Ri's true identity for a purpose, as you've clearly seen. He has yet to waste any time. Everything he's done and said is of utmost importance. And it seems like everyone but you knows that… it would be best if you remained silent…"

Wyn Eostre clenched his jaw tightly… but, he wasn't in a position to refute Grand Elder Deryth.

Sending a nod of thanks toward the old grand elder, Dyon continued.

"Primrose… why don't you tell everyone your story…"

Primrose looked over to Dyon who was wearing a gentle smile before taking a deep breath…

"The story is quite simple actually," she said faintly, "the only princess this Kingdom ever had was Ri… we used to be the best of friends in our youth before my family tried to separate us," Primrose smiled to herself, seemingly remembering old memories.

"As you all know, the Aedre family specializes in water will, and that was something Ri loved as well… so, we were sort of like kindred spirits… but then, when we were about 5 years old, the King, Ri's father, disappeared… because of this, my family wanted even less to do with the Acacia family… and thus, our friendship was forcefully ended…"

Primrose took a deep breath, "because of that incident, Ri went into hiding for a long time… but, what no one knew was that she was taking in orphans to raise an army… this is why the orphanage Dyon created only had children around 5 to 10 years old… the older ones had already begun training with Ri… like Aeson…

Years later, Ri showed back up as the daughter of Headmaster Acacia, but, how could I not remember my best friend? So, I approached her, wanting to help…

From that day forth, I took the mantle of acting princess in order to protect Ri from possible traitors, using a mask King Acacia left behind… if it wasn't for Dyon, I would have died fulfilling that duty…" tears glistened in Primrose's eyes as she chuckled to herself, "I guess all that fake power got to my head and my stupid actions led to Aeson's death… I'm sorry Ri, I'm really sorry…" Primrose choked on her words, unable to continue… but then she felt a small delicate hand slide into her own.

She looked up to find Ri standing beside her, tears in her own eyes, "you almost died for me… I should be apologizing to you…"

Dyon smiled watching this scene. It seemed like two best friends had finally come back together after so many years.

Suddenly Dyon thought of something, "So… you called Primrose, Alex, because…?"

Ri smiled towards Dyon, "because my name is Alexandria Acacia…"


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