Reaper of the Martial World
177 A Final Exposition 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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177 A Final Exposition 1

Dyon chuckled, seemingly revelling in everyone's confusion.

Ri took a deep breath as though she was preparing for something… something big…

"hmm… what's the most interesting way to reveal this…" Dyon said, thinking to himself… suddenly, he grinned.

With a flash of his ring, he let go of Ri's hand for a moment as an adorable 5-year-old girl appeared in his arms.

Little Lyla looked excited to see Dyon, "big brother, big brother, Little Black is doing something really cool now, you have to see!"

She patted Dyon's cheeks excitedly as though the two of them were the only ones in the world, her long light pink hair bobbing up and down.

Dyon smiled, pinching her cheeks, "is that so? I guess we'll have to go visit Little Black soon then. But first, let big brother ask you a question. Is that okay?"

The crowd of elves furrowed their eyebrows. Was Dyon taking this as a joke? What the hell was he doing? What could a little girl possibly do in this situation?...

Sinaht Sigebryht, though, had long since stopped doubting Dyon… so the first thought he had immediately jumped to the only possible conclusion, 'that little girl…'

"okay big brother, what question?" Little Lyla nodded excitedly.

Dyon smiled lightly, "you always call big sister Ri the most beautiful girl you've ever seen, right?"

Little Lyla nodded, "yes, big sister Ri is definitely the prettiest."

Dyon nodded at this before pointing out into the crowd, "take a look around, is there anyone here who might make you change your mind?"

Little Lyla finally turned her eyes towards her surrounding, staring with her big pink diamond eyes.

She swept over Opal and Celine. She scanned Mithrandir. She even looked over Mithrandir's mother.

And just as the crowd was about to get agitated she looked back at Dyon, shaking her head, "no big brother, sister in law number 2 is definitely prettiest," then she nodded in affirmation like she had just deduced the most important thing in the world.

Ri blushed at the way Little Lyla referred to her as, trying to hide away her face. She didn't even have the mental real-estate left to figure out what Dyon was trying to do.

Dyon laughed, "I brought out this little girl to prove one thing… the fact that this stone tome still does its job… and I brought out Primrose, to prove that the Eostre family are guilty."

Dyon's eyes flashed with a gold light as he stepped onto another defensive array, floating him and Little Lyla towards the stone tome seal.

"Little Lyla, put your hand here," Dyon said, pointing to the stone.

Everyone's eyes suddenly widened in realization suddenly remembering the only defining character a True Empath would have… the ability to see through all things…

Little Lyla's small hand reached out, and as soon as it touched the stone, there was silence for a brief moment… until…


Little Lyla's hair started glowing in its own pinkish light, her eyes brightening right along with it.

The crowd was stunned…

'she really is… our next monarch…'

Ri smiled lightly, watching Little Lyla be chosen by the stone tome.

When it ended, Dyon casually floated back to Ri's side, "go back for now, okay Little Lyla? I'll be there with you soon."

Little Lyla pouted but still nodded obediently. She seemed to not care about being crowned as a True Empath… in fact, it was as though she already knew.

After Lyla left, Dyon looked at the crowd laughing, "who said love's bond couldn't be between a brother and a sister?...

But, I bet you were wondering how right she was about Ri, hmm?"

Kymil and Darcassan suddenly let bitter smiles spread across their faces as they started slowly realizing what everyone else had…

Dyon turned to Ri, "do you trust me?" he asked gently stroking her cheek.

Ri lowered her head onto Dyon's chest, wanting to find a hole to bury herself in, but she still faintly nodded, "mm."

Dyon's ring flashed as he took out the last constitution awakening pill he had… one he gave to Madeleine… the other he gave to Delia… and this one, he had yet to use.

Ri looked down at Dyon's hand to look at this pill, "what's this…"

Dyon smiled, "the reason you haven't been able to awaken your manifestation isn't because you're inept. It's just that your body itself is conflicted…

Remember when I asked you if elves have special hearing and you said no?"

Ri nodded, finally looking up at Dyon.

"And don't you also find it odd that you can survive in a pool of ice purity despite having no cultivation? A pool that would almost immediately kill anyone else? And how about why your soul is special to the point that your aurora shines blue?..."

Ri nodded again, much of this she knew already… but hearing someone affirm it made her feel like something was slowly unlocking within her.

Dyon chuckled, "you know that day I called to you when you were playing around in the lake? I used my music will to change the frequency of my voice to be outside the range of normal human and elf hearing… yet, you still heard me.

So, I concluded the reason you seemingly look half human, yet know nothing about humans, is because you're not half human at all… you're half magical beast."

Everyone seemingly sat at the edges of their seats.

Ri lowered her head again, "is someone who's half a beast someone you still want to be with?"

Uncle Acacia watched this scene with a sad expression on his face, 'what a silly girl… this is weighing on her even though with her intelligence she should know that Dyon chose her having already known this!'

However, a father's words here were useless. Only Dyon could say something appropriate.

Dyon only smiled, titling Ri's chin up, "didn't you already ask me something like this? Like I said then. You can look the same. You can look different. But, aren't you still you?"

Ri smiled, taking the large pill into her hands and swallowing it… she trusted that whatever it was she became after this… Dyon would still love her…

The truth was, Ri wasn't using a disguising technique. If she was, after spending so much time with her, Dyon would have definitely noticed.

What Dyon had realized was that Ri had conflicting constitutions… one that came from her Elvin side, and another that came from her mother's side… her magical beast side…

Dyon suspected that the Elvin half of her lineage was the equivalent of a God Level body constitution. In fact, it was the last of the top 3 among female constitutions… One was the Infinite Ice Hell constitution… Another was Goddess' Disposition… and the last was Elvin Queen's Reign.

Ri closed her eyes as she felt something within her shifting.

However, Ri's other half was less simple… under normal circumstances, a god level constitution shouldn't interfere with anything else… even if that 'anything else' was a bloodline from a completely different species…

But… Dyon suspected that not only did Ri have a god level constitution… her beast side held a faith seed! Ri's body contained both a god level constitution and a True Deity constitution! Thus, causing them to clash and stifle her potential… even to the point of effecting her appearance.

Dyon stood watching as Ri clung to his chest with both hands, her hair flapping wildly in the burst of energy.

'I wonder… what kind of True Deity body comes from beasts…'

The thing was, Dyon knew he couldn't awaken a True Deity constitution with his pill. In fact, True Deity constitutions didn't need to be awakened through means other than one's own self. The reason he gave Ri the pill was to act as a catalyst.

Her Elvin Queen's Reign needed to be awakened to 100%. By doing that, the faith seed she had would have nothing left to suppress and could then bloom on its own… theoretically resulting in a balanced harmony.


Ri's aura skyrocketed, a jet of energy streaming out from her lower back, causing her dress to flutter wildly.


Another stream of energy accelerated, swinging through the air with no regard…


It happened again… and again…. And again…

Suddenly Dyon's eyes widened with realization, 'those aren't just streams of energy… they're tails!'

A legend from the human world slowly surfaced in Dyon's mind… the legend of the Kitsune…


LLLLMMMAAAOOOOO, let's not talk about how Dyon just became a furry….. XD Welp, I guess now we know why Lyla was always calling Ri ridiculously beautiful 😊

This'll be the last chapter I upload today… consider it an apology <3. Tomorrow, we'll get into some real action…. The Eostre family is being oddly quiet in all of this… and the Daiyu family still hasn't appeared… did they hear Dyon reveal himself as the Celestial Deer Sect successor?... would they really leave the last member of one of their enemies alive?... Why does Dyon hate Jade?... is she really involved?...


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