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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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175 WTF 2


Tears started falling uncontrollably from Jade's eyes as she gripped her dress at her knees… her small body trembled as she tried her best to remain silent.

Yet, Dyon's eyes contained no pity and no regret at the words he had just spoken.

Suddenly Celine stood violently.

Her manifestation bloomed, a halo of blinding light hovering above her head. However, the most striking feature of the halo were the small wings on either side of it.

Celine's golden hair and eyes shone more profusely as she pointed a finger at Dyon, too angered to speak.

Dyon turned a cold gaze towards her, "if you have anything to say, say it. And be sure you won't regret it after I'm done. See that you don't implicate the Ingram family in my rage."

Ri quietly held onto Dyon's hand. She could feel his anger… and she trusted that he wouldn't display such emotions for no reason…

This was different than it had been back then all those weeks ago… then, it was a choice… but now, Dyon seemed to have little control over his words. Anyone who spoke against him would be his enemy.

Still, Ri had made the decision to stand by his side, so her thoughts were singular in nature, 'I support you…'

Celine's brows furrowed, but her momentum was stopped by Jade's words…

"You didn't force me to do all of those thing… b-but you accepted it anyway… regardless of whether you wanted to continue the relationship between us or not… regardless of how you feel about my family… is there really a need to treat me this way?..." Jade sobbed, tears streaming down her purple-blue eyes as her silver hair trembled along with her body.

Suddenly Dyon's killing intent disappeared as he seemed to realize he lost control of his emotions.

He looked off into the sky, coincidentally landing on the full blue moon.

"you know," he spoke softly, "elder Flyleaf once told me something very interesting…"

Elder Flyleaf was, of course, within the crowd. He had watched nervously as Dyon seemed to antagonize everyone as he spoke… yet Dyon felt he was to blame for the destruction of the orphanage… wasn't then antagonizing more people the wrong way to go?

But, the more Dyon continued to speak… the more people listened… and the more people listened… the more it seemed like his words couldn't be wrong…

"he said that the Eostre family is much like their manifestation… wanting to be as bright as the sun, but only able to reflect its light…"

Dyon seemed to hold the crowd in endless with his every word… Even Celine had lost her will to fight and sat down… but, that didn't mean her eyes weren't still simmering with rage.

"You all probably know this… but the Acacia Academy 5th floor library is fairly exclusive…"

Everyone nodded. The Acacia Academy, much like other academies, had their upper floors barred by level of talent.

When Dyon had first wondered around, he hadn't noticed, but there was indeed a faint pressure on his soul. This had happened just after he left the Elder Flyleaf's lecture.

To everyone else, this pressure was something they couldn't reach… many could never surpass this hurdle. However, it wasn't unheard of that a genius could do so. Which was exactly why it wasn't such big news that Dyon had done it…

That being said… that library was still an oddity… it was a place where the Acacia family younger generation had left the last vestiges of the ancient kingdom.

It wasn't anything special… actually, it was a prophecy everyone in attendance knew about… the prophecy that explained why True Empaths were crowned as the monarchs of the Elvin Kingdom… the prophecy that stated the love bond between their savior and their monarch.

"I bet you all are wondering why I bring this up?... well, that library is the place I met Jade."

Everyone turned questioning glances towards Jade… when had she become enough of a genius to climb those steps?...

Dyon shook his head, "don't be ridiculous, you think I would hinge my thoughts on something so flimsy? Jade spent her entire life being underestimated by you people, is it really up to her whether you see her genius or not?"

Everyone was stunned by Dyon's words. Where was he taking this? It seemed like every time he'd steer them down one direction, he'd completely switch his flow…

"I only mention this to show you that not everything is as it seems… Especially when it comes to the disappearance of your king."

Ri's hand suddenly tightened against Dyon's causing Dyon to squeeze back for her reassurance.

However, when Dyon spoke these words, even the grand elders felt themselves stiffen.

'does he know…' the grand elders were shaken beyond belief.

The disappearance of the king had been a weight on the souls of the whole kingdom. Would today be the day they finally found out?

Through all the years of speculation and theories… the only thing they could link the king's disappearance with was the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect…

In reality, the Celestial Deer Sect was destroyed thousands of years before the king disappeared… but, something tangible had changed on the date that happened…

The king, once understanding amiable became more and more irritable. His personality shifted, and he began to appear less and less in public… until finally, he stopped appearing at all.

And the one thing everyone knew… was that it started with the disappearance of their long-time ally… The Celestial Deer Sect.

Dyon chuckled, "I bet you're wondering why I'm bringing this up…"

Dyon's essence blood began to rage within him as he stimulated his master's essence.


A majestic deer appeared behind Dyon, covered in a clear and pure white coat with swirls of gold… she looked down lovingly at Dyon.

Everyone remained stunned at the sight…

And then… Dyon's voice rang out.

"It's because I'm the last disciple of the Celestial Deer Sect."


(1 – you'll find out later why Dyon seems to go from being ridiculously angry with Jade, to kind, to indifferent. He's still conflicted with himself on how he should treat her… trust me, it will all be explained. And as a sorry for all of this pseudo info dump, this saga is going to end with a bang! 😊

(2 – Remember in chapter 79, the crowd of students were astonished that Dyon was walking up the stairs so easily. It's just that Dyon was too lost in his thoughts to really pay attention

(3 – the fact people were surprised that Jade made it up the stairs as well shows that a) it's suspicious Jade kept her genius a secret and b) that not everything about Jade seems to be as it seems. But, this was only a single point of suspicion, and not the only reason Dyon suspects the Eostre family.

**remember… there's a reason Dyon only ever saw Jade in the library… it's because only he, Jade and Ri were strong enough geniuses to climb those steps.

(4 – That library, for those who make it in, does have books about the past of the Elvin Kingdom. Books that make mention of the prophecy and why only True Empaths are crowned. After learning this prophecy, Dyon begins thinking about everything differently

(5 – part of what he began to think about differently was the king's disappearance. Since he found out that the True Empath monarchy system was forced, and not out of immediate benefit, this meant that the True Empaths must have had issues… issues he linked together next chapter… but, of course, these reasons link with one of the specialties of the Celestial Deer Sect: Celestial Will.


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