Reaper of the Martial World
170 Public Square 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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170 Public Square 3

Soon, they were well into the night… even the grand elders were beginning to get restless.

The serious expressions on Grand Elder Cormyth's and Kroak's faces had never left a single time that night.

They had both mutually decided that the Sigebryht family ruling wouldn't be good for the kingdom… and yet, with this clear power move being played, it was clear the Sigebryht family had something in hand only they knew about… if that wasn't the case, they'd never be so bold.

But, all they could do was stew as they watched Sinaht Zaltarish leisurely chat and enjoy the entertainment… as though this was nothing other than a regular banquet.

Finally… the suspense reached its peak as Sinaht stood, walking almost too slowly to the stage.

Each of his steps seemed to be another stomp on the hearts of those watching… His movements were smooth and deliberate… no one could deny that he was a true expert.

The members of the Ualair family vacated the stage along with the dancers, sending the entire square into silence.

In fact, it was almost as though the whole of the Elvin City held its breath for this one moment… the only sound was the faint crackling noise the fiery words in the distance occasionally released.

Reaching the center of the stage, Sinaht stood straight and tall, rising to his near 3-meter height.

"I know you're all wondering why it is we've asked you here," his voice was faint… yet somehow reached the ears of everyone in attendance.

"The first reason is just to socialize. We are a people that should be united. The idea of pitting against each other for something so useless as power has never been the goal of anyone…"

Although Sinaht's words were vague and roundabout, they clearly hit on several key points.

"Those of you of appropriate age are well aware of my actions during King Acacia's rule... Despite losing the position I dreamt of in a way I found to be ridiculous, I chose to focus my attention on helping the kingdom….

And yet, that kingdom I have given my life for is constantly spiraling out of control. We are overrun with orphans due to the loss of brave souls during campaigns… Our younger generation is on the constant decline… and what has our King done all this time?"

The question hung in the air. Smothering much of the momentum the old alliance thought they had.

The words rung very true… Although they had once formed an alliance due to the importance they placed on tradition and the prophecy, where was that taking them now? Were words written hundreds of thousands of years ago really meant to dictate the current day?

Uncle Acacia felt his heart grip… he could only bitterly smile… he had no idea why his brother had disappeared. Nor did he know if he would ever come back… he simply had a blind faith that his brother would never do anything to harm the kingdom… but how much of that was based on fact? Versus how much of it was based on emotion?

Sinaht continued, "It was this king who disappeared without a trace… it was this king who left our kingdom in such a sorry state… It was this king who decided to continue barring entrance into dead kings valley… without these resources, how are our young ones meant to compete?

The techniques we have access to are crude ones we ourselves have formed. The weapons we have access to are crude ones we ourselves have formed. The pills we have access to are crude ones we ourselves have formed… we are as a race of people with no ancestry… no lineage… no backing… and yet we harp on traditions as if we do?"

The hearts of everyone in attendance began to beat wildly.

Sinaht was truly made to lead… he had not used a suggestion technique, and yet the hearts of everyone began to sway towards his views…

"Today… I will repeat myself in saying that we asked you here to first and foremost socialize…

Today is but a showcase… I do not wish to rule the Elvin Kingdom… I wish to stabilize it, I wish to nurture it, and I wish to hand it before my death to qualified youths…

Not only do I wish to implement a system that decides the next rulers based on merit rather than luck, I wish to also showcase why my son is also very much clearly suited to be the one to start this new tradition."

Everyone, whether it be planned or coincidence, seemed to turn their gaze towards the fiery words in the sky:

'You Don't Qualify to Name Me'

Suddenly, a seemingly gentle but stifling pressure filled the square as Grand Elder Deryth spoke.

"your words are persuasive; however, did you think of the opinions of others before you decided on doing this?"

Sinaht turned a calm gaze towards Grand Elder Deryth. It was indeed true that had Sinaht had no backing… dealing with Grand Elder Deryth would be difficult… but that was only if.

"I hope your esteemed grand elder will consider reason. As I've said, we are one race and one people. Conflict isn't something I want."

"But?..." Grand Elder Deryth's voice was unyielding, seeking to probe Sinaht.

"But, if you insist on running a Kingdom I love into the ground, I will use any means necessary."


The pressure in the square mounted higher and higher.

When suddenly… it was cut through instantly.

"you know… it's almost kind of sad watching all of this happen…"

The eyes of everyone snapped up to the sky.

Uncle Acacia trembled, tears falling from his eyes, "good, good…" he said again and again.

He felt like a weight had been completely taken off of his heart…. Because there, before everyone to see, Dyon stood in the sky finally wearing something other than his usual sweat pants and a white shirt.

Going for a more human world type style, he wore a sky-blue dress shirt matched with sleek black pants. He couldn't stand to be so formal, so, the sleeves were rolled back to his forearms, revealing the twin wristbands that he never took off.

However, what was most shocking was the fact on either side of him stood two girls…

On one side, Ri stood faintly blushing. She wasn't used to holding the hand of a boy in public. She sent glances towards her father, but only noticed endless gratitude in his eyes rather than the constant teasing she knew would be coming later.

She wore a minimalistic blue dress, and somehow despite her normal appearance, she seemed to outshine everything.

Her blue-silver hair waved gently under the urging of the night's wind, and the shy expression on her face made everyone feel a slight pinching in their hearts.

And yet… there was still one other shocking thing… something that sent the members of the alliance into a confused frenzy.

To Dyon's right, wearing a silver mask that could hardly hide her extraordinary beauty, stood a girl with deep blue hair and eyes.

The Princess of the Elvin Kingdom had returned.


LMAO, would you guys believe me if I told you this reveal/twist is mild and lukewarm compared to what tomorrow's chapters are going to hold?... No? Well… you better 😉

Hope you enjoyed 😊


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